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solstice somewhere

happy winter solstice around the world....(worlds)? ;-)
(apologies to thom tenery if you recognize the influence)
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So floaty and cool!
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Thom rocks, I think more should know about him, but I did not see the resemblance.
The perspective is kind of unclear though.
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Agitpop, the coloring, style and rendering in these are just spot on :) Theres something very appealing about your images, its so living and atmospheric in its expression. I love your abstract concept shapes mate ;)
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hey, thanks so much for the comment. it means a lot.
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Cool. Almost surreal. Defies a sense of scale.
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thanks. i thought about putting a scale figure, but i think i like it scaleless too.
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Me too. Keeps ya wondering.
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the shapes and forms here are awesome... somewhat alien, yet kind of natural.
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thanks, i agree. i was kinda going for an alien techno-organic thing. glad you hear you saw it!
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great painting skills
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'preciate it!
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Perfectly awesome and mind-blowing !!! The details and colors are just...AMAZING !!!!
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oh, thanks man. you have always been so generous with your comments. that keeps me motivated. merci beaucoup!!
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Perfect for this time of year. Here's to light in the darkness. Thanks for this awesome rendition!
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thx o' thoughtful one.
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Again AWESOME!!!:wow:
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thanks a million !!!
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You are definitely one of my three 'heroes' on dev. watch now!
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oh man. you are good for my ego!! thx, and dylan rules!
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Dylan does 'rule'!
On my Facebook...........I started a poll wayback, for him to get a Nobel Prize for music, art or poetry but noone answered it!
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