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does it suck?... or blow?
somehow "starblower" doesn't sound that cool.


I am very excited to be part of the new issue of Sci-Fi Short Story Magazine, which will be online beginning January 1, 2011! [link]

Starsucker will be illustrating a short story called The Mutant Gene by Jim Musgrave. Thanks to the good people at SFSSM for the invite, especially Craig Gehring. btw: here is their dA page:

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Looks really cool! :)
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I am the publisher for Sci-Fi Short Story Magazine. This is a full-color print and on-line magazine anchored by jaw-dropping sci-fi illustrations and solid, powerful science fiction short stories. The magazine launched in November, and we are actively seeking illustrators whose work stands out as exemplary in the field for our January issue. This piece definitely fits the bill. At present, we do not offer payment for stories or illustrations, but we do provide an illustrator bio page and exposure. We have a short story that fits this piece perfectly. Please let me know if you would be interested.

-Craig Gehring
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I love to see what the imagination can do. This is so neat! I'm a photographer, but I'm not a drawer. This looks good :)
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vanishing point! awesome. i ran across a remake recently but it wasn't nearly as good as the original imho. cool pics in your gallery, liesure living is my favorite. i love those kind of wasted landscapes. thanks for the comment and the faves, bro.
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Yeah, I haven't seen the remake yet, but the original movie is sweet!
Thanks for the compliments on my gallery! You have some really cool artwork yourself!
See ya round :)
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Nice work :D
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A really wonderful job !
A lot's of details are here, and you suceed to create a real atmosphere.
The color scheme is just perfect :clap:
A great job keep it on :clap:
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thanks, damien. i appreciate your taking time to leave such a nice comment. cool fractals, btw. i have no idea how you make such things!!!
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I love everything you do.
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This is just amazing! I can totally see this as concept art for a movie!

PS Do you draw for a living, like as a job? And did you attend like an art college? You're stuff is just too good!
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thanks, man. sorry to reply so late. i am an architect, so i do draw some at work, but this is just for fun, cuz there aren't many interesting design projects these days and i need a creative outlet! thanks for the nice comment.
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so wonderful draw!
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thank you very much. (sorry for such a late reply!)
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you're welcome *O*
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you've done it again :)
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