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Overkart 2018 by Agito666 Overkart 2018 by Agito666

update: formatting , update (bullshitting) abilities, 2018. added the recent 2 new heroes…
link above is my doujin group page, orders open for oversea and local. :)


Overkart Progress Click…

(Pardon with my lousy engrish grammar or construction of the sentence, please don't kill me grammar nazis.)

okay allow me to explain those choices i made.

first of all, I'm living in south east asia. 2nd, My "world knowledge" is limited especially in US and Europe region. 3rd, I'm non car enthusiasts, all of my car knowledge comes from some old NFS games like underground 2 and most wanted. (i don't play racing game much tho)


okay, let's breakdown the initial idea , then final idea i chosen for this and that heroes.
and bull shit some ability and stats lol

CRATE = Boxes with random power up inside, need to hit it to get it.

Basic abilities:
Accelerate, Brake, Steer left or right, NOS boost (maybe), Power slide (based on Crash Team Racing game) 


D.VA - T.rike (3 Wheeler motorcycle tadpole trike)
I was wanted to use modern korean car like Hyundai model but non of those have very good recognition in racing game so i ended up use google and found out PAX event the Uberwatch car. then when i wanted to draw the Slingshot motorcycle, the front part looks like a car, then i change whole structure and use round-ish design that comes from her Mecha. Also because her mecha is not fully sealed, so a motorcycle theme would fit on her.

Ability 1 : Boosters, boost to mid air for short duration
Ability 2 : Defense Matrix, nullify any explosive trap in front of / behind D.Va, depend of directional input
Ability 3 : Nerf This, ejecting her motorcycle explode in large radius, D.Va will be slowed because running with bare legs for 2 seconds before she call her new MEKA back

ORISA - Irin Ewure , Steel Goat (i use google translate for Yoruba language) 
As usual, Omnics' ride actually on their own lol. like Zenyatta's ZFO, is powered by his orbs. Bastion is just simply tank form. Orisa is a disguised goat costume, the legs are hers anyway lol. Yes, the goat is refer to the Numbani's goat head building.

Ability 1 : Fortify, Orisa harden herself, stiffen like a shocked goat and continue glide for few distance. Immune from any traps. Kindly suggest DO NOT use this ability when speed is low. 
Ability 2 : Protective Barrier, create a small arc shaped barrier in front of Orisa and protect Orisa from any incoming trap. barriers is in front of Orisa
Ability 3 : Supercharger, speed boost and effect immune by whacking drums around Orisa. Aku Aku OST (Crash Bandicoot) will play when this ability activated... Also can knock people outta Orisa

REINHARDT - Bravehardt (Generic jet car)
His rocket thrusters on his back + hammer is kinda more toward of "Charge in straight line" vibe instead of a "TANK" vibe, a jetcar/ rocket-car with big ass thrusters element will make him standing out. not to mention Tim Burton's Batmobile was in consideration for reference too, the jet engine front...but i changed to Lion Head design like his shield.

Ability 1 : Charge, speed boost, will limited steering angle and cannot be stopped manually unless collide with wall or stopped by traps, knock off enemy upon impact
Ability 2 : Barrier Field, block explosive trap in front of Reinhardt, slows down when using this, can use with Charge ability without reduce speed.
Ability 3 : Fire Strike, damage anything in straight line, go thru any shield/ barrier

ROADHOG - Iron Boar (Madmax-ish car, or armored bulldozer)
In comic i saw he is riding a chopper with sidecar with Junkrat, but since this have to be separated so i have to change a little for that. Plus his overall design (and weapon) is more resemble to Mad max world, so a modified armor Bulldozer-ish car will do to match his FULLHOG ability.

