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Cardinal Pawbs by AlphabitesFA Cardinal Pawbs :iconalphabitesfa:AlphabitesFA 16 2 matching shirts! by Rainy-bleu matching shirts! :iconrainy-bleu:Rainy-bleu 827 68 Inktober Day 18: Bottle by wierdo2d4 Inktober Day 18: Bottle :iconwierdo2d4:wierdo2d4 2 0 Wielder of Midnight by HiKazeDragon by BenBandicoot Wielder of Midnight by HiKazeDragon :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 18 5 Blaze the cat by BlazeGTR Blaze the cat :iconblazegtr:BlazeGTR 732 64
Thanks for the Birthday wishes!
Sorry for not uploading this sooner but MANY thanks for the wishes! I had an amazing birthday spending about 3 and a half hours with my bestie from school,  wish others were there to spend time but it was fine I understood they were busy with college and or work, but I had a fun time. We went mini glow in the dark golfing, and just hung out. ^^ Got my first Build-a-Bear and a new game from my bestie the others I bought. X3.
Then at 7 I went to O'Charleys and ate dinner with my dad. ^^ Thank you all again! And here's the gifts I got~ 

-MHA shirt
-Tokyo Ghoul shirt
-4 Gacha balls (2 Curling Bombs, a Squid and a Nami from One Piece statue)
-FIRST Build-a-Bear named Toothie (suggested by my friend xD)
-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

And this beauty i got from FazeDarkValance, he commissioned a good artist to get this done. X3 Love these gifts! Thanks again everyone!
:icontwistedlunar:TwistedLunar 1 3
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Come on, I know I'm not doing points anymore, but these are really good deals!
Sonic Breeding Chart
So, apparently SonicGalactus gave me the idea to make a "Sonic Breeding Chart" to make good (and possibly crackship) Sonic fan children. Well, I thought about it first before actually making this and I thought, well, what the hay? Might as well, since I need to pull myself from the dead zone. Hahaha!! Lol.

First, obviously the images and the template do not belong to me. Everything belongs to their respectful owners.

~ I DO NOT accept points. This is a PayPal only deal. Sorry.

~ Each square is $10 each. The official design I make is another $10, resulting in a total of $20. Note: It is HIGHLY recommended that you pay everything up front, but if you cannot afford the full price, you can pay $10 for the square first. However, if you choose to do this, the next payment MUST BE received 1 week (7 days) after the first payment. If you fail to make the payment, you will get a full refund and I will not post your design.

~ DO NOT comment on this unless you want a square. So no random comments, PLEASE!!!

~ Do not ask for squares that have "NOPE" on them or that are closed.

Please fill out this form:

Name of Ship:
Gender: (Male or Female)
Dominant Parent Genes: (Dad, Mom, or an equal mix?)
Preferred Species: (Unless parents are same species.)

Ships Available:

Sonic x Blaze
Sonic x Amy
Sonic x Rouge
Sonic x Wave
Sonic x Fiona

Tails x Blaze
Tails x Amy
Tails x Wave
Tails x Fiona

Silver x Blaze
Silver x Amy
Silver x Rouge
Silver x Wave
Silver x Fiona

Shadow x Blaze
Shadow x Amy
Shadow x Rouge
Shadow x Wave
Shadow x Fiona

Scourge x Blaze
Scourge x Amy
Scourge x Rouge
Scourge x Wave
Scourge x Fiona

Enjoy, peoples~!
That satisfying feeling you get when you think art is "just right".

(You guys know this was coming. ewe)

embedded_item1539486042677 by AGlassOfBuizel
That feeling when your crush says they're "not into you".

embedded_item1539485955909 by AGlassOfBuizel


What's up guys? It's ya boy, Percy here to update you guys on a totally brand new commission sheet with all new updated prices. Please note that I will not be doing anymore traditional commissions, so, all of my prices will be for DIGITAL COMMISSIONS ONLY.

Note: My point commissions are currently closed; art trades and requests are ONLY for my closest friends, so, don't be upset if I don't consider you a best friend. Also, PLEASE do not try to butter up to being my best friend just because you want an art trade or request.

All payments are paid through PayPal in USD.


- For whatever you ask me to draw or write, NO MATTER WHAT, I have the right to decline your commission order.

- Since everybody is doing this, I guess I will too; if you are wishing to order a commission, PLEASE comment on this journal to order your commission.

