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Lonely 20The couple both spoke in unison. “What?” “Well basically a semi crashed and turned over so it’s blocking the road. The other issue is that it was carrying a bunch of cooking oil, and that obviously creates some hazardous conditions.” “Ok so do you have a plan?” “Yeah! I don’t wanna be stuck on the woad all night!” “It’s fine, we won’t be. However there’s only two ways out. Obviously forward, but that’s gonna be blocked until they get that all cleaned up. The people in the cars up front thought that might take four hours. The other way is as soon as they block off the road behind us, it’ll allow the cars behind us to peel out backwards and we can turn back that way. Hopefully that’ll be quicker.” “Ok so we’re just gonna be waiting it out then?” “Yeah pretty much.” “Aw. What awe we gonna do?” “I don’t know bud. What do you think we should do?” “I dunno! I jus don’t wanna sit hewe.” “Why don’t you and Leo go to the shops that are right around here and you can look around at some stuff while we wait?” “Why awen’t you coming?” “Cause someone needs to stay in the car, and you’ve spent a bunch of alone time with me lately. Why don’t you spend some with Leo.” “Yeah dude come on! I’m sure we can find something cool.” “Yeah ok.” Jack scooted out of the car after Leo opened the door for him. Leo was planning to take him around to the fun shops that’d he’d done a little research on before. Karlee was supposed to call him if traffic started moving at all. With that, the pair left on their block long walk to get to the start of the shops. “Do ya know whewe we’we going?” “Kinda. I have some idea of a shop I want to hit. It’s not too far. And it should be the first store as we round this corner here.” The pair rounded the corner and... “Tuwbo Tax? That’s not fun.” “Ok so I guess it isn’t the first building. Oh wait! We should’ve been on the other side. There it is.” “Sweet Dweams? What’s that?” As Leo pushed the door open for Jack, the preschooler’s face lit up with joy. “It’s candy!” Jack covered his mouth. He didn’t mean to scream. “Can we get some?” “Of course. I didn’t take you here just to look.” Jack hopped around, giddy with glee. He began perusing the bins of different candies and sweets when he spotted gummy sharks. “Look Leo! Gummy Shawks!” “I see. You want some of those?” “Yeah!” “You don’t really like gummy stuff though. You’re more of a chocolate guy.” “Yeah but it’s a shawk.” “That does make it cooler, and it would go well with Bolt.” Concern crept over Jack’s face. Would the sharks hurt his dolphin friend? “No. They can’t be togethew.” “Why not?” “Cause what if tha shawk is mean ta Bolt an twies to huwt him!” “Jack you know they can’t hurt Bolt. And he’s a stuffed animal so he can’t be hurt either. You know that right?” “Uh.. yeah.” “Jack?” Leo starred at Jack with the upmost concern and seriousness in his voice. “I do!” “Ok. Well I don’t think we should get sharks, but we can look at what else they have.” Jack and Leo perused the store, finding all sorts of novelty snacks and drinks. Jack was most excited about the 100 grand bars, and a key lime pie soda. The pair also got giant pixie sticks, a s’mores soda, and a couple pieces of fun taffy flavors. Giddy with excitement, Jack bolted to the exit where he waited for Leo to meet him on the outside on the bench. “Alright Dude. Which one do you want first?” “Let’s do the sodas! I’m thiwsty!” Leo cracked the s’mores soda open with his knife and handed the bottle to his tiny companion. Jack popped it down the hatch before giving a confused look. “What’s wrong bud?” “Well... it’s not bad. But that’s not s’mowe.” Jack handed the brown bottle to Leo and he took a swig. He immediately had the same reaction Jack did. “You’re right. Very chocolatey, but also kinda like cardboard.” “Yeah! That’s exactly what it is!” “You wanna try the other one?” “Suwe!” The key lime pie soda was definitely the one he was looking forward to more. Though at this point he doubted it would taste the same. Leo cracked the green tinted bottle and the boy took a swallow. “That’s nowmal!” “Really?” Leo took it from his tiny bro, and sure enough, key lime pie. Not exactly, but close enough you knew what the flavor was. “Wow. You’re right. That one’s not half bad.” “Told you!” Jack reached into the bag with a massive smile on his face and pulled out a hundred grand bar. He unwrapped it and started to nibble on it, savoring every bite. “Hey Jack.” “Yeah?” Jack innocently stared at Leo, chocolate dotting his lips. “So I know you’ve thought a lot about what’ll happen if you grow back up, and what’ll happen if you stay a kid, but I wanna know if you’ve thought about what you’d wanna do if you stayed in this body, but still kept your adult mind. Kinda like now.” Jack paused his candy consumption and looked at the ground in full concentration mode. His face shifted to sadness in quick succession. “Talk to me dude. I wanna help. I can’t help you if I don’t know what you’re thinking.” “I dunno how bad that’d be.” “What do you mean?” “Well, being a kid isn’t bad. It would be a lot of fun if I knew I was gonna gwow back up whenevew I wanted. But I don’t an that’s what makes it scawy.” “So you think it’s the not knowing that makes it scary?” “Yeah. Cause if I knew I was gonna be little an I couldn’t do anything ta stop it, it might be bettew. But... but...” Jack’s eyes started to well up with tears as his lip popped out while quivering. Leo wrapped up his tiny friend in a tight hug that saw Jack snuggle in close. After a minute or so of that, Leo let him go and looked down on the poor boy. “But what bud?” “But I wanna kiss hew!” “You can still kiss her.” “But it’s diffewent!” “Why’s that?” “Cause it’s like she’s my mommy! She’s not! That’s gonna be my futuwe wife! We can’t cuddle and me be big, ow go on a date ow hold hands ow anything!” Jack was screaming by this point. His frustration had boiled over and now Leo