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Wow! haven't been here in awhile. Hiatus will end this December, now I will have more time to do some new stuff. Can't wait 'til January. Bye-bye corporate world for now, its about time to expand the Adoboverse.
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Its been awhile since I last wrote a journal entry, and have not made any new artworks for my gallery or even attended some of the comic events this year.

I've been busy for quite some time, mostly from the stressful confines of the corporate cubicle i call work and often visiting that other social networking site that got us all hooked.

Although sometimes this hiatus of mine may end up being good for me because of the time while I was away from my drawing board, I had time to really plan out some of my projects for next year.

There are a lot of new comic indies out there especially this recent Komikon (saw pictures only in the web) that looks really good. So may be its about time to step up my game and really put out a better comic for next year's comic conventions.

I'd really like most of all to improve my writing and drawing skills and will most likely add changes to my comic book format. Hope to see some of those familiar faces again at the next comic convention and meet new ones when I introduce the next issue of Adoboverse Komiks.
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I'm sorry M. Night Shyamalan you really blew this one and you just have to put your name on the title.

Avatar, The Last Air Bender is my favourite cartoon show in Nickelodeon, not only for its amazing art but also its story and characters.

So many things went wrong in the movie adaption, for one the title should be Avatar, the last air bender. I don't care if there was a movie Avatar already. The director's name should not even be in the title. Come on! The director is not even the creator of Avatar and M. Night shouldn't be directing this! Stupid move by the people at Nick.

Aaargh and the cast was totally flawed. Can't you even get the characters right? They don't even look right or act right either. Why is it soooo serious all the time. The characters of Avatar in the animation demonstrated their wit and humor despite the odds they are about to face.

Nickelodeon, please don't make a movie sequel. Stick with the animation. The movie was a big disappointment.
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I now have a blog.

Do check it out.
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Having been in advertising, marketing and graphic design for years, I can't help but make my own awards from the current election campaign in this country of mine. Well here it goes...

Best campaign jingle for TV
1st Manny Villar
2nd Eddie Villanueva - "Eddie Ako"
3rd Noynoy Aquino - sung by Regine Velasquez

Worst campaign jingle for TV
Juan Ponce Enrile

Best campaign slogan
Erap Estrada "Pag May Erap May Ginhawa"

Worst campaign slogan
Juan Ponce Enrile "Gusto ko Happy Ka"

Worst campaign tandem name
"The Tranformers" (Bayani/Gordon)

Best "Photoshoped" image on a campaign poster
Lito Lapid (you should see it)

Best use of a symbol as campaign material
Manny Villar's neon orange check symbol (copied maybe from Nike symbol)

Most dramatic tv campaign ad
1st Noynoy Aquino - "Celebrities and people with torches"
2nd Jejomar Binay

Biggest prop used on a tv campaign ad
Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro (Piloting an airplane)

Best graphics for a tv ad
Noynoy Aquino

Worst rap in a tv campaign ad
Noynoy Aquino

Best "telegenic" tv campaign ad
Loren Legarda

Best celebrity endorsement for a tv campaign ad
1st Dolphy for Manny Villar
2nd Baby James for Noynoy Aquino

Worst election information tv ad and jingle
GMA - Sex Bomb Dancers

Most awkward and scripted tv ad
Gwen Pimentel - Nene Pimentel

Best Chikahan segment with voters tv ad
Mar Roxas

Most number of tv ads
Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar

Best testimonial tv ad
Jejomar Binay "Ganito kami sa Makati..."
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Having a lot of time watching television lately and boy there are a lot to comment about.

I know that the Philippines are full of talented people, but must all tv networks have their own talent contest? Sheesh, its like way years back they are on to game shows and artista search competitions.

Drama series knock-offs from Korean or Mexican dramas. Why not come up with something original for a change. Writer's block?...

Tagalog movie and drama titles with Song titles again. Time-tested formula.

After some heavy typhoons, TV news anchors can't help but ask too many questions about the weather to the PAGASA folks. Sometimes the news anchor forgot how many times he asked how far is the typhoon. Buti na lang articulate na ang mga weather people ngayon. Sana we can predict rain volume this time.

Politicians taking advantage of the calamities of the country and turning them to pr campaign materials. Plastic!

Too many channels with TMZ. I guess you can't get enough of hollywood gossips.

I saw something about a Barbie and the Three Musketeers. What the?! How many Barbies are there? There's Barbie Mariposa, Rupunzel,Thumbelina, Swan Princess... Maybe next time there'll be a Barbie Zorro or a Barbie Frankenstein! Come on enough with this marketing nonsense.

