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I'll Swap When I Want To: An Age Swap Story "Thanks for coming over to babysit" Natalie Gaines said. "Oh no problem" Beth Jones replied as she came inside "Where's Taylor?" "Down in the basement" Natalie replied. "She wanted to play with her toys in her playroom. I just put some boxes down there from my Aunt and Uncle's house. I don't even know what's in them yet...they just got delivered to me yesterday and I haven't had time to go through them" "Oooo, mystery boxes" Beth said slipping off her Birkenstock sandals by the door.  Beth was a tall and leggy girl of 17 who lived across the street. 5'10" with long brown hair and big brown eyes, today she had that hair tied back into a ponytail and she wore short denim shorts and a black tank top that showed off her impressively large breasts. "Yeah, who knows what could be in them, my Aunt and Uncle collected some weird stuff" Natalie said. "Anyway,I should be home by 11; since it's summer, Taylor can stay up until 9. It's impossible to get her to go to bed when it's still light outside unless you really wear her out"  "Haha, yeah right...wear her out" Beth rolled her eyes. Taylor, at 4 years old was a ball of fire. "But she loves when you watch her, she really looks up to you" Natalie said. The two women went downstairs "Hey munchkin" Beth called out and Taylor spun around. "Beth!" the little blonde haired, blue eyed girl yelled jumping to her feet and running. She hit Beth at a full run, her head hitting her waist and stomach while she wrapped her arms around her thighs and squeezed. Beth laughed and stroked Taylor's hair. "You be good for Beth tonight" Natalie told her daughter. "I will Mommy" Taylor said. Natalie headed upstairs and out after giving her daughter a hug. Taylor wanted Beth to play with her so Beth got down on the floor. They played Princesses, then they switched to Candyland, then they played Mario Kart on the Wii before Taylor went off on her own to find something new. Beth got on her phone while curled up on the couch. She heard Taylor rummaging around and let her go. Three new boxes sat in the corner and Taylor made her way to them. Boring books looked to be all she could find until she saw the crystal up against the side. It was white in color but when Taylor put her hand on it and grabbed it, half of it turned red "…" she said bringing it out. "Watcha got there squirt?" Beth said as Taylor brought the crystal to her. "I dunno but it's neat!" Taylor said "it was all white until I  touched it. Then this half turned red and I don’t know why" Taylor handed the crystal to Beth who took it from her hands. "Oh!" Beth said as the other half of the crystal turned yellow as soon as she touched it. "See I told you it was neat and did stuff" Taylor said. "Maybe it's even magic!" "Sure...make a wish haha" Beth said.  "I wish I had a dog!" Taylor said closing her eyes tight. Beth looked around. "I don't hear barking so guess it doesn't work" Beth got up and saw the one box open. Taylor was following close behind as Beth snooped in the box. "That’s where I got the crystal out of" she told her. There were several books but also one folded piece of paper loose in the box so Beth pulled that out "The Switching Crystal" she said. "Switching crystal? What's that?" Taylor asked. "I don't know but since I don't see another crystal in here, maybe that's what you found" Beth replied.  "What’s it say? What does it do?" "The Switching crystal allows two people to switch places with each other whenever and as often as the master likes…" Beth stopped and looked at Taylor. "Oh...OH!" Beth said as her jaw dropped and her stomach flipped "No way this is real though. That's impossible…" "What?!" Taylor was bouncing up and down in curiosity. Beth debated even reading the rest of it as opposed to just making something up but in the end, she read "The master of the crystal is the one who touched it first, indicated by the color red. Their subject is indicated by the color yellow and is the person who the master selected to touch it after their own touch. Once touched and deemed as such, these two shall forever be connected" Beth paused and looked down at the little girl in front of her "upon the Master's word, the two shall switch places with each other. They shall stay until the Master returns them but for no longer than 24 hours at the most" Taylor looked up at Beth then over at the crystal.  "I wanna switch bodies with you" Taylor said in her high pitched little girl voice while pointing at Beth. Immediately Beth felt her leg muscles tighten and she began to shrink "AH!" She let out a quick scream as her jaw dropped and her eyes bugged out. Her hands went up to her face for a moment to cover her mouth before shooting out straight in front of her.  "My hands! They’re getting smaller!" She yelled as she thought "And closer!" As her arms began to pull in shorter. Taylor's head swung down and back and forth as she started to grow. "Am I shrinking?!" Beth yelled looking around as the room appeared to grow larger around her. Even Taylor looked bigger. Taylor now came up to Beth's breasts, then, to her chin. Beth felt her tank top give at her chest as her breasts pulled back into her body, shrinking up smaller and smaller. All the while Taylor had a smiling look of joy and surprise on her face as she grew bigger. She giggled as the changes were tickling her. Her legs growing longer, lifting her steadily up. Her feet spreading out wider and longer, creeping out, brushing over the carpet as they grew. Her arms stretching out, her fingers popping and the warm feeling in her stomach as her chest tingled. "What are you laughing about? This is seriously wrong! I…!" Beth stopped when she saw Taylor rising up eye to eye to her. Taylor's eyes beamed as she now rose up slightly taller than her babysitter. "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Beth screamed in a voice that started low but pitched higher sounding younger by the end. Beth was a mess. She felt her hips narrow and her ass flatten but before she could react, her shorts dropped and fell down her shrinking legs to cover her smaller feet.  Her thighs had lost mass along with length and gave no resistance to the falling garment. Her panties followed but she remained covered by her tank top, which barely hung onto her slim shoulders but was now long enough to go halfway down her skinny thighs. Beth now felt her hair being pulled. A gentle tugging as it pulled up shorter. It was lighter in color turning blonde and thinning as it came up. The last remnants of her breasts vanished. Beth's face twitched and itched as it regressed; her facial features lost their maturity and changed into those of a little girl not even in Kindergarten yet while she continued to shrink, watching Taylor grow in front of her until she only came up to her waist.  Taylor was tingling all over as her body matured and changed dramatically.  Her breasts budded up then popped out quickly growing, filling out and busting out of her shirt. "AH!" She now let out an exclamation as her tiny t-shirt ripped open along the sides at the same time she felt heft come onto her backside. Taylor's ass blossomed out and her hips spread tearing her shorts open at the seams. Her waist popped and as her thighs gained size and curves, the shorts ripped even further. Taylor reset her feet glancing down and seeing the top of Beth's head getting further away from her. Her blonde head. Taylor got a sight of hair growing into her peripheral vision. It was dark brown and thick and long. Her breasts kept growing and they swung out pendulously as she leaned forward and gravity took hold of them. Taylor shot back standing straight, even leaning back some; her chest was giving off strange sensations but that swing freaked her out. She brought her hands up to stabilize them. Her hands were growing, her breasts were growing under those lengthening fingers and swelling palms sending shock waves down through her body. Her abdomen shuddered, filled with fluttering butterflies. Taylor's face went numb as her features began to mature and grow and change. Her hands came off her breasts and moved up. Taylor tentatively touched her face. As her fingers pressed down, she felt her cheeks push out and up.  "Ooo" she exclaimed, shocking herself by the sound of her deep voice. Her lips plumped, her teeth grew, changing from little kid teeth into full, straight, adult ones. Her chin pushed out and her jaw lengthened. Her eyes grew big and brown as her eyebrows thickened upon a wider forehead. Taylor shivered and looked down. Past her huge breasts, she saw Beth looking up at her, her bottom lip trembling "Taylor?" She asked in a high pitched and shaky tone. "Beth?!" Taylor replied in a deep teenage voice that expressed shock and awe at their respective situations. "Is that really you down there?!" "Yu...yeah…" she lifted her arms out straight to the sides. "It worked! It really worked! I'm you! I'm huge! I'm a teenager! I'm Beth...we actually, physically switched bodies!" Beth was freaking out; she couldn't decide if she was more afraid or angry but she was definitely confused and completely shaken up "And that means I'm you!" She yelled and stomped her foot pointing up at Taylor "How is this even possible?! This doesn't make any sense!" She folded her tiny arms over her flat chest. "It's the Switching Crystal! It's real! It made me big like you and made you little like I used to be!" Taylor grabbed the piece of paper that explained it "And according to this, I control this; and you...forever. I can change us whenever I want to" "That is no fair!" Beth yelled. "You can't just take my body from me whenever you feel like it" "Oh yes I says right here that I'm the Master and you're my subject. You have to switch places with me whenever I want to" Beth remembered that she was arguing with a 4 year old and just because her body had grown, her mental maturity had not caught up.  "What if that does switch too?" Beth thought "I'll totally be a baby in mind and body and really be screwed" "Right now subject...I want you to switch clothes with me" Taylor said looking down. Beth stood with her tank top and bra hanging uselessly around her chest with her shorts and underwear pooled up on her feet.  Before she could run, Taylor snatched a handful of her shirt and simply pull it off. "Hey! Quit it!" Beth squirmed grabbing her bra protectively. "Oh just give that to’s not serving any purpose on you" Taylor said. Neither noticed immediately that their speech patterns were now shifting between them. Beth's vocabulary was shrinking as Taylor's was growing. Taylor attempted to take off her clothes but they simply tore too badly to be salvageable. "Oops" she simply said as her shirt tore into ribbons.  A laundry basket sat a few feet away "I can see some clothes that will fit you right there on top" Taylor pointed at the basket. "But those clothes are dirty! I'm not gonna wear your dumb old dirty underwear!" Beth said. "Why not? They were up against the body you have so technically it's because you made them dirty but as your babysitter, I say, get your little butt dressed" Taylor towered over Beth naked; her breasts hung down swaying hypnotically. She grabbed the bra and spun Beth around taking it off of her. Beth landed on her hands and knees.  She pouted as she grabbed up items of clothing and put them on. She turned in time to see Taylor shimmy her hips as she worked the panties and shorts up over her thighs and hips and ass.  "Wow these are sensative" Taylor said easily fastening the bra and slipping on the top. She saw the hair tie lying on the ground. It had obviously came undone and popped free as their hair swapped. Taylor picked it up and deftly tied her hair back into a ponytail.  "Wait! If I'm Taylor now then I can wish myself back!" She looked at the crystal "I wish we switched back!" She yelled. Nothing happened.  "Tsk, tsk, tsk...silly little girl...just because we swapped bodies doesn't make you the master. You went from big Beth to tiny Taylor but even when I look like this: I still control the swap" Taylor looked down with a smirk. "Maybe we should call you little Lizzie when you're like that" she laughed. Beth's cheeks burned bright red. "I'm hungry squirt...let’s go upstairs and get something to eat" Taylor said taking the stairs with ease. "Dang you've got some big feet" she added. "Well you need em if you're gonna be so tall" Beth replied struggling up the high stairs trying to keep up. Beth looked around the kitchen in awe. Everything was so big and high up. The counters were above her head. There was no way she could ever reach the cupboards anymore. Taylor maneuvered her way through effortlessly, grabbing plates and glasses and food and getting it all ready. "God I love being like's so liberating. I'm not dependent on everyone else doing everything for me" They ate. Beth's legs swung high above the ground as she picked at her food. She was bored and wanted to play.  She tried to fight it, this pull to give in to all the childish demands her regressing mind was wanting to do, but it was getting harder and harder. Taylor cleaned up and Beth wandered from the room. When Taylor found her, she was playing with her dollhouse and was absolutely emerged in story she was making up. "I'm going to keep us like this overnight" Taylor said getting down on her knees to talk to Beth on her level. Beth just shrugged "It's up to you anyways" she said. "Good. It says that after 24 hours we'll switch back anyway and I want to see everything I can as you" Taylor said. "Play with me" Beth said shoving a doll into Taylor's chest. They played. Beth kept changing things until Taylor announced it was bathtime. Beth sighed and fussed but headed in as Taylor made up the water for her. She got her our clean underwear and a nightgown as Beth played in the water.  Taylor washed Beth's hair and made sure she scrubbed up before letting her out. Beth had to brush her teeth before they watched a movie and little Beth fell asleep cuddling up against her former body. Taylor carried her old babysitter to bed up on her shoulder, easily carrying the load before tucking her in. Taylor texted and chatted with everyone on her phone until her Mom came home. "Hey Ms. Gaines...Taylor was a little angel for me!" She said collecting her money from her now several inches shorter Mom. Taylor dashed across the street to what was now her house. She barely slept as she explored this new aspect of her life, her life as Beth. "If I can only stay for 24 hours am I going to use this?" She asked herself "I can have fun. I can take over for parties or dances. Or, if I have to go to the doctor or something I can make her go in my place" Beth woke up the next morning disoriented. Her bed was huge. Her sheets were huge "why am I wearing a nightgown and why do I feel so small? I...oh yeah" But Beth didn't fight it. She swung her little legs out and jumped off the bed.  