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alternate america

i finally had the time and energy to enter the ENVIRONMENT OF THE WEEK over at check it out and if you are a member over there, vote for your fave(s). you don't have to vote for mine... but would it kill ya? ;-)


the brief is posted there but in a nutshell, "if the west discovered the americas 350 years later (around 1850) what would they have found"

it was a lot of fun, a little different than my other pieces but a great exercise. i used more natural looking chalk brushes and painterly approach.
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thanks.  they are the telecommunications system.  lol
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Love the details in this piece! (Especially the monkeys.) :D
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that's quite creative adn original! love it!
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this concept, composition and execution is flawless, really enjoy this image . great !
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wow, thanks jaime! that means a lot coming from someone with your talent, and success in the industry. your work is amazing. i am an architect and do this for fun and relaxation, but i take it seriously, but would love to find a way to get involved in the game/ entertainment industry. would certainly love welcome any advice or guidance you might offer. cheers.
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wow nice! great concept!!
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Visually dynamic and interesting mix of ancient and technological. Love the style.


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I love the creativity behind this. It feels so real, as it could have happened! also love ur drawing style!
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Waow, this is amazing ! Congratulations for the idea and the making !
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Well deserved! This one gets better with age.
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dud I can't believe you art it is amazing, not only that but your design it just as good.
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thx, man. i appreciate that!
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This is amazing! :D
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very Nice concept
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I love the way you paint, so suggestive with such few strokes! emulates my all time favourite artist Feng Zhu :) Good Job!
Very nice art, even though the scenario is very unlikely.
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thanksyou. Yeah, it was just a visual fantasy, not meant to be a serious projection.
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That is amazing
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very loverly brushwork and imagery

judging by the mountains in the background i'd say we're either in Cuzco or Tenochtitlan, but probably Tenochtitlan because the Inca usually didn't built pyramid temples. But if we are in the capital of the Aztecs, what happened to their famous canals and causeways?
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Cool picture. I already liked it when I saw it first at conceptart.
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