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Here are those members who accept Dragon Age related commissions, trades, and requests. This list will be continuously updated; if you want to be advertised, let me know what you accept in a comment below.

For those who are on this list, let me know if anything changes.
- :iconcptmeatman: - commissions and trades

"...commissions open but slow because of work and trades welcome, PM me!"

- :iconallisonsaurus: - requests and trades, possibly commissions

"I will literally do anything!

I am looking to start taking commissions, though I don't know how many people would be willing to pay me for my art. I'm definitely game for requests or trades. :)"

- :iconyinyangswings: - all

"I do take anything :D I'm game for anything (within reason)"

- :iconsicarius8: - commissions
- :iconjdrainville: - all
- :iconespamistwalker: - trades
- :iconshiilavellan: - requests and trades, possibly commissions

"I'll do everything!

I'm not sure who'll pay for my art but I'll do trades or requests!
Could use the practice "

- :iconenife: - commissions

"I'm taking digital commissions! :)"

- :iconmacedonianmuse: - commissions

"I am taking digital commissions and a few traditional that would be mailed to customers."

-:iconastralcats19: - commissions and trades

-:iconancaxbre: - commissions


-:iconmyunna-sama: - commissions, trades, and requests

-:iconrunicentropy: - commissions; possibly trades

"I'm open to commissions, and will consider trades within reason."

-:iconsummerintevinter: - commissions

"I'm taking digital commissions (tarot cards are the most popular but I do portraits and illustrations as well)."

-:iconskilodracus: - trades and requests
-:iconede1986: - digital trades
-:icontheseasonmaypass: - commissions and trades:

-:iconroxyshadowpaw: - commissions and trades; possibly requests
-:iconpain-art: - portrait commissions


-:iconlilsmolfox: - all

-:iconnilesdaughter: - all (see below)

"My current status, for anyone that is interested:
1. Art and literature commissions are always open! More information can be found here:
2. Art requests are currently on hold, but literature requests are always open.
3. I am open to both art and literature trades, but I require some sort of message for working out details before agreeing to anything. This is also true of collaborations, if that happens to be something that anyone is interested in doing."

-:iconspiderbot1: - commissions and trades; possibly requests
-:iconknightfalling: - commissions


-:iconsefikichi: - commissions

Commissions Open!Hello people! I'm opening commissions! :D For more details, questions etc, don't hesitate to send me a note or comment on this journal :)
I mainly do portraits, both human and animal, closeups and full-body portraits. Fan art, celebrities, OCs, photo refs etc. I also do NSFW work, please refer to my NSFW tumblr account for references. I will not do furries (kemonomimi is okay though), gore/vore (mild violence is okay) or ponies (as in MLP). Feel free to ask me though, I'm fairly open minded! I will however retain the right to refuse your commission.
At the moment I'm only offering digital commissions. I use a Wacom Intuos tablet, Adobe Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai.
I accept PayPal and bank transfer for EU customers. Prices are listed in both EUR and USD. Please note that there is some disrepancy between the currencies because of currency rates. Here are some examples and prices.

-:iconbotticella89: - commissions


-:iconrinnyhoot: - commissions

Digital Art Commissions: OPEN by rinnyhoot

-:iconshadowhachia: - fanfic commissions


-:iconreqgie: - commissions, possibly trades

Commissions Now Open!
I've been talking about doing commissions for a while on here and they've finally arrived! I've done my best to keep this orginised and easy to have a little look through. Check what slots I have open here!
Vault Boy Style Examples - {here} {here} {here} 10$ All Full Body. I can even put it in the template I made a little while ago if you’d like. 
Silhouette Style Example - {here} 15$ Bust or Mid.
Lineart Example {pic


"I'm currently accepting commissions! Prices and examples are listed here:

I'm open for USD and points commissions, art trades, and trades for adoptables."