She played and watched videos and had her Mom wait on her. At 5:27 Beth felt strange. She ran to her room as her body tingled. "Oh man...I gotta get out of my clothes. Mommy will be mad if I rip another pair. "Oh sure...she's in her room" she heard her Mom say before she heard heavy footsteps come down the hall.  A knock came on the door "Hey Taylor, it's Beth…I found that thing we were talking about yesterday and I told you I'd bring it over to show you remember" Beth heard her old voice on the other side. She opened her door and Taylor ducked in fast. "Hey Munchkin! How did you do?" Taylor asked kicking off her sandals "You sure took your time!" Beth hissed putting her hands on her hips. "We've still got a few minutes...don’t..Ope!" Taylor said as she shivered all over and started to shrink. Beth shook her head as her legs and torso and arms began to stretch out reversing the process of yesterday.  She grew as Taylor shrank. She aged as Taylor regressed. Her face matured, her body matured as Beth returned to 17 years old and Taylor returned to 4. Taylor laughed and spun around letting her big clothes fly around and off of her now tiny body. Beth collected up the clothes "Ok you had your fun can we not do that again" "Aw...I had fun! You had fun too, you just don't want to say you did" Taylor said getting dressed. Beth got dressed stone faced.  "I can swap us any time I want" Taylor said. "I know and that's what I'm afraid of. I could be in the middle of something important and all of a sudden you could say the word and I have to turn into you" "I'll ask before I do it, I promise!" Taylor insisted. "You'd better! This is a real and serious power you have. And you're 4! You can't just not want to eat broccoli so you switch us and I have to. I might be in the middle of a basketball game. I can’t shrink down to half my size!" Taylor laughed "That would be funny though!" "That’s what I mean!" Beth said rubbing her hands over her long legs.  The door opened and Natalie came in "Hi Mommy!" Taylor said and Beth smiled. "Hey since you're here Beth I wanted to ask about next Saturday night. I'm hosting book club that night and I was hoping you might be able to watch Taylor at your house?" "Sure Ms. Gaines" Beth said. The following day Taylor was bored and saw Beth mowing the grass out the window. "I wonder if I wished it different if we wouldn't hafta switch clothes all the time. Like we could just switch and I'm just her and she's just me wherever we're at and already in each other's clothes. It was fun having my body change like that but not every time" Taylor concentrated very hard. "I wish we would switch places. I wish we would just be in the other one's body just like we are" The next thing she knew Taylor was outside, hot and sweaty and pushing a lawn mower. Her jaw dropped and she looked across the street and into the front window. There she saw herself staring out looking extremely shocked. Taylor let go of the handle taking sight of her long fingers. "It worked" she said to herself. She wiped the matted hair from her sweaty brow before she jumped and clapped and, using her super long legs, ran across the street. One second Beth was sweating as she mowed her grass. The next thing she knew, she was on her knees on a sofa looking out the window of a cool air conditioned house. She blinked as her mind reeled trying to comprehend what had just happened.  She saw a tall girl stop mowing and look at her. Beth's tiny mouth dropped open in shock. "She switched us! But it's totally different this time! I didn't have to change into her, I just am her!" Beth realized. Using her stubby little legs, she scoot off the couch and ran to the door. "What did you do?!" Beth yelled as she opened the door and went outside. "I switched us with no mess! Isn't that awesome! Now we can really swap whenever!" Taylor said. "No, no, no...this is bad; really bad!" Beth said. "What are you doing going outside without asking me first young lady?" They both heard and Beth swung around. "Sorry Mommy!" "It's my fault Ms. Gaines! You must not have heard me knock but Taylor watched me walk over so I knew she saw me. I had to tell her something" Taylor said. "Well that's okay, I just heard the door open and got worried" Natalie said. "I'm going to go finish cutting the grass" Taylor said turning on her heel. She wore a pair of old grass stained Converse sneakers and she redid her ponytail as she crossed back. Beth followed Natalie, Mommy, back inside. It was several hours later as she got into bed when suddenly, Beth was back in her own body and house. Simply sitting on top of her own bed in a pair of gray cotton shorts and a blue t-shirt. She smelled clean and her hair was damp. A little note was folded up in her hand. 