was seeing the full effects. His tiny chest heaved up and down as he breathed heavily through tears. His fists were clenched, and he was just so incredibly irate at his plight. “Jack. I know it’s bad. But we’ll have you fixed up in two days, so I’m sure you can wait till then.” “No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I wanna be big now! We should jus dwive all night!” Jack gritted his teeth and pulled his fists even tighter together. His body was so tense he was shaking. In the moment, he’d finally had a breakdown about the situation he’d done so good about. “Jack, that’s a lot to ask. I know how much you hate this. But we do need some sleep. Especially tonight. And it’s already pretty late as it stands. I bet we’ll get there tomorrow and it’ll all be fine. Ok?” “No! I wanna be big wight now! I hate it! I hate it!” Tears billowed down his cheeks as his whole body tensed. He huffed and puffed. He became ridged and clearly just wanted to hit something. He wanted someone to blame. Someone that would never come. Leo had no idea how to help him at this point. Figuring his best option would be Karlee, he grabbed all the candy, hoisted the furious boy, and made his way back to the car. The couple blocks it took to get back into the road where the car was couldn’t come fast enough. He still tried to get Jack to calm down, but it definitely didn’t help things. Leo couldn’t get him to calm down even a smidge. He even offered for Jack to punch him in the arm as hard as he wanted, hoping that it would help calm the situation, but it did nothing. In fact, Jack was still decently strong, and Leo wouldn’t admit it, but he’d rather not get hit again. Plus, Jack was still seething in his arms. Karlee, being ever vigilant, saw the pair approaching the car. That’s when she caught onto Jack’s behavior. She slipped out of the car and caught them just before they reached her. “Jack what’s wrong?” Karlee took the enraged tot in her arms and gave him a big hug. The sincerity and gentleness in her voice flipped a switch in the regressed boy. Jack’s rigid body collapsed as he burst into tears in her arms. It was the worst she’d ever seen Jack at anytime, including when he was big; and they’d gone through some terrible tragedies back then. Now, he seemed so sad. So incredibly sad. And for the first time throughout their entire relationship, she saw fear in him. He did his best to be brave, even when he wasn’t feeling it. Sure he’d been sad in front of her, mad, even depressed, but never scared. He saw it as weakness, and he needed to protect her from whatever may come, so he always strove to exude strength. Even now, as he was a child younger than four, he still would hide his fear in the rare cases he was fearful. Now she saw the buildup of braveness and the weight of the situation finally burst the dam. He was so clearly scared, and likely didn’t know what to do with himself. It came out in frustration with Leo, something he was surely feeling, but now, he was with his favorite person, a title Karlee didn’t take lightly. He very clearly felt safe with her, and she had to do her best to rectify it like he’d done with her so many times. Karlee held her tiny boyfriend tightly to her in her arms. The poor boy was still sobbing and she wanted desperately to make it stop. To see him in this condition, much less as a preschooler hurt her to the core. “Pickle? I know this is incredibly tough. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through right now. But, I can step into your shoes. You always wanted to solve my problems, whether I wanted to or not, now I have that chance for you. So, here’s what’s gonna happen. Tonight, we’re gonna stay at my cousin’s house. Tomorrow morning, we’ll wake up and drive closer to Tampa, and we might get there, we might not. But, either way, we’d still have to wait till the next day to go in. So, it’s ok either way. Then, we’re gonna go into the shop, and you’re gonna get to be good as new again ok?” Jack’s crying died down a bit, granted that was the only direction it could go at that point. He nodded and nuzzled into Karlee even more. “I’m so proud of you. You’ve been so brave through all of this. I know you’ve been really scared, but you’ve been so strong the whole time, and this is no exception. I’m so lucky that I’m dating you and even luckier that I’m gonna get to marry you, if you’d hurry up that is.” Jack shrunk up a bit before nodding. “All that’s to say I’d do this a million more times, so I don’t want you to ever doubt that you have my support. Now, super important question.” Jack leaned back and stared at the love of his life as she wiped away the tears. Still very much sniffling with the occasional tear. “Do you want an Oreo?” “Y... eah.” “That’s what I thought. Come on to the back here and... oh! Here they are. What happened to them? There’s a lot missing! Did you eat them?” “Hehe. Maybe.” “Yeah I know it was you. I know how much you love them.” Karlee gave Jack one for each hand, before sitting on the back bumper with him in her lap. Leo kept his distance, as he didn’t want to remind him of his earlier meltdown. Jack meanwhile, munched on one of his Oreos. He leaned back into Karlee as she held him close. He loved the feeling. She was so warm, and he was getting to eat his favorite treat while snuggling with the love of his life. What more could he ask for? The trio was pretty quiet all things considered, and the traffic behind them had started to clear up a bit. It would still be a little while before they got out, but it was finally within sight. Leo had noticed Jack’s bites on the Oreo in his hand had become spaced out farther and farther. His head rested nicely on Karlee’s chest, and before anyone knew it, he was out. “How you feeling now bud?” Not a peep out of the tot. Karlee was a bit upset thinking he was ignoring her, but Leo chimed in. “I think he’s sleeping.” “Really?” Karlee glanced down to see her tiny boyfriend in his