Ability 1 : Harpoon Cannon, launch a straight line hook and hook enemy, toss them behind Roadhog, except TANK category drivers, that will makes the target complete stops and Roadhog will launch toward to the target instead.
Ability 2 : Grappling Hook, launch a hook and destroy mid-air crate to get item on top of him 
Ability 3 : full throttle, speed boost for short duration, knock away enemies during impact

WINSTON -  Big Kong (Giant Wheels Monster Truck+ Jeep )
A King Kong. Primal rage reminds me a giant figure rampage on anything. which leads me think of Monster truck and big wheel, while none of other heroes that is bigger than winston except reinhardt. But since Reinhardt i decided to use Jetcar / Rocket car so yeah, he can use monster truck.

Ability 1 : Leap, Jump a great distance forward, can dodge hidden traps
Ability 2 : Banana, drop banana skins and makes enemy lost control for 2 seconds
Ability 3 : Primal Rage, refresh Leap ability and make -50% shorter cooldown, speed boost 20% for 5 seconds, knock away enemies upon impact

HAMMOND - Wrecking Ball (his original mecha)
A hamster without nationality lol , it is very hard to think a car for him. best option i can think of is use back game's design since the ball's mechanic / skill originally is suitable mod for racing

Ability 1a : (default mode) Quadruped mode - loses top speed, gains turn rate and manual brake. Can jump over traps.
Ability 1b : (alternative mode) Ball mode - loses turn rate, but can rolls in very high speed, very limited turn rate. Cannot use Quadruped mode if it is top speed, disabled brake and reverse skill either... only can slows down to change back the form. +100% top speed. Also bounces enemies if collies with enemy with top speed.
Ability 1b : (Ability 1b only) Grappling Claw, release a short length of grappling claw and auto attack on wall to perform sharp turning corner, only available when using ball mode.
Ability 2  : Piledriver, drops down and slams on floor, only can perform in mid-air. Will instant stops when reach on ground. It is like brake but only can perform on mid air.
Ability 3  : Minefield, release many hamster poop floating mines behind Hammond and explode if contact with enemy.

ZARYA - BTR-80Z (Russian BTR-80 APC)
The most dilemma among all heroes because her russian race theme is stronk. I googled many russian tanks and cars and tried to match with her characteristic. Tank cannot be use anymore because will clash with Bastion tank mode. So i have to pick some Russian cat or Jeep for Zarya. Original i found Russia brand Marussia F2 is kinda fit on her, but thing is, the car indeed nice but looks not tough for stereotype people like me. so i ended up use Marauder because the block-ish car body design and spare tire placement is unique. Not to mention if TANK hero use tank, rest of the tanks i have to find other TANKS design as well... so i better use 4 wheeled car for unify all the hero (only some are exception)

Ability 1 : Particle Barrier, block 1 time incoming damage and debuff. remove debuff upon cast 
Ability 2 : Particle Cannon, shoot a straight, long lasting laser and damage traps and enemy upon contact, 10 sec duration
Ability 3 : Graviton Surge, drop a mini gravity bomb and pull all nearby enemy and traps together, lasts 5 seconds


BASTION - Itself
It's tank mode will do. putting a robot into a car that can transform into a tank seems useless lol. Swapped Ganymede as "driver".

Ability 1 : Cannon Warhead, shoot missle in an arc curve and explode in small radius , kills enemy and traps, have cooldown
Ability 2 : (Passive) Tank mode, Bastion can target any direction with any directional keys, manual aiming needed. 
Ability 3 : (Passive) Tank thread, no speed reduce on all type terrains, also because of that, Bastion's speed is slower than others and slow down 20% top speed when turning. (just think it like how normal tank change their driving direction)

DOOMFIST - Neo Epitome or Alternative name: VroomFast (Laraki Epitome + Payload from Numbani map) 
Nigerian villain with huge armored arm, too bad I cannot find a nice high performance looking car that made from Nigeria, the only Nigerian made vehicle is IVM / Innoson Cars but their cars looks like normal japanese car. So i just use Laraki Epitome which is have similarity with Numbani payload too. Laraki's company is located in Morocco, Africa.

