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Fans of Dragon Age

Considering the events of Inquisition, which faction do you sympathize with? 

80 deviants said Mages
64 deviants said Both
26 deviants said Neither
9 deviants said Templars

Devious Comments

Firestar-Kelman Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016
Honestly? i'd say both, Mages make their plight IMPOSSIBLE to ignore (Hell Anders wouldn't shut up about it in DA2, one of the few times i actually liked carver.) but Templars kind of just suffer in silence and try to get on with their lives. But at the end of the day i feel that both Mages and Templars are just more pawns for the chantry. if anything both are used as Attack dogs for the Chantry and at the end of it both of them end up being discarded when they are no longer useful. (Hell mages saved the Divine and yet Cassandra is the only one people remember.) 
Otaku-Mom Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Both. I see where the Templars are coming from about magic being a giant safety risk, but still more for the mages, because they don't even get to CHOOSE to be mages like most Templars do.

I guess I think like Vivian on this, even though I don't really like her all that much.
Smooshkin Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
AuriV1 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me, too. :P
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