'This is so sweet! I absolutely love being able to share my life with you! Swap Ya Soon! Love Taylorbeth' It was written in her own handwriting. All Beth could do was shake her head. It was finally Saturday. Taylor had behaved herself the last few days but the smile on her face told Beth she was in for a long night. She had a backpack on and Beth was guessing that it wasn't filled with toys. "Hi Beth" Natalie said walking her daughter over "I hope you're ready haha...Taylor insisted on packing a bunch of clothes because you two are going to play dress up tonight" Beth looked down at the smiling girl. "Oh I was expecting that. We played that last time. It's kind of like the ultimate Flip the Switch challenge on Tik Tok" Beth said. "As long as you two are having fun" Natalie said as Taylor shot inside the house yelling "Bye Mommy! Have fun!" "Okay, well I guess she's all yours" Natalie laughed. "Did she pack pj's?" Beth asked. "Yes she did…" Natalie confirmed.  "I'll carry her over when you're ready. Just text me" Beth said knowing it would be her being carried by Taylor in all likelihood. "Thanks" Natalie said as Beth smiled and closed the door. She could hear tiny footsteps above her; Taylor was already in her room. Beth went upstairs knowing what was coming "I can’t stop it...might as well just lean into it and hope she loses interest eventually" she thought "at least it can't be permanent" "What are you doing squirt?" Beth asked coming closer. She heard Taylor giggling "I'm not the squirt. I'm gonna get to call you squirt and munchkin" she said as Beth came in. Taylor stood there holding Beth's aqua blue prom dress up around her. The spaghetti straps hung uselessly dangling at her elbows. Peeking out of the bottom, she could see her silver open toed strappy heels. "Oh come had to pick that?! Not something practical or…" Taylor shook her head violently back and forth, smiling and giggling all the while. "Nope! This is my fanciest dress and shoes and I wanna grow into them" "You mean MY fanciest dress?" Beth asked. Her heart was pounding and her stomach was fluttering knowing what was coming. Taylor's expression changed. Her eyes narrowed and a sly smirk came over her thin lips "I wanna switch bodies with you!" She pointed at Beth and said loudly and firmly. Immediately, Beth felt her body drop as she instantly began to shrink. Taylor laughed. Her laugh already sounded deeper as she stretched and flexed her shoulders as she felt her body grow and expand. Her small feet began to slide forward and backward, filling out her silver heels. Her toes pressed down for grip as they grew out to her now much larger size. Taylor's legs sprouted, growing long, making her taller than Beth again as they rounded out and filled out curves. Her arms lengthened, her chest expanded and her breasts grew steadily larger. The awesome sensations rushed through her maturing body and she smirked watching Beth shrink down before her. Beth's body slimmed and regressed quickly; the process seemed faster to both of them this time. Her hair thinned and pulled inward, rushing up and flying around her face as she shrunk down almost 2 feet in height.  Her clothes rippled and ruffled as she dwindled down inside of them.  Taylor quickly surpassed her in height and in age. She watched in awe as Taylor's body and face changed and matured into her former body. She saw the satisfied smirk and was fully aware of how far up she had to acknowledge it. It took less than a minute before they were completely swapped. The 4 year old swimming in the large dress now filled it out perfectly as a 17 year old.  And vice versa, the 17 year old had been reduced to a tiny toddler swimming in large clothes. "Ha!" Taylor pointed down and did a victory dance in her tight heels as she swisher the prom dress around her. "God this feels so good! I wish we could stay like this. I would absolutely switch places with you and leave you in that tiny little body forever if I got the chance" Beth's jaw dropped in shock. "You can't do that" she squeaked in terror. "No, unfortunately I can't. Yet...I'm still hoping though that one day, 24 hours pass by and somehow we don't swap back" Taylor leaned down into Beth's small, scared face "And there will be nothing that either of us could do about it then. It would just be fate" she shrugged and stood back up to her full height. "But enough about that for now. We're still going to have fun tonight as I babysit you. Now pick out some clothes that fit you" Beth was trembling as she opened the backpack.  