Ability 1 : Hand-brake, Doomfist use his right index finger and poke on ground to drastically slow his speed and able to do a sharp turn anyway on any track. Fissures mark left behind him will cause other drivers slow down.
Ability 2 : Seismic launch, a speed up boost from starting race or when Doomfist "respawn" from death in halfway of the track path. Create some obstacles on the launching point behind him. Can manual activate this skill once his built up meter is full.
Ability 3 : (PASSIVE) The Best Defense, gain temporary 1 shield when hit crate for power ups. Shield will dispense when collies with other vehicle / walls. (normally will slow him down)

GENJI - Ninja Kai (Kawasaki Ninja H2R)
Cyborg Ninja, which is mixed traditional and futuristic theme hero, A Kawasaki Ninja would be a perfect fit for his colour scheme, and mobility (wall climbing), and also his name for the puns.

Ability 1 : Air Jump , able to jump over some traps, slowed a while upon land on track
Ability 2 : (PASSIVE) Wall ride, able to travel on wall if speed is fast enough, 5 seconds max
Ability 3 : (PASSIVE) Shortcut, able to travel in narrow shortcut track because of small size

HANZO - Horzo (Red Horse)
Japanese Archer man, another retro hero type that on match with McCree, since Japanese have no remarkable car (i know Honda, Toyota, Nissan those nice car in my country but non of them can match a retro man like Hanzo) So, i choose a horse like ancient archer for him.

Ability 1 : Horzo Lunge, jump pass land type trap , can be dash to any direction
Ability 2 : (PASSIVE) Horzo Wall ride, can run on wall in full speed, 3.5 sec max
Ability 3 : (PASSIVE) Horzo Shortcut, able to travel in narrow shortcut track, speed does not reduce when run on bumpy roads.

JUNKRAT - RIP Tire XXL (RIP tire + steel trap)
His RIP-TIRE is a perfect already. Also i'm a fan of mono-wheel design.

Ability 1 : (PASSIVE) Mayhem Frag, spray 5 frags around him and explode after a while, destroy traps and enemy nearby
Ability 2 : (PASSIVE) Tyre Spike, able to climb on top of enemy and slow them down if Junkrat collide/climb over from behind
Ability 3 : Total Mayhem, Junkrat explode and fly further 50m forward, but will lose his tyre and -80% speed permanent, until he found a replacement from crate. Damage any traps and enemy nearby

MCCREE - High Hoon(Generic cowboy car)
A retro character like Hanzo, was in dilemma to put horse on him too but since there is a stereotype of cowboy car. Guess i can use it for differentiate from Hanzo without sway away the cowboy theme.

Ability 1 : Flashbang, stuns and blinds nearby enemies around him. 
Ability 2 : Front Horn, it is not just decoration, once collide other cart from behind, the player will bounce off to another direction and spins for 2 seconds
Ability 3 : High Hoon, makes very loud noise, makse 10m radius player cover their ears for 3 seconds, and they cannot steer to any direction.

MEI - Snowball (Snowmobile)
Any snow related vehicle, snowmobile or ice cream van, but Van (or square-ish) type i gonna use on Mercy and Lucio then i better use snowmobile to make her standout, plus i can put her Snowball (Drone) in front of the Snowmobile like how Luke Skywalker put his R2-D2 in the movie.

Ability 1 : (PASSIVE) Snow terrain, +200% speed on snow terrain map,+100% on mud or sand terrain , -50% speed on other terrain
Ability 2 : Ice Jump Pad, drop a diagonal iced jump pad in front of Mei, helps mei leap higher (and faster) to get mid-air crates, or leap higher overcome cliff. Have cooldown.
Ability 3 : Snowball, snowball the drone, deployed and left behind and make large ice spray, slows and even freeze enemy for a duration. Then Mei will lose snowball permanently until she respawn, or pickup it when repeating the laps.

