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0427: Dota 2 Boobs chart

By Agito666
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all based on in game 3d model from Dota2.exe

i dont have/ lazy use the 3d model view, this size is good enough.

need file a complain for windrunner model to dota2dev lol
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Oh, the irony of Lina having the second biggest tits in Dota 2!
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Damn😍😍😍😍!!!! I really love your artwork and sketches;;;;
ghostbusters5's avatar
I meant sketches!!!!!!
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Of course Queen of Pain would have the biggest bust. XD
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Gingers are already cute enough -3- You wanna give her big boobs too??? 0.0 No way!!!
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Spectre is a girl?
epicpompadourdude's avatar
spectre is phantom assassin
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now I understand why ppl called her flat ranger :iconverynotimpressedplz:
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Why WR..................why...........No, I disagree! No, I disagree! No, I disagree! 
I like it when Rylai goes "Pew!"
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Well qop is a succubus after all
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Omg....WR is totally flat??! Ididnt noticed....well I still love art...
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Never knew that TA has a huge bust I thought it was just a PA tier lol
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hmmm no legion commander :(
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that is like many years ago and i don't have time to update.
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LOL even spectre is higher than poor windranger...
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at the top should be Lina, Drow, then QoP
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flat chests FTW!
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As they say ~ when u hug a flat chest girl , u are more closer to her heart :D 
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Yup, I honestly prefer flat chested girls myself. I find them a lot cuter.
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That would explain why Lina had so many suitors
oh thank you so much good sir, finally some reference
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that was old one...
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