Oh well, time to let go of the remote and do something productive. Now where did I place my pencil?
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I barely made it to the indie tiangge list.…

Kitakits na lang!
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I've been busy lately with work that I have yet to finish some of these ideas for the Adoboverse.

1. Maskuladogs - Askals with Pinoy Martial Arts skills. (ala Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
2. Halo-Halo Rangers - With names like Red Monggo, Yellow Langka, Green Pinipig, White Sago... you know its gonna be Halo Halo madness. Power Rangers who?
3. Halimaw Hunters - Teens with supernatural powers fighting big bad monsters.
4. Datu Force - a Pinoy mythos and sci-fi experiment.
5. Supremos vs. Sanggano Squad - Adoboverse's ultimate superhero team and bad boys duke it out in one major brawl fest.
6. A new Rex Agimat story
7. New set of Adoboverse villains and heroes!
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Yep. You heard it.

Mickey is joining forces with Spidey.

I bet there'll be more animated shows for Marvel. (Please make a Power Pack animated show)

Disney is having problems building its young male audience, so Marvel is the answer to it (maybe too much Hannah Montanna & High School Musical).

Well, Warner Bros. does own DC and maybe its logical that Disney acquire Marvel. What do you think?

Read it here.…
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Di ako umabot sa listahan sa Indie Tiangge sa Komikon. Late na ako nag-check ng messages sa Devart nabasa ko na lang closed na ang Indie comics registration. Konti lang daw slots - mga 20 lang yata at ilang araw lang ng invitation sa Komiks Tiangge, closed na agad. Pwede raw palagay sa waiting list pero mukhang malabo na makapasok siguro.

Akala ko pa naman doble ang magiging indie participants considering the size of the new venue pero kulang pa yata ng space. Mukhang marami rin na regulars sa tiangge ay wala rin sa listahan.

For those who want to get the latest copy of the Adoboverse komiks siguro note niyo na lang ako sa DA and probably lets meet na lang sa Komikon. Sorry wala akong table ngayon sa tiangge.

Oh well, more time for me to get to draw the next issue of Adoboverse.
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If you love using these softwares. Which side will you choose? The grudge between them is on!

It's a no holds barred debate between the two most widely used softwares from Adobe.

Click this link…

And let's get ready to rumble!
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It's all over, but the experience still lingers. (may hang-over pa)

After a grueling photo finish production for Adoboverse Komiks issue 2 on the first day (late na naman ako dumating), it was really cool to participate in a comic convention in a different venue like Mega Mall.

The air-conditioner was cool, the cosplayers were all over the place (haven't seen that much cosplayers in one venue), bargain comics galore, there were a lot of cool toys too and unique items ranging from character hats, collector models and even a black lantern ring for sale. I got myself 2 Calvin and Hobbes Collection books (I'm sooo happy!).

Its nice to meet up with old friends at the event kaya lang magkakalayo kami ng seating arrangement.

I also got to meet great artists like Joanah Tinio-Calingo, creator of Cresci Prophecies (very smart, innovative & dedicated artist), David "Mad City" Serador of Atomic Underground (love his Tata Temoy character and his awesome line art skills), the amazing Macoy of "Ang Maskot" (great story teller and master of the illustrator brush technique) and the talented Omeng Estanislao (with his very funny "Hero"-Bagong Bayani ng Marikina character and his uber cool gagambas (spiders) in a matchbox) and idol Freely "Super Tog" Abrigo (a great cartoonist with a unique pinoy style and humor).

Thank you for all who bought my comics and hopefully you had a wonderful time reading it. For those who haven't got a copy there's always the next comic convention.

See you all again.
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Its a GO! I just received an email and I'm joining the roster of the Indie Go! Valley at Manila Comic Con!

Adoboverse will be at Manila Comic Con!
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Haaay! Tapos na ang mahabang bakasyon. Back to work again.

Haven't been doing much lately (just lazy) because of this nice cold weather we're having and with all the non-stop eating, drinking, parties, reunions, etc., I think I gained weight (note to self: excercise).

Its 2009, a new year ahead of us. Thank you for all the people who enjoyed and supported the Adoboverse last year.

This year I'll be posting more new and exciting characters and other artworks soon. Hopefully this year I get the chance to collaborate with other DA artists.

Maybe I'll even initiate an art jam or an Adoboverse character contest.
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Arrival at Komikon - 4:30 p.m.

I was late! So late to arrive at Komikon.