PHARAH - Justice Raider (B-21 Raider)
The only hero can fly and stay in the air. AN FREAKING AIR BOMBER OF COURSE! with many JUSTICE missiles rains from aeeerrrghhhhh

Ability 1 : Jet Engine, hober short duration on track and invaluable from land type trap
Ability 2 : Blast, shoot and knock back enemy in radius and reset enemy's momentum, no effect on traps.
Ability 3 : Justice Flares, destroy all incoming projectiles from behind (Like Ironman I movie's flares)

REAPER - Aventador X (Lamborghini Aventador)
Reaper the edgy hero, was originally either use stereotype sport cars or hearse. But since he is RIVAL with S76, so a black, edgy design sport car would be better choice. Hence i use Lamborghini for that.

Ability 1 : Wraith Form, pass through any traps except obstacles, speed +20% during the form
Ability 2 : (PASSIVE) Reaping, speed boost 20% when collect soul from dead enemy 
Ability 3 : Blossom, spinning 360 in high speed, -40% speed, destroy all traps and enemy that's nearby him

SOLDIER 76 - Mustang 76 (Ford Mustang 2013)
Thanks to the Tumblr, he is a AMERICAN DAD CHARACTER for me right now. So an american muscle car would fit for him. I choose Ford Mustang because his visor resemble old Knight Rider (thanks to Kung Fury movie). Then further digging I notice new version of Knight Rider does have mustang version for him too. then i use that for his ride. (Or else i will use Chevrolet Camaro from Transformers Movie)

Ability 1 : Sprint, +50% speed boost in straight line for short duration, any steer input will cancel the sprint, have cooldown 
Ability 2 : 3x Helix rockets, deal damage on traps and enemy in straight line.
Ability 3 : Tactical visor, destroy all incoming traps in front of him, shoot 1 helix rocket continuously for short duration, target nearest traps and enemies as higher prirority, 3x helix rockets will disabled for that period. 

SOMBRA - Inferno Zero (Inferno Exotic Car)
Mexican sport car Inferno... Also because she is a Talon's member, need to be sporty and edgy as well.

Ability 1 : Thermoptic Camo, invisible for short duration, cannot use ability during duration, can dodge any locking ability  
Ability 2 : Hack, hack one nearby enemy (nearest rage will get hacked first), disable their ability and -20% speed. -90% speed for omnics, cycborg, and non-wheeled machines. No effect on Horzo.
Ability 3 : EMP, disable all enemy ability and crate in large radius, only Sombra can use the hacked crate. Hacked power up item are permanant until it get destroyed or consumed by Sombra. then it will spawn a fresh (non-hacked) one.

SYMMETRA - Wishcar Nano (Tata Nano)
Yes indian compact, small car would do. SMART car was in consideration before but since i knew they have a cheapest car in the world, i think that is enough to make symmetra indian theme standing out.

Ability 1 : Photon Barrier , expand a large barrier behind Symmetra and block incoming damage from behind, lasts 5 seconds . Stays on ground.
Ability 2 : Sentry Turrets, drop a permanent turret behind Symmetra, turrets will slows enemy within shooting range, will self destruct after a period, Symmetra can hold up to 6 turrets charges
Ability 3 : Teleporter, Symmetra drops teleporter entrance behind her, after she travel certain distances, she will automatically drop teleporter exit behind her. Then she can use the teleporter when she racing 2nd lap or later. Teleporter entrance can be destroyed, teleporter exit is invulnerable, but enemies can set traps around the teleporter exit. Teleport thru the finishing line does not count as finish 1 lap.

TORBJORN - Deadlock Delta (3 wheeler Motorcycle Chopper, Delta Trike)
Alternate skin is a chopper rider themed, although he is Swedish. and since swedish car looks like MR.BEAN era cars which is very hard to differentiate among Europe classic cars. Plus his armor have 2 big exhaust pipe, that would be fitting with chopper. And he is short too lol..

Ability 1 : Built Turret, drop an automated turret and destroy every explosive traps within radius, lasts 5 seconds 
Ability 2 : Built Obstacle, drop an automated obstacle and block path, can be destroyed from other damage ability
Ability 3 : Molten Core, speed boost and health boost for a duration, Torbjorn can withstand some traps damage during that form.