adorable overalls was indeed sleeping soundly, still with an Oreo in each hand. “Poor guy. He tired himself out with his crying earlier. He must’ve been really upset if he did this to himself.” “Oh he was. I’ve never seen him that upset before. And almost with no prompting either. I mentioned being little and he just kinda devolved from there.” “I mean, with as good as he’s had it, he’s also had it so bad. I can’t imagine what he’s going through. I think he thinks that he’s losing his identity.” “In a way he has. He’s so small and he can’t do all he wants, I mean, he’s passed out right now, and I doubt big Jack would do this.” “Not a chance. He’d want to be off exploring the town, seeing the cool sights while we’re stuck. He has always been a big cuddle bug, though, don’t tell him I said that.” “If that hasn’t been obvious over the past few days I don’t know what has. You wanna start getting ready to hit the road again. Traffic seems to be just about cleared up.” “Yeah, but I’m worried that if I move him he’ll wake up.” “Don’t we want him to be awake? It’s only seven. At this rate, he’ll be up at five am and I’m not doing that.” “True, but I know he’s super worried about going over there, and if he was sleeping, he wouldn’t be an issue.” “He can just fake being asleep, we can take him to our room, chill with him or something for the next couple hours, and then we don’t have to wake up early.” “Why don’t I move him to his car seat and however he reacts is the way it goes?” Leo nodded as Karlee motioned for him to take the half eaten Oreo, plus the full one from his hands. She cautiously turned him so that he was facing her. Not even a noise out of him. Karlee whisked the tot away to his car seat, setting him down gingerly in his seat. Nothing. She clicked his chest harness, and then his waist snaps, before she saw his little eyes peek open and his soft, groggy voice call out. “Hey Kawlee.” “Hey pickle. I love you.” “I love you too.” Jack gave a faint smile before laying his head down on the right of his car seat and resuming his slumber. Karlee stood outside for a minute, making sure he was really asleep, and it seemed he was. She moved into the driver’s seat again as Leo got out his phone to navigate them the last fifteen minutes of their journey. “Ok so seems like he’s asleep. Just know, if he gets up before seven, you gotta watch him. I’m not on baby boyfriend duty that early.” “Well he’s not your boyfriend, and I wouldn’t expect you to.” “Do you know if our room is all set up?” “She said it should be, but it wouldn’t be hard to.” “You wanna set it up with this guy?” “Definitely not, but he’ll be asleep so it won’t be a problem.”
Hero Academy Chapter 2(Age Regression Story)This is it. My first step to the next chapter of my life. Hero Academy!I walked through the campus, taking in the view of the incredible school. The tall stone buildings, the brick sidewalks, and the statues dedicated to the greatest heroes to have ever walked this school. To say I was estatic was an understatement.As I briskfully walked ahead, my mother trailed behind, here to help me get settled into my new dorm. A whimper started to sound coming from the baby carrier in her right hand. It eventually evolved into a full-blown wail.Mom called out to me. “Honey, slow down, we need to stop, I think your father messed himself.”I slowed to a halt and looked back at her with a sigh.“Coming mom!”I walk over and sit down and watch as mom starts to change dad's diaper on a nearby bench.Let me explain. After my last stunt of sneaking out to the Isva ball, my parents actually found out what I did to them. After finding a couple of dirty diapers in the trash that night and not being able to remember a good part of the previous night, my parents were able to deduce what I had done to them and ground me hard core. They were so mad, in fact, that my father had forbidden me from attending Hero Academy. My mother, however, thought this was too harsh and tried to talk him out of it but to no avail. With no other choice, my mom helped me prepare for the academy in secret and told me that the easiest thing to do would be to turn dad into a baby, just for the weekend, in order to help me move in.As I waited for mom to finish changing his diaper, I looked around and spotted a few other students that looked to be my age, sporting what looked like a map of the campus in their hand.“I'll be right back, mom!” I said as I went to go meet my new peers. "Um, hi.” I said as I approached them. “My name is Laura, I'm new around here, by chance are you guys exploring the campus as well?"The two girls smiled at me warmly. “We sure are, though admittedly we're a bit lost.” She laughed. "I'm Kate, by the way.” Kate had a confident demeanor. Tall with shoulder-length blonde hair, she looked fit and athletic.The girl behind her spoke up as well. “And I'm Claire.”Claire was a bit smaller and I could really tell what kind of person she was. Her smile seemed almost playful and the look I'm her eyes mischievous.“I don't think we saw you at orientation.” Remarked Kate.