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0002: Gundam

based on....lazy to type...pls view my lineart for the main idea to draw this.

this is demonic type gundam and i lazy to draw the wing so left the tail with it...(this is not scorpion)

color style (idea) are from Kamen Rider Agito Burning Form, Blitz gundam and Strike Noir...

lineart: [link]

new version: [link]
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amazing what do you call this Machine
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Hydra Gundam! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!
This is a very interesting Mobile Suit. It's been a while since I've seen a model like this, the last being the Master Gundam from the G Gundam Series. I really like the tail, badass.
r4v3nb14ckh34rt's avatar
i like ir except for the arm piece and i could se wings on this mech
okay, well i thought i would ask anyway and it does look like a guyvert that is cool
will you draw me some custom gundams i made up? please?
Agito666's avatar
sorry ,i didnt have so much free time to do that, because i'm doing final year project for now on...
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Ladies and gentlemen...I give you Gundam Baal

Baal as in Baal in in...well you get the idea
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Wow, a arm mounted bean blade that curves towards the mobile suit's body. What a totally useless and dangerous weapon. Dangerous for the gundam, not it's enemies.
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haha only u realize :D
Yup , a failure, wanted make a melee type gundam without weapon, so result looks like this ^^;
Old work.....:D anyway thanks for comment.

hmm..any better suggestion?
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Well you could always face the saber directly forward from the top of the wrist, like the Aegis gundam. Or even an internaly mounted machine gun inside the arm like the Alex Gundam from 0080.
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Wow-wow-wow-wow-wow Get this in a Gundam Series now!! We may have something cooler than Death Scythe on our hands o.o
sylverphoenix's avatar
Very nice. I can see the Deathscythe influence in this concept.
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wow, so u really did go and color it :XD:
how long u spend to color?
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don't know because i color it a while, then play games , then sleep, then......... so that is hard to count.
JUNEX's avatar
oo...ok, icic...
xXLockeXx's avatar
looks a lot like it's partly based off of the Guyver with the elbow blade goin on. On the slightly more critical side though, i love how it turned out. However, I dunno if it's just me that notices this, but the torso seems to be a bit... elongated, or the armour skirting seems low, not sure which.
Agito666's avatar
thanks for the advice, can u send the link of Guyver for me because i haven't watch Guyver before and ya, the torso is elongated a it can twist the waist more angle than odinary gundam...about armour...just like Deathssythe...reduce armour and upgrade the movemoment speed ... :XD:

*ya, i was a bit influenced with evagelion almost all of my work have long waist... :XD:
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your design is better then mine
xXLockeXx's avatar
heh, if you wait, I'll probably have a sketch of the Guyver up soon enough ;)
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