Pulling out kid sized everything and getting dressed in them had taken on a new level of fear. "I'll be good and you can switch us anytime you want to but please don't make it forever….I still want to be me" she pleaded. "Oh don't cry about it. It's probably never going to happen anyway. I was just hoping that it would. I can be content with switching us around whenever I want. Maybe you'll get the hang of being little again. Maybe you'll like being like it more than being big. Maybe if that happens, then we can switch permanently. Maybe, just maybe, it'll be you who asks me to swap us forever" Beth folded her arms over her chest "Yeah right" Taylor smiled and posed in front of her mirror checking herself out. She brushed out her hair and started to put on makeup.  Beth watched but felt her attention waning. She was getting bored and antsy. "Why are you just putting on dumb makeup for so long?! Don't you want to do something fun?" She blurted out. Taylor looked over "So, putting on makeup and doing hair isn't fun to you? Okay...I guess we can play with your Barbie dolls" Beth furrowed her brow "I don't have any dumb dolls" "Oh really...then what are those?" She pointed behind Beth to the two Barbie's lying on the floor by the door. "I didn't pack those so what are you trying to tell me?" "What? Those aren't mine! I swear I wouldn't, why would I have dolls in my room!?" Beth blushed bright red and felt dizzy and faint. "That doesn't make any sense!" "It is strange" Taylor added as she bent down and picked one up "I never owned one like this" "It's Doctor Barbie" Beth said. "And you know that how…?" Taylor asked raising her sculpted eyebrow. "Looks like you're quite the expert. Knowing your Barbie dolls, thinking makeup is dumb...I don't know" Beth sat on the big bed in shock asTaykor tried on more and more of her clothes. Eventually they went down stairs and Taylor made them dinner. They watched kids shows on Netflix as Beth was enthralled by them and Taylor played on her phone.  Taylor made Beth get into her pj's and she curled up next to her on the couch. The next thing Beth knew, it was morning and she was waking up early in a huge bed to her Mommy opening the door. It took her a full minute before she realized that this wasn't right and she was embarrassed. She got over it and went about her day.  Beth was playing when she shivered all over. She looked around frantically not knowing what time it was but knowing what that feeling meant. Her Mommy was in the living room and she heard footsteps on the stairs. She nearly threw up until she heard Taylor's voice on the other side "you left some shoes at my house...I just brought them over" Beth swung the door open and saw that Taylor was already shrinking as she stood in the hallway. "This is too close and too dangerous! Mommy is going to find out!" Beth said grabbing Taylor by the shrinking wrist with her growing fingers. Taylor just laughed. A laugh that turned childish as she shrank down and regressed back younger. "See that's why you should just let me switch us permanently" she said as they switched heights. And bodies. And faces. "No...the rules say we can't and I don’t want to!" Beth said. "You need to plan this out better" she added returning to her age, size and body once more. "Well I did want to try something out" Taylor said looking up with a devilish smile. "What? What are you…?" "Well, I usually wait a day before I swap again but what if I said again right away 'I wish I could switch bodies with you'" "Oh God!" Beth yelled out as she immediately began to shrink again.  She had taken off her little girl clothes I anticipation of changing back but now, her teenage body that she had just gotten back moments earlier, began to leave her again. Taylor was overjoyed and ecstatic.  She had shrank down into her clothes and now, she was growing right back into them. "It worked! Haha! As soon as we turn back, I can turn us right back again! This is so awesome!" She said in a voice that quickly deepened from toddler to teen. "No!!!!" Beth cried out as she regressed and shrank right back down her 4 year old self again. She stomped her tiny foot as tears of frustration welled up in them and began to fall. Taylor shook all over and she adjusted her clothes. "Oh don't cry know you’re getting used to us this way and you won’t admit it but you actually do like us better this way. Remember, I'm in this head as much as you are" she crouched down to the little kid before her and hugged the tiny body tightly. "But you're always being big now! I wanna turn too!" Beth protested. "And you'll get it. But there's this party tonight and we'll, I really want to go" Taylor admitted. "I'll check in on you really soon okay! Thank you so much Beth this means so much to me!" And with that, Taylor left. Beth went to her bedroom window and watched her delicately prance across the street taking her super long bouncy strides. Beth was mad but while she was stuck in this little body, she was helpless. She lost her ability to read and to think beyond basic steps. She truly became a 4 year old and gave up all of her skills and thoughts along with her body. Taylor knew this as much as Beth did. After a half