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Wind on the Mountain


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The Fellowship on the Mountain.
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authorJDTailor's avatar

Absolutely stunning! :huggle:

Agina's avatar

Thank you! <3

Hellypse's avatar

The landscape is stunning ! :wow:

Agina's avatar

Thank you! Don't mind the fave spamming, your artworks were pretty neat! I especially enjoyed the black and whites and limited palettes<3

CuriousCucumber's avatar

I always felt sorry for them since they first hiked so high up and then had to go back down XD

Agina's avatar

The story of all mountain climbers. xD

ratinrage's avatar
Malcohol's avatar

great scene! it :)

Agina's avatar
Halfway2TheFinish's avatar

*Lord of the rings theme starts playing in the background

Agina's avatar

Until it becomes the remix They are taking the hobbits to Isengard

JustMiri's avatar

tulee iha vilu ku tätä kattelee! owo

Agina's avatar

Talvi tulee!

aralk's avatar

Wow! This is epic! :D

Agina's avatar

Aaw, thanks! I have been wanting to do something snowy for some time

aralk's avatar

My pleasure!

IzMantis's avatar

I love how clean your style is- in this piece and others.

Agina's avatar

Thanks for the compliment! This is not the first time I've heard about the cleaniness, I guess I can't help it, I am one of those people who organize everything and have clean desks and so on. It just amuses me because I considered this particular image to be "rough and messy" but...I guess I failed. 8DDDD

IzMantis's avatar

Ahaha, I think the smooth sharpness of the lines is what gave me that impression, but I wouldn't say it's a bad thing!

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