“Uh, yeah, my mother and I arrived a day late. My moms taking care of a….baby, and it was kind of hard to make the trip up here while taking care of him.” I replied."Well, let us be the first to welcome you.” Claire said. “We were just in the process of finding our dorm. We are in Adler dorm, how about you?"My face lit up. "Me too! My mom and I actually just dropped a few of my things in my room. I can show you the way!"As we chatted, my mom caught up with me. "There you are, did you already make some friends?" Mom asked."Mom, this is Kate and Claire, they are freshman like me and we are in the same dorm." I say."Nice to meet you!" Kate said with a smile."Oh my god, he's precious!" Claire said going over to see dad."Is this your little brother?" She asks.My mom smiled. "Actually, this little bundle of joy is her father."Both girls looked at mom with a blank expression. "Um, excuse me?" Kate piped up."Mom!" I cried out in embarrassment."My daughter has quite the ability, as you can see." Mom said with a smirk."No way! You turned your dad into a baby?!" Kate said, in shock. "An ability like that is definitely on the level of a high tier."Claire could not hide the delight on her face, and the mischievous look in her eyes seemed to intensify."Ca...can I hold him?" Claire asked. Mom handed him over and Claire cradled him, sending him into a fit of giggles with a bunch of silly faces. Claire, being a little sadistic, was in love with the situation. The thought that the baby in her arms was in reality a grown ass man was euphoric for someone like her."Um...yeah, I actually am a high tier." I admitted. "Looks like we are going to be classmates!" Kate exclaimed with a smile. "I'm a high tier too. Glad you'll be there with me, a bunch of high tiers tried to recruit me to their club, but they all seemed like a total pricks. Glad I'll atleast have you there with me." My face lit up upon the news. "That's great! So what kind of power do you have?" I asked. "My power lets me vibrate my body at incredibly high speeds. So by vibrating my hand to my arm, I can cut through even things like metal." She explained. "That's amazing!" I exclaimed."Yeah, let me tell you, being a girl in puberty and learning I had the ability to make my fingers vibrate sure was a game changer." Kate said with a smirk."Kate, gross!" Claire mocked disgust, but couldn't hide the grin on her face."What about you Claire?" I asked."Sorry Laura! I'm a low tier, so you won't be seeing me in any of your classes. Boo!" Claire replied with a theatrical pout."Oh really? What's your power?" I asked."Hmmm.... why don't I show you!" She responded. The flush on her cheeks grew hot, and her grin was almost creepy. "Ta-da! All done!" She exclaimed. Her excitement was palpable. Like she was getting off on using her power.I blinked. "Uh, what? Did I miss something? Nothing happened."He.He.He" Claire taunted in a somewhat mocking tone. "Why don't you take a closer look?" Claire held up my father and opened the front of his diaper. Mom and I took a peek inside and gasped. There, inside the front of the diaper, dad was now sporting a cute pair of feminine lips in lieu of a penis."My god! He's a girl!" My mother cried out. I could only stare in disbelief. Kate, on the other hand, palmed her face, clearly embarrassed by Claire's actions."My power lets me change people's gender! Not very useful in heroic type situations, but I'll probably make a fortune from it in the future, don't you think? Not to mention the fun I get to have with it!" Claire said proudly."Is it permanent?" I ask. "If I wanted it to be, but I'm feeling generous, so I'll give ol' daddy dearest his pride and joy back." Claire giggled."Wait a second..." said Mom. "Could we keep him a girl just a little while longer? A baby girl is a bit easier to take care of than a baby boy. I wouldn't have to dodge his little squirt gun every diaper change." She teased."Of course!" Claire replied."You know. I actually awakened my powers as a newborn. The very day after they took me home from the hospital, I involuntarily used them and changed the gender of both my parents. Of course, me being a newborn, I had no way of changing them back unless I were to randomly use it again. So I grew up thinking my mom was my dad and my dad was my mom. They didn't even tell me till I was 10 years old! But by I had enough control over my powers to turn them back, they had already adjusted to their new lives and didn't want to be turned back. Maybe you'll prefer him like this." Said Claire. Mom smiled. "Thanks, but this is only for the weekend. As soon as it's time to go, I'll have you and Laura undo your powers. I want my husband back." She explained."Anyway, Mom, I'm going to go take them back to the dorm. Can I meet back up with you later?" I asked."Sure, you girls have fun. Call me, okay?" "Sure mom, thanks!" I replied.And so my new friends and I spent the day touring the camping. We even found out our rooms were on the same floor at the dorm! We continued to walk around and chat until we're approached by two other people that appeared to be students as well. A male and a female, a couple? It sure looked that way by how much she clang to his arm. However, Kate seemed annoyed."Well, if it isn't Kate. Still hanging around that low tier trash, are you?" The male said. "We told you Kate, at this school a high tier like you can't be seen with someone like that. It will tarnish our image." "And I thought I told you guys can take your shitty hierarchy and shove it up your asses." Kate responded. "I told you guys at orientation that I wasn't joining your dumb club, so fuck off.""My my, you have quite the mouth." The female spoke up. "Maybe you need to learn some manners. Right Luke?" She asked the male."I couldn't agree more, Ashley." He said with a smile.Suddenly, he grabbed Claire. He twisted her arm and she shouted out in pain, and he bent it behind her back.Kate was fast to react, her arm shimmered from the ridiculous speed of its vibrations, creating a fan like sound and causing air to flow around it. She pierced it into his shoulder and ripped a whole clean through his shirt....but despite what seemed would be a finishing blow, there wasn't even a scratch on him. He smirked back at her. "Sorry girly, you're going to have to hit a lot harder than that if you wanna pierce through my power. Titanium strength skin. You have no chance against me with a power like yours." He mocked."You fucking bastard!" Kate screamed back at him. The look in her eyes was terrifying, but Luke seemed unfazed. "Don't let your guard down." He said.Without warning, Kate was pierced in her side by three long blades. I looked up and realized that they weren't blades, but finger nails. The girl, Ashley, seemed to have the power to grow her fingers nails to a great length, with a surprising speed of growth as