hour of being mad, Beth accepted another day as she was and went back to playing carefree. "So what if I hafta wear a pull up sometimes at night" she thought. She started giggling and laughing then, "What would my basketball teammates think about me now? I'm not quite the right size to start anymore" Beth closed her eyes and imagined herself on the court as she currently was. At first, she pictured herself wearing her real uniform: size 11 blue and white high tops, her white basketball shorts covered them though and dragged on the ground, and her jersey; number 33,  and almost touching the floor too. The basketball in her tiny hands felt so heavy and was as wide as her body and took up all of her chest. Giants swarmed all around her. She was still laughing about it when she opened her eyes. "Senior year of high school or last year of preschool? Only me...and, well me and Taylorbeth have this choice" For the next 5 days, it became the pattern. At just past 4 in the afternoon, Beth would shiver and run to either her bedroom or the bathroom. She would strip off her clothes and grow back into herself only to find herself shrinking right back down seconds later. Taylor would watch her phone as the time approached. She would excuse herself and wait to shrink down. As soon as she felt the final shudder, she would simply say "I wish I could switch bodies with you" and she would grow larger and older again. "My mind doesn't even kick over anymore. No lagging back to childhood in those few’s a minor inconvenience but worth it" she told herself.  Taylor had been scouring the internet for information on the Switching Crystal but there was precious little out there. "I'm the Master. There has to be a way to make it permanent" Another 2 weeks passed in this way before Taylor was asked to babysit for a Saturday afternoon. Beth had been a little kid now for 3 weeks straight. Besides the few minutes every day where she grew and shrank, she barely even remembered what it was like to be 17. It was like a weird dream. "Hey munchkin!" Taylor yelled out as her greeting seeing Beth sitting cross legged on the floor playing away with her dolls. Beth spun around and popped up off the floor. She ran and squeezed her former body around the waist as she looked straight up into the big brown eyes of the gigantic 5'10" teen towering over her. "I missed you too little squirt" Taylor said ruffling the little girl's blonde hair. "You behave yourself now okay" Natalie addressed Beth as she headed out. "Okay Mommy" Beth replied. They watched her leave and as the car pulled away, they turned the other. "Are you ever gonna let me be me ever again?" Beth asked. "Well I glad you asked. I've been doing a lot of research on this and I think I figured out a way for both of us get something out of this. I'll be honest with you kiddo. I don't want to go back to being a little kid" Taylor said "But you're supposed to be a little kid!" Beth said. "Haha...sure I am" Taylor said. She went downstairs to the basement and, using her height, found the spot she had hid the crystal. The boxes had been cleaned out and most of them had been donated to charity. But the Switching Crystal had been slipped behind some insulation in the very back corner in a spot not even Natalie could reach. Upon touching it, half of it glowed red. Beth had followed along behind struggling to keep up. "Go ahead and touch the other side" Taylor said with an urging nod. Beth hesitated but touched her tiny fingers to it. The crystal glowed yellow and Beth stared at it. "How would you like to become the master of it?" "What? But then I would be your Master" Beth said. "Actually no you wouldn't.  See if I give up the Crystal, I lock us into these bodies how we are" she could see the panic on Beth's face. "You have to pick a new subject. The current Master and Subject can never flip if I relinquish my power. But, as the new Master you get to pick someone to touch the other side and become your subject. How would you like to become Hannah Young? She's looking for a babysitting job…I could be busy one night and recommend her to your Mom" Taylor teased the idea of swapping with the most gorgeous girl in the school. "Or pick someone else. Your Mom even… Natalie there is only 27. Flip the script on her" Beth staggered backwards thinking of the possibilities and as she was distracted, Taylor grabbed the crystal around her.  " I relinquish my role as Master and lock us into our current bodies and lives!" A Shockwave hit them and threw them back into the sofa.  Slowly coming around, Taylor flipped her long brown hair off of her face and looked down at her, truly now her, teenage body. She laughed and looked at tiny little Beth next to her. The crystal was pale white on the ground before them "Make your choice" was all she said as Beth looked at the Crystal with a devilish smile....

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