I just had to make some last minute changes to the cover and made a flip cover comic book. Which turned out ok for me, I just wished I could find a better photocopier next time.

Although I had a hard time that day (less sleep for finishing the final pages; it rained when I went to the photocopier and had no umbrella; typo errors I later detected) Komikon is still great. I just wish that I was there earlier.

Thank you for all the people who bought Adoboverse Komiks #1! Hope you had fun reading it.

It was a thrill to meet and greet people from DA and to see some old and new friends there at the event.

Got a chance to buy and trade some comics (but placed it into the wrong bag - a friend's bag)but never really had a chance to roam around the venue. After the event, I had to get up as early as 2:30 in the morning to Lucena for an assignment there for work (hay naku...back to work again).

Yep. Komikon is really unforgettable this year.

Oh well lesson learned, next year I'll try to be better prepared and arrive early at the venue.

See you again next year! :)
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The countdown is on! With barely a month to go its time to go warp speed with my Adoboverse komiks production. Aaargh!

Less sleep, more pages to finish.

Oh well, no pain no gain.

Komikon is coming and so is the Adoboverse.

See you all there!
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Seldom do you get to see good and entertaining shows in local TV networks. If I were a TV producer and create new shows i'd like to watch -  this would be my list.

1. A food trip show hosted by Tado seeking the best of local street foods (best isaw, fishballs, lugaw, siopao, balut) and where to buy them. Rated by pedestrians, taxi drivers, jeepney drivers, high school students, etc.

2. A pinoy model search hosted by Melanie Marquez would be fun to watch.

3. An obstacle game show ala "Takeshi's Castle" hosted by Smokey Manoloto or Redford White.

4. A kiddie game show showcasing local kid games maybe modernized (piko, tumbang preso, luksong baka, etc.)

5. A televised console or pc gaming competition. Local players divided into teams.

6. A good Pinoy animation show (not anime style)

7. A reality environmental show that features people making stuff out of garbage.

8. A reality show of school children in the mountains (so that the gov't. can see the education problem in the country)

9. A hard hitting political comedy gag show.

10. A late night show hosted by Ramon Bautista.
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If I had lots of money, what would I buy or collect if it was possible. Hmmm...

1. The Pong Pagong suit and Kiko Matsing puppet
2. A pen from the great Larry Alcala
3. Schematic plans of Voltes V
4. The original bat mobile
5. McDonald's golden arches lighted sign
6. Complete collection of Calvin & Hobbes
7. Spiderman suit from the movie
8. Build a Naruto theme park
9. Make a space shuttle looking building
10. Customize and build an Optimus Prime truck

Do you have a wierd collection wishlist?
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A very big influence for me when I was a kid is reading Funny Komiks. It was a time when I would go to the wet market with my lola or mother and ask them to buy me one at the newspaper stand. Every page for me then was like being transported to whole new realm of fantasy. Characters like Super Dog, Niknok, Planet Op Di Eyps, Mahimud, Bing-Bam-Bung, Combatron, etc. became my favorites. Although there were your usual Western cartoons on saturday morning cartoon programs, there's nothing like reading your copy of Funny Komiks lay down on your bed and trying to draw the characters and hopefully send it to them.

It was a time were we could relate to locally made comic characters and have a really good time reading them. It was a comic reading generation of Pinoy kids back then. Those were good times indeed, kids at school collected the komiks and even brag of it and even share their drawings to friends.

In college, I went to Islas Publishing (publisher of Funny Komiks) at Quezon City and tried my luck to be hired as an artist. With a small sketch pad as portfolio, I eagerly wait for the editor's reply but alas It was not what I was expecting. He reached for a log book and I saw a long list of artists who would want to draw for them. And from there my dreams of working for Funny Komiks went down the drain.

Sometimes I wonder if I had the chance to draw for them and showcase some of my stories and characters.

Maybe after Komikon, I'll tryout as a cartoonist for a newspaper. I just need a good comic strip to go with it. Lets see what the future awaits for me.
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Here in DA, a collaboration of Pinoy superhero creators have began a movement leading to this year's Komikon. Led by the amazing Gilbert Monsanto, the Pinoy superhero group Bayan Knights will surely be the most anticipated comic book in U.P. this November.

Its very invigorating to witness Pinoy creators able to showcase their characters to fellow comic readers. Based from the teasers and early work samples, I'm sure that this will be a huge hit.

There's a new breed of Pinoy Superheroes in town thats ready to emerge... for they are called BAYAN KNIGHTS!
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