well.Kate yelled out in pain and grabbed her side, which was now wet of blood. She went to cut the finger nails off but stopped and collapsed to her knees."Ah ah ah, careful, sweetie." Ashley mocked. My nails aren't just sharp...they're poisonous. Not a deadly poison, but just enough to numb your body. Perhaps if you kept yourself with better company, you would have stood a chance against us." She laughed."Let them go!" I yelled out, recovering from my initial shock."Sorry, we completely looked past you." Luke chuckled. "More low tier trash hanging around, Kate? Listen kid, just get lost and we won't hurt you, okay?""Let them go, I'm warning you!" I shouted. My body trembled, but I stood my ground. I wasn't going to run away. "You got guts, fine let's see what you got, girly." He taunted. I ran up and grabbed his arm that was holding Claire. "Let go!" I yelled. Ashley laughed. "Smack her, Luke!"And it looked like he was about to. However, he was a bit too late for that. In an instant, the large, muscular man was gone. His clothes lay in a pile where he once stood, with something small squirming inside. Claire reached into the clothes and pulled out what was inside."Oh. My. God. He's soooooo cute!" Claire squealed. She held the baby boy that was Luke into the air for all to see, naked as the day he was born. The baby boy kicked his little legs as he babbled happily. Claire gave his bare bottom a few playful spanks. Awww you're skins not titanium anymore, is it cutie? I'de say its as soft as a baby's bottom!" She laughed. Ashley looked on in shock, becoming aware of the fate of her boyfriend. Her shock turned into anger as she turned to glare at me."You're a high tier! You bitch, turn him back right now!" She threatened."I will...I'll turn him back if you both just get out of here." I reply."How about I fuck you up instead?" She said in spite."Ahhh, you think you can take on three of us?" Claire asked. "You don't seem that strong to me....hmmm...I think you would end up a baby, just like this cute little munchkin!" Claire then proceeded to assault baby Luke in a barrage of smooches, eliciting a fit of giggles from him."S-stop that!" Ashley shouted."What's wrong? Don't like your boyfriend getting attention from another girl? I can't wait to take care of him, if you become a baby too, I'll be a good mommy, so don't worry!" Claire said smugly. Her smirk was sadistic."Fine! We'll leave...just please...change him back." Ashley replied, gritting her teeth.Claire put her index finder to her chin and looked up while maintaining her smile, an overly dramatic way to mock thinking about it. "Hmmmm, not yet." She replied finally."What!?" Ashley cried."One week. You take care of baby Luke for one week and then come find us and Laura here will turn him back, okie-dokie?" Ashley was near speechless. "I-I cant take care of a baby! I would...I would have to change his diapers!""Yup yup! I'm sure you will do great! wanna try your luck against us?" Claire asked curiously.Ashley reluctantly submitted. Her nails pulled out of Kate's side and retracted back to normal length. Claire held out baby Luke to her, who, although an infant, did seem to at least recognize her as someone he loved. Hit little legs kicked excitedly and held out his arms to be held. Cooing at her in delight. Ashley took him in her arms and cradled him. Her eyes fell to the sad remains of his manhood. The tiny thing barely poked out of his baby fat, no bigger than even the very tip of her pinky. Ashley took a tissue from her purse and covered it. Luke, however, didn't care at all about his modesty, instead his attention turned towards Ashley's breast. Instinctively recognizing them as a food source, his mouth went right to them, sucking on them from over her shirt."This isn't over!" Ashley said before running off."Kate! Are you okay?" Claire asked, helping her friend to her feet. "Yeah...I'm okay....thanks to her." Kate replied.Kate looked at me with a warm smile. "Thank you, Laura. You really saved our asses back there, we owe you one."I shook my head. "You owe me nothing. We're friends now, aren't we? That's what friends do."Claire nodded enthusiastically and Kate thought about it and flashed me a bright smile. "You're right. That's what friends do." She parroted.We went and bought some bandages for Kate. She was still a bit numb but got her movement back in her body. We sat in the park eating some sandwiches you bought from the campus convenient store. It amazed me. These girls were complete strangers just five hours earlier, but now I felt I could trust them with my life. I'm the short time we've spent together, I really got to know them. Claire had a sadistic and somewhat perverse personality, but she also cared deeply about her friends. Kate was strong and level-headed on the outside but emotional and vulnerable on the inside. Her strength seemed equal to her kindness. We talked for hours, the three of us, and felt this to be a perfect evening, but of course, just like my lovely evening at the Isva ball, so to did it have to fall apart here.A group of students circled us. "There they are, that's them. A familiar voice said. We looked over and saw it was coming from Ashley with the now diapered Luke in her arms, munching on her hair innocently."Have you no shame, you witch! We let you off the hook, and you jump us?" Kate spat with venom in her voice. Ashley went to speak but was quickly silenced by the raised hand of another student, someone I recognized. It was Rolo."Laura. It figures we would meet here like this. Even on your first day you caused all sorts of trouble, I see you haven't changed." His voice was cold. His calm demeanor almost made him seem bored."Rolo! It wasn't me who started trouble, she attacked us!" I said, pointing to Ashley. "She's lying! It was a little spat, but she took it too far!" Ashley responded."Silence!" Rolo called out. I honestly don't care what happened, but the fact of the matter is that you