- Nothing 18+ whatsoever.

- Please do not ask me how your commission is coming along, it stresses me out when people do this. I have a life outside my internet world too; plus on a small note I sort of suffer from severe writer's and artist's block, so, I sometimes procrastinate on purpose. I don't mean to slack on doing commissions on purpose, I promise, I'm only trying to gather inspiration.

- I will not give out any PayPal info until you and I have both agreed and finished discussing details about your commission.

- As long as you don't pay, I will not work on the commission; on another side note if you do not pay within 10 days after details have been discussed, I will decline from doing the commission permanently.

- If you do not have enough money for the commission, we could possibly negotiate on a price.


- Sonic
- Anthros
- Adorableness
- Macro/Micro
- Paws/Feet
- Weight Gain (Slight or Dense Weight)
- Nagas
- Pokemon
- Humans
- Any Type of Cartoon Character
- A mix of mentioned stuff before


- Sex or Hentai related
- Scat (Poop)
- Watersports (Pee)
- LGBT Related Stuff
- Farting
- Human Related Fetishes (Must stay in furry fandoms)


1) Headshots (1 Character per Order)

Goof Doodles by AGlassOfBuizel

Sketch - $.50
Lineart - $2.00
Flats - $6.50
Cell Shade - $9.50
Full Colored - $15.00

Free choice of transparent or simple backgrounds

2) Bust Shots (Extra Characters - $5.00 - 2 Characters Max.)

Mobian Cody Carson by AGlassOfBuizel

Sketch - $3.00
Lineart - $8.50
Flats - $12.50
Cell Shade - $16.50
Full Colored - $20.00

Transparent, white, and simple backgrounds are free, complex backgrounds are $10 extra.

3) Full Body (Extra Characters - $10.00 - 2 Characters Max.)

Percy Jenkins (Personal Fursona) by AGlassOfBuizel

Sketch - $6.00
Lineart - $10.50
Flats - $14.50
Cell Shade - $19.50
Full Colored - $25.00

4) Character Reference Sheets - $35.00 for Flat Colored Only.

Douglas Whitehouse (Concept) by AGlassOfBuizel

If you wish to order a reference sheet, you MUST provide me with:

- A picture of the character his or herself
- Name of Character
- Species
- Age
- Sexual Preference
- Gender
- Height
- Weight
- Likes
- Dislikes

5) Story Commissions - $2.50 per character involved

This is literally my first time doing story commissions, so, I'll go ahead and go into this in a way that sounds somewhat simple. If you wish for me to write you a little short story I'll need the following details:

- Story summary and setting?
- How long the story is?
- What will happen in the story?
- If I write about your characters, I need to know your character's personality so I can be inside their minds in the story?

Choice of script or story form.

Script example:

*Sonic was running through a field, the wind hitting his face in a cool breeze.*

Sonic: Ahh, what a nice day to run~! *He grinned and continued.*

Story example:

On a beautiful day in Mobius, a familiar blue hedgehog ran through the fields of South Island, feeling the cool wind hit his face in simple freedom. "Ahh, what a nice day to run~!" Sonic said with a grin on his face.

300-700 Words - $5.00
700-1200 Words - $10.00
1200-1850 Words - $25.00
1850-2500 Words - $50.00

Thanks so much to all that have commissioned me, you are a big help! Anyway, that's about it for this and possibly next year's commission price sheet, I hope to enjoy all of the future commissions coming in. Love you all, have a wonderful day, and God Bless!

~Percy Jenkins


AGlassOfBuizel's Profile Picture
Percy Jenkins (Alias)
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Hi, my name is Percy, but that's just an alias I use. Wanna know my real name? You'll have to be real good friends with me. I am a 20 year old individual who loves to draw. I can draw all sorts of stuff for you!

I was born on June 19, 1997 in the city of Shreveport, Louisiana. I currently live near the border of Texas and Louisiana, in a small little town called Bethany. I don't always get good service, but I always try to get my stuff done as quick as I can.

Another thing about me, I'm handicapped. Yep, I was born with a disability called spina bifida. But that's about how far I'll go with that! If you wanna talk, please, feel free to comment on my profile, or note me if it's personal. owo.

Things I like:
Video Games
Gravity Falls
Music and

Status: Taken again by SplashieBro

Requests - Close Friends Only
Art Trades - Close Friends Only
Point Commission - Open
Gifts - Friends Only

Also follow me on Twitter

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