-:iconshujie: - commissions and trades

-:icondedechoutinette: - commissions

Help needed !! Commission open:bademoticon: English :bademoticon: 
I met some financial troubles on the moment and I need for help :'(
This is why I open commissions.
If you're interested, please send me a note with all your informations (about fanart, your OC, etc)
Thank you very much for your help, it help me !! ^^
Some examples
Chibi : 2 €

Sketch: 5 €

Black and white : 10 €

Colored drawing : between 20 ~ 40 euros

:bademoticon: Français :bademoticon: 
Coucou les gens ! j'ai pleins de soucis financiers :'(
C'est pourquoi j'ouvre les coms.
Si cela vous

-:iconyagellonica: - commissions (coming soon)


-:iconuchustache: - trades

-:iconbeautiful-doubt: - commissions (NSFW included)


-:iconspanabanana: - commissions (NSFW included)…

-:iconthingsthatlurk: - commissions


-:iconmutantenfisch: - commissions (until the end of November)

Commissions OPENCommission Info

General Information
I will draw fan-art or OCs for you, interaction as far as it's possible for me and romance or mild NSFW, as long as your request isn't too smutty. What I won't draw are animals, except for cats or dogs, or anything what is infringing dAs terms of submission such as gore or pornographic drawings.
Slots will be open until either all of them are filled or I will close them by mid-December 2017 due to the fact that I have to prepare for exams, too. 
I claim the right to present WIP shots and the finished commissions in my gallery, giving credit to you of course.
Payment Information
I've come to decide that PayPal is the best option for payment but I require a 50 % prepayment after agreeing on the terms of your order and will start drawing immediately. I will provide you with WIPs of your commission(s) sent via e-mail or dA personal note. If you have no access to PayPal I am open to

-:iconstarframe3d: - commissions, art trades, and requests

Paypal - Comissions [Pricing] by Starframe3D

-:iconkmkibble75: - commissions, art trades, and requests


-:iconllythium-art: - commissions, possibly trades and requests

"My commissions are open ! Even if it's written that Art trades and Requests are closed, i can think about it ;) If you want something that it's not in my commissions infos (ref sheet, sketch dump...), feel free to ask me by note! I didn't draw a lot of DA related art until now, but i'll be soooo pleased to change that!"

2016 - Commissions and Prices (OPEN)

0/4 slots - X  - X
* HI, Christmas is over, so back to normal ! I'm soon going to add FURRY in what i can do and also add special prices for two characters together. Stay tuned :)
You can read all the informations beneath, prices, how to order... Don't forget to read the conditions at the bottom !

Coucou, Noël est fini, donc retour à la normale ! J'ajouterais bientôt le FURRY à ce que je peux faire et également ajouter des prix spéciaux pour les duo de personnages. Restez aux aguets :)

Vous trouverez toutes les informations nécessaires ci-dessous, prix, comment commander...

N'oubliez pas de lire les conditions en bas !

Dot Bullet (Yellow Green) - F2U!  I can draw :
Original character • Fanart • Couples &

-:iconthe-kitteh: - commissions

Commissions openMonocolor and Linearts (each additional character +50%) 
Half or ¾: $15

Full Body: $20
Full Color (each additional character +50%) 
Half or ¾: $20

Full Body: $30
Background: The above pricing includes very simple or a solid color background.
Prices can be negotiated depending on the amount of detail. Payment via paypal only. 
PM if you're interested! 

-:iconplushfairy: - tarot card commissions

"You can pay me via paypal. If you want to see more examples or a price list check out my profile. Tarot Cards would cost you 15-25€/$"

-:iconJammyElf: - digital commissions


-:iconkasathedog: - commissions (points and PayPal) and trades

-:iconskawlark: - trades and requests

-:iconprayfortheinquisitor: - commissions (see profile or Tumblr)

-:icononigiriowl: - commissions


-:iconbablar: - commissions


-:iconrosiesinner: - commissions

COMMISSIONS by rosiesinner

-:iconmissy-mysterious: - commissions and requests

"(no NSFW), digital and traditional/pencil"

-:icondara1hunter: - commissions and trades

Commissions are open by dara1hunter

-:iconsoellea: - commissions and trades

"I mainly do cross stitch patches and symbols and am working on my glass painting technique. Trades and commissions always welcome. Prices vary and can be discussed :) "

-:iconshamiana: - commissions


-:iconconcessit: - commissions


-:iconshairaalarai: - commissions

"Hello guys! I take commissions (NSFW too), if you are interested just send me a note! I have a varety of styles and prices."

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Hello guys! I take commissions (NSFW too), if you are interested just send me a note! I have a varety of styles and prices. I'll leave some samples of my work, hope you all like it :) :

  Zevran Romance by FrancescadeRosso   Alistair Love by FrancescadeRosso   Firefly by FrancescadeRosso