humiliated one of my high tiers, and I can't let that slide. At this academy we have appearances to keep up, something I hope you will learn to understand. So I come here, not to jump you, but to challenge you. If I win, you must turn Luke back, if you win, I can promise you will never be bothered from anyone in my group again. On that you have my word. Also... Ashley here told me you threatened to make her your baby as well, is that right, low tier?" Rolo asked turning his gaze to Claire.My eyes went to Claire, and I was surprised by what I saw. The happy-go-lucky Claire who always wore a smile on her face was visibly shaking. And there was something about her eyes...there was something in them that was different from her usual mischievous gaze. It was fear.I saw her swallow, and eventually she forced out a smile. "Th-that's right. If she didn't leave us alone, Laura would have made her my baby as well. I woulda diapered her, fed her, and everything!" Claire called back. Though, her words seemed choked and forced.Rolo showed no emotion. "Very well. Then to sweeten the deal, if you win, you may have her as your baby." He replied.Ashley looked shocked. "You can't be serious!" She cried out, but Rolo's glare shut her up. "It will be a one on one, whoever you want, verse myself. Do any of you accept?" Ge asked."I do!" I yelled out.Kate looked at me in horror. As I gazed back at her, I realized she was sweating. "Laura, no! You can fight Rolo, he's out of our league! Just change Luke back and we will apologize!" She begged."No, I won't let them bully us like this. I'm not afraid of you Rolo, I accept your challenge!" After all, I thought, how could I be scared of the man who bum I wiped?the slightest hint of a smirk reach his lips. "Very well."All the students made room for me and Rolo. I saw the look of fear on my friends' faces and the sadistic smiles of Rolo's gang. They think this to be a slaughter, but I'll show them. I came to this school to grow up and become a real hero. I promised that to my mom and dad, and I won't let them down. This fight will be my stepping stone."Begin!""You know Laura. After the ball, I looked into your file to see what that power you were hiding from me was, I wanted so badly to know what you did to me. When I found out, I was disgusted. Did you get close to me that night just to humiliate me? That's what I thought at first. Admittedly, I was humiliated. To be seen in such an embarrassing state. But I did think on it, you know. I lost control of my emotions in the bathroom with you last night, I lost my ability to think clearly. I've come to realize that you didn't seek to embarrass me, as you said you weren't. Instead, you are just an undisciplined, irresponsible girl with no accountability for her powers, something which I despise even more. But in my rage I did say a truth to you. I am much more powerful than you, and you can't even touch me." Cold as ice."You know, I'm not fond of long-winded speeches. Are we gonna fight or not? You've kept me in the dark much too long about your power. At the dance, you said something about generating a type of barrier, but by the look on everyone's faces that can't be the whole truth." I replied."You're quite right. Let me show you what I'm capable of."Rolo grabbed at his chest and I could see a dark light emitting from it. He looked to be in pain as he pulled it out, but as soon as he did, it expanded around instantly. I looked around and realized we were inside it. I type of orb that surrounded us both. It was black, but not dark. I could still see outside its range, which only looked to be about 45 feet in diameter. But something definitely felt off. Ominous."Alright, I give up Rolo, what is it? You're trapping me inside?" I asked."It's not that type of barrier, I'm afraid. He replied. You are free to move in and out of it as you wish. In fact, I would highly recommend doing so if you can." He replied."Since I know about your power, it's only fair you know about mine. Within this orb you see around us, I am a god. Anything I can think of, I can accomplish. You are in my world now, and you are a sheep."I rolled my eyes. "Comparing yourself to a god is a little bit cringy, don't you think Rolo?" "I suppose it would seem that way if one could not back it up. However..."Rolo lifted his hand toward me and made the shape of a finger gun. "Bang." He said softly.At that moment, a beam of light shot out of his fingertip and hit me in the leg. I screamed out in pain and grabbed where it hit, feeling the warmth of fresh blood on my fingertips."Bang." He said again. This time I jumped to the side and it only scraped my shoulder, tearing my shirt"Bang."I was ready this time and dodged. I looked behind me and noticed it stopped as it reached the barrier. Of course! It could only exist inside this barrier! Okay, good to know. I'll just run outside the barrier and wait for his energy to run out, then it's my win!I made a run for it, a few lasers went past me, but I was almost there! Almost....!A hard hit to my face sent me flying backwards, landing on my back. I grabbed my face in pain and when I pulled my hands away I saw fresh blood on them, realizing it was from my nose. I looked up and suddenly Rolo was standing over me."H-how?" I muttered. This was no time to freeze up, though. I had to take this opportunity. I jumped up and reached out for as fast as I could. My hand was inches away from him. Yes, this is my win! However, he was gone. He just disappeared into thin air. Suddenly, a sharp kick hit me in the side and sent me sprawling. I was slow to get up, but I made it back on my feet. "What's going on?" I ask. Rolo stood before me. "Teleportation I told you, didn't I? In here, I can do whatever I want. It was no boast, and should have been taken seriously." He replied. He vanished. Another punch strikes me, and before I can even look back at him, he is gone again and another punch strikes me from a different