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0498: Natalia Poklonskaya

By Agito666
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Got featured in DA's journal by DA's staff XD……

newer fanart WIP, i prefer this XD

edit 1: fixing uniform to correct version based on video instead of my memory.

and here is another thing why i respect her:
copied from reddit:

Dear comrades, this subreddit has exploded in popularity over the last few days. It is encouraging to see so many people supporting Natalia, and I just wanted to address a few points.

First of all, we must remember that this is not a subreddit dedicated to a pornstar, but to an eminent and skilled politician. Ms. Poklonskaya has risen to the highest legal office in her country, which is no small feat. To do so, she had to turn her back on Kiev where she formerly worked, where she must have had friends and colleagues she had to leave behind in this crisis. Only a few hours after her appointment as Attorney General, Natalia was bravely addressing the press. Very few people could be so courageous.

Despite Eastern Europe having a history of disadvantaging women, Natalia has had an extremely successful career as an attorney, battling gangs and criminals in Ukraine. She has my extreme respect for her dedication, skill and commitment.

Her youth is also a potentially limiting factor to success in her field, and she has pushed past it with wisdom beyond her years. The youngest Attorney General in the entire history of the United States was 31 years old, compared to Natalia's 34! If her career continues at its current pace it is very possible she could even become leader of the Crimean state by the age of 40.

As a student of law and criminal investigation/prosecution, Natalia has become one of my foremost role models. I hope you join me in recognising her as much more than just a pretty face.

Natalia bless you all! Remember to contact the mods with any suggestions, complaints or comments.

instead of doing lewd fanart.

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It's a shame that do much politics is being discussed but let's get one thong straight guys Adolf Hitler started a war my grandparents and many of yours fought but it began with the :annexation of part of what is now the Czech Republic but didn't stop there The Soviet union is dead most countries have become democratic and trade across the world and that's all the Ukraine was trying do in ousting. A puppet leader. A Chechen suicide bomber wad caught fighting for Islamic state. So why Ukraine is being invaded we in Britain prepare for jihadist.  My point people are so busy bogging up these separatist they forget. that Chechen rebels have attacked Russia before but now as the west is waking up to these guys are getting experience in death and it won't be just our Dorothy come knocking. 
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She is quite a pin-up despite what she represents :love:
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Natalia Poklonskaya: Remember that I am the cutest girl in all of Mother Russia or I'll kill you :heart:
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I give my life
Not for honor, but for you (snake eater)
In my time there'll be no one else
Crime, it's the way i fly to you (snake eater)
I'm still in a dream, snake eater!
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No more, no more nyash-myash
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woah. looks good. she's fucking S(sado) type ^^
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Hearts and minds be damned. Penises; now we've got'em.
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she 34, birthday 18 march, divorced, have daughter and mother (age83, survivor fascist occupation in WW2. from her Natalia inherited strong hatred towards the nazis).

If you not know....  fascists control Ukraine today.
look new Ukrainian goverment.....80% of of them far-right.

and 40% neo-nazis. members Right Sector.
what is Svoboda and Right Sector? that proud people who proud their predecessors.

and their ideals. and their doing…

and they not change not a bit.……

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Go away stupid putin's liar
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Shut your trap, stupid nazi asshole.
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What do the Nazis have anything to do with the situation between Russia and Ukraine?
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*cough* she's Russian *cough*
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It's so cute.Inekoitplz 
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Wow just caught onto the Natalia phenomenon. Your drawing is excellent. :)  Malaysia's got talent!
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'Despite Eastern Europe having a history of disadvantaging women...' Jeeesh, who wrote that article? O.o' reddit? I could wrote that reddit must have a history of disadvantaging Eastern Europe O.o
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This is so far, my favorite piece, despite what's going on and what people say about how the entire situation is inappropriate.  For the most part though, not counting the news, I'm largely ignorant of the situation and I don't care.
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