TRACER - Slipstream G (F1 and Tamiya Mini 4WD car)
F1 car, because her alternate skin. i know she was a plane pilot before. but i want try to limited those heroes as cart form. Later on i find Tamiya 4WD is kinda similar with F1 too, and they can be fancier too. so i prefer to use that for fun and wacky direction.

Ability 1 : Blink, travel forward to 3 directions (depend on the directional input), pass through traps, can dodge homing abilities when the projectiles get near enough.
Ability 2 : Side Roller, maintain speed when collides on wall. But not hit the wall with 90 degrees.
Ability 3 : Pulse Bomb, drop a bomb behind, detonate after short duration

WIDOWMAKER - Porsche Noire (Porsche Widowmaker)
She was brainwashed and emotionless, all you can see she always squish her glabella or sometimes I just feel she is kinda like "I don't interest on anything" mode 24/7. well i have been research many expensive sport luxury car for Widowmaker, the reason why i choose a non-french Porsche because the outline of the headlight is similar with her visor (curves and aerodynamic-ish feel). plus Porsche is kinda fit with female driver, compact and small. :3

Ability 1 : Venom Mine, drop poison gas landmine behind Widowmaker, blinds and slows enemy
Ability 2 : Grappling Hook, launch a hook and destroy mid-air crate to get item on top of her, or can be hook on any corners to make a sharp turn without losing speed.
Ability 3 : Infra-Sight, Able to see hidden traps inside track, and invisible Sombra.


ANA - Tea Mobile (Retro English Tea Car)
English Tea carrier. mainly focus on elegant feel. drink tea like a queen (granny)

Ability 1 : Just Tea, spill hot tea behind Ana and make track behind her slippery permanently. Can be removed by ice or fire type ability, the tea will just vapor or frozen lulz
Ability 2 : Candy, drop candies behind Ana and makes all children slow down to pick candy. Does not affect heroes age 40 years old or above.
Ability 3 : Sleep Dart, shoot and immobilize 1 nearby enemy from racing , lasts 10 seconds or take any damage

BRIGITTE - K.I.T.T-Y (Knight Rider's KITT front design + Brigitte's armor pattern)
Originally it was miniature version of Reinhardt's cart but i feel it could be better so i change into this. The "K.I.T.T-Y" cart name is a pun/tribute to Reinhardt's favourite Hasseloff's KITT car and KITTY, yes, Brigitte is a cat person XD. the "Y" also could stand for YELLOW too.
Scrapped idea link here…

Ability 1 : (FAR) WHIP SHOT, she shoot her rocket flail and knock enemy's cart, cause them lose control for 3 sec. (NEAR)THIS IS PIE, Brigitta slaps pie to nearby enemy's face and makes them lose control for 3 sec.
Ability 2 : Charge, shorter distance charge with smaller shield up, just like Brigitte in game ability.
Ability 3 : Rally, rise up flag, speed boost for 6 seconds. All trap's effect reduce to half.

LUCIO - Golf DJ (VW Golf GTI 2016 with a lot of sub woofer)
Hip hop / Rap / Electronic themed heroes with many sub woofers will do.

Ability 1 : Speed Aura, boost Lucio run 20% faster for a period.
Ability 2 : (PASSIVE) Wall Slide, Lucio can drive on wall for short duration with maximum speed, his nickname is Lucio Shimada.
Ability 3 : Soundwave, blast a soundwave around Lucio, pushes Lucio forward and jump a little a bit. nearby enemy will knock away.

MERCY - REGA (Swiss Air-Ambulance HB-XWG, a.k.a REGA)
OBVIOUSLY AMBULANCE with siren light on her head.