point. The punches stop for a moment and I try to catch my breath. Suddenly, is in front of me, and before he launches his hand at me. Numb. I feel numb, why? I looked down and saw his had had punctured straight into my chest. I could feel his hand on my heart. I felt it squeeze against his hand with every beat. I look up at him with tears running down my cheek. He stares back at me with no emotion. With one quick movement, he crushes my heart. I scream. I scream like I've never screamed before. It hurt, never in my life have I felt a pain like this, but as suddenly as it came it disappeared. I'm not dead? I look down, and see his hand resting gently against my fully intact chest. "An illusion." He responded. "I gave you a glimpse of what could have happened. Do you submit?" I tried to regain my composure. I tried to reach out to touch him, but he vanished yet again. Another blow to the back of my neck. I kept my balance though and stayed upright. This isn't over Rolo, not by a long shot. I stood there taking blow after blow, but I kept my footing. I waited, waited, waited for the right moment and I went for it. Predicting where he might come from next, I reached out, and just as I predicted, his first appeared. I grabbed onto it with all my might. It's over. "I got you, Rolo!" I screamed victoriously. I stood there for a second. Nothing happening. I used my power again, but Rolo stood there, not looking any younger. No! I tried again and again, becoming more and more desperate. His sigh brought me back to reality and I looked up at him. "It's sad, Laura, watching you. In this world, anything I want is possible, so I simply made myself immune to your ability. Do you understand, Laura? The look on your face right now makes me wonder if you can even comprehend what I'm trying to tell you. This match is a farce. At no point did you ever pose any threat to me. You are as powerless as the infant you wish me to be." He grabbed my throat and lifted me in the air. I couldn't breathe. His grip crushed at my throat. As I tried to force breath into my lungs, I could feel my own saliva dripping from my mouth. I tried to pull free, but nothing I did could break his grip. My body started to feel strange. I could feel my clothes getting bigger around me. My shoes fell to the floor, followed by my jeans and panties. I could see my breasts flatten out into my chest and I realized what was happening. I was growing younger. In this world where Rolo can do anything he wanted, it never occurred to me anything meant my power. I was now an eight years old. Tears ran down my cheek like a faucet as he continued to choke me. In my entire life, I had never been this afraid. Somebody...somebody, please help me. Please, please, somebody. I'm scared, I'm scared please, please please....mommy....daddy.... I'm scared please help me. HELP ME!!!!! I saw a blur as Kate's arm swung at Rolo, coming within inches of him before he teleported away. I fell to the ground and grabbed my neck, coughing as I gasped for breath. "Laura!!" Claire ran over to me and sat me up. I looked down at my undersized body. Luckily, Rolo didn't use a regression as potent as mine, I at least had my mind. Mostly anyways. My instincts and emotions definitely felt less mature. My eyes teared up, and I finally let out the water works, crying into Claire's chest. She hugged me back and tried to comfort me. "Shhh it's okay, you're safe now. We won't let him hurt you." She said. "Foolish. To think you would willingly come within my barrier." Said Rolo. "Rolo you bastard! You'll pay for this!" Kate screamed. She ran at Rolo with her blade arm but, like before, he vanished. Kate turned around to see him standing above me and Claire. Claire tried to react, but he touched her shoulder and she disappeared , he clothes left in a pile on the ground. A few moments later, a small dog emerged from that pile of clothes, a yorkshire terrier to be exact. It was Claire. Rolo teleported behind Kate and touched her as well. Immediately Kate's vision went black and she realized Rolo had made her blind. "Please Rolo. You win. Please stop this and let us go. We will change Luke back. Please." She begged. Rolo sighed, realizing he had taken it too far. He looked over at me and Claire. Claire was growling and barking at Rolo and I held on to her trying to hold her back. "You're right....this is enough."  Rolo replied. Rolo focused on his chest and the orb retracted back into. With, his powers were also undone. I felt myself get bigger and my chest fill out again till I was back to normal. However, I found myself face to face with Claires rear end. The little dog I was holding onto was back to her human self. She was in front of me, still on all fours. Her backside completely spread to me and my eye level was inches away from her butthole. She continued to growl and bark at Rolo, he breasts bouncing and her sex spreading with each bark, before realizing she was back in human form. Upon realizing, she quickly grabbed for her blouse and tried to cover herself, turning a dark shade of red. I was still naked from the waist down and tried to pull my t-shirt down to cover my crotch. I tried to stand but collapsed in my attempt. My hand went to my face and I could feel the swelling, and as I pulled away I saw the blood left behind on my hand. I coughed hard, and I could feel the drool dripping down my chin. My headache felt like my skull was split open. Claire neglected her own modesty and came to my side. "Laura! Just stay still, okay? We will take you to the medical wing." Kate eyed Rolo. "Is this enough?" She asked. Rolo nodded. "Yes... I went too far. Go get her patched up, you won't have any further trouble from us. Ashley spoke up. "Wait! A deal a deal, change Luke back now, bitch!" Rolo's cold eyes silenced her. "That won't be necessary. Upon reflecting on it, your escape was conditional on Luke staying like this, correct? If that's the case, then we will adhere to