Ability 1 : Caduceus Staff, tether and makes Mercy having same speed with target inf front of her (Or above). Pulls Mercy towards the tether target, lasts 5 seconds
Ability 2 : Angelic Descent, enable Mercy glide in mid air for a while with speed buff
Ability 3 : (PASSIVE) Not Dead Yet, cast and grant Mercy immune from dead for 5 seconds

MOIRA - TMC COSTIN 26 (TMC costin)
2 Ireland cars I googled and i only have 2 choices, either DeLorean DMC-12 (Back to the Future Time Machine Car) or TMC Costin which is made in Ireland (i recall the company still is American Company right?)... 

Ability 1 : Biotic Grasp , leech nearby enemy's cart speed pull Moira closer to them, transfer all debuff when Moira is close enough to enemy. (eg: lock-on type missiles, slow down effect)  5 seconds duration
Ability 2 : Fade, vanish and dash to front about 15 meters, immune to all damage during Fade.
Ability 3 : Biotic Orb, Shoot an Orb and zaps enemy nearby and slow them down for 50% speed, bounces on side track horizontally.

UFO!!! just a freaking floating UFO form the tumblr logic comic when he got caught in junk's steel trap while he is freaking floating. Plus his balls really can match with classic cartoonish UFO.

Ability 1 : Orb Of Discord, Zenyatta launch Orb Of Discord on enemy within his line of sight, slowing enemy down 50% speed. Orb will return back to Zenyatta out of line of sight OR behind Zenyatta. Zenyatta can use up to 3 orbs on enemy. Because the orb also is Zenyatta's main source of moving his ZFO, casting each orb will slow Zenyatta 10% of his speed (max will be 30%). 
Ability 2 : (PASSIVE) Floating, Zenyatta actually immune to all hidden ground type traps. But still take damage if the trap explode nearby him. Cannot immune from Junkrat's traps for strange reasons.
Ability 3 : Transcendence, Zenyatta will unable use any ability during this form, speed boost 200%, invulnerable to all traps (but still activate them), lasts 6 seconds.


General FAQ

1) Why McCree is not riding a horse?
It was into a consideration before, but as I said before, Hanzo already riding horse. So that will be clashing theme for both of them. Plus a cowboy style ride is kind of nice on McCree. So i just use that.

2) Why Mercy is not driving Lamborghini ?
I don't like that song after i google that in 22th november 2016. (i don't even know this shit meme was out for long time)
Plus mercy without flying vehicle (helicopter or airplane) is weird since i mostly draw their ride based on their unique skills
swiss ambulance is a perfect choice because mercy is a Swiss too and it is perfect fit for her role.

3) D.Va is a tank, but she is riding a light vehicle?
okay, another tricky question, D.Va have 2 forms (Winston+Torbjorn not count) , and her mecha also looks like a open-hatch style
She also has Booster and some mini wings on her MEKA design which is looks like can fly, so I just use a light vehicle for D.Va
Not to mention PAX 2016 got UBERWATCH feature Slingshot with D.Va theme. Annndd Torbjorn is Delta trike, while D.Va is tadpole trike.

3) Why not put motorcycle on certain hero like McCree(deadlock gang), or Roadhog (he rides chopper with Junkrat in comic)?
Because I intended to use motorcycle exclusively on agile hero like Genji... rest of that they normally have 3 wheels motorcycle and it is not that "agile" ride lol. So it should be fine for not clashing each other theme.

and at last, those are 58/75mm badge design i planned to sell in my local anime-con (or something) which is in malaysia called Comic Fiesta. So the design cannot be smaller in certain aspect for details...

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Defense and Offence basically pretty much but Defense hero is more like AOE control like Junkrat (grenade launcher / demoman) , Torbjorn (engineer turret) , Mei (ice spray with ice wall ability) something.
JOpx Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017  Student General Artist
Defense heroes are good at guarding locations, creating choke points, and preventing objectives from being taken. They are skilled at area denial and generally form the back line of their team.

Tank heroes have high endurance and excel at protecting allies and disrupting enemies. The primary role of the tank is to absorb incoming enemy fire through active abilities and a generally high health pool. Secondary to this, soaking the right amount of sustainable damage can help team supports farm ultimate charge before an engagement.
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