their terms." "But-!" Ashley spoke in frustration, but Rolo cut her off. "If you won't be true to your word, we could always gave you back to them. Perhaps some time in diapers would do you some good." Ashley looked furious but bit her tongue. "No, Rolo, I will be true to my word. "Good girl." Rolo replied. "Let's go back, everyone, we've wasted too much time here as it is." With that, the group departed, leaving the three of us behind. I don't remember much after that, I think I drifted in and out of consciousness, but somehow or another Kate and Claire managed to get me to a hospital wing. Claire changed herself and Kate into men for more strength to carry me with. The nurse, who had a healing power, got me into bed and addressed my wounds until I eventually fell asleep. Jennifer at a small restaurant with her husband Jeff on her lap. The now baby girl giggled as Jennifer bounced her in her lap. Since departing from her daughter, she had since bought a new outfit for Jeff to match his new gender. An adorable frilly pink dress with a giant pink bow tied to his head. A cute, and unfortunately soggy, diaper poked out of the dress. Jennifer missed her adult husband, but lived spending time with him in his infantile, and recently feminine, new form. Still, she couldn't help but wonder if her daughter was okay. She hadn't heard from her in hours but shrugged it off, not wanting to interrupt Laura's bonding time with her new friends. But still, a mother can't help but Laura okay? End of Chapter 2.
Hero Academy(Age Regression Story)Super human abilities can appear in anyone. It's not genetic, it's not something you can force, it's not an act of god. It's a mutation. It's like seeing a white squirrel or a blue lobster. Something extremely rare that the lucky few are born with. I'm Laura, and I'm one of those lucky few. All my life I looked in awe at the incredible heroics super humans done, along with the atrocities they've comitted. As a little girl it never occurred to me I'de be a part of that world, but things change. I was 13 years old when I discovered my power, and realized I could be one of them. My power is strong, no doubt about it. When a recruiter for Hero academy came to assess my power he labeled me as a high tier, or somebody with extrordinary ability. So what is my ability? Well, My power lets me regress the age of anyone I touch. But their body and mind revert back to whatever age I want, as long as it's younger than their current age. And the only way they can turn back is if I kiss them on the forehead. So yeah, a pretty big power to drop on the doorstep of a 13 year. But anyway, I digress. Let's start my story about half a year before hero academy.....As I stood in the shower I lathered up my breast and sighed. "Flat." I muttered. At 15 I was almost at my end of puberty but unfortunetly my breast remained in the A cups. They were still growing of course but I would probably only end up in the B cup range as an adult. I continued to shower but started to hear the angry stomping of footsteps approach my room. "Shit, mom." I muttered. Just then, Mom barges in. "Laura Catheline Weeks!!! You are in big trouble, missy!" I peek out of the shower to see Mom with an angry look on her face. In her right hand, she clutched the tiny wrist of a naked toddler boy, who looked up at her innocently. The little boy has stains of chocolate all across his face and the rest of his body. "I've told you millions of times, don't you ever use your powers on your father!!" She yelled in a stern voice. My father, the toddler, tried to squirm away from my mother's grip, but she had too firm a hold. My heart raced as I stood in the shower, my mother's voice filled with anger echoing in the bathroom. I bit my lip, struggling to explain, "Mom, I'm sorry, but he was being such a jerk, and I just wanted to teach him a lesson." My mothers scowl held firm. "Laura, powers or not as long as you live in my house you will treat me and your father with the respect and dignity we deserve!" My father, scared by the yelling started to cry. Mom looked down and appologized to him. "I'm sorry sweetie, It's okay, I didn't mean to yell don't cry baby..." she said in a soft tone, but looked back at me with a glare. "Turn him back now!"I rolled my eyes. "Fine, mom, whatever. I'll turn him back after my shower. Mom still looks livid. "Well make some room because he’s getting in with you. Just look at him! You left him to his own devices and he got into the chocolate cake I left sitting on the counter and got it all over himself. Not to mention my clean kitchen! You make sure he gets clean!" Mom says. Dragging my squirmimg dad over to the shower and putting him in with me. "Fine." I murmur. I continued to wash myself with dad just under me playing in the water. I looked down and couldn't help but crack a smile. It was hard to stay mad at him in this form. "You sure made a mess didn't you dad?" I ask. Dad looked up at me and smiled. "Lauwa I had cake!" He said enthusiastically. "You did?" I replied in a babyish voice. "That sounds so good! Was it yummy?" "Mhm! It yummy!" Okay, he's too cute. I guess I’ll forgive him this time. "You got so dirty! Can I clean you?" I asked, kneeling down next to him with a washcloth and some soap. "Okay." I started to wash off all the chocolate and he watched as I did. Taking an interest in his own body he pointed downward between his legs. "Pee pee!" He said proudly. I giggled. "I see that! Does it need cleaned too?" "Yeah!" I took the washcloth and finished cleaning the rest of his body. "You know dad, you’re a lot easier to get along with like this. Youre so gosh darn cute, maybe ill keep you like this a little longer. Wanna watch tv with me after the bath? We can turn on paw control!" "Paw Control? Yay!" he exclaims, completely thrilled with my offer. After drying off, I put one of my t-shirts on dad, engulfing him, and making him look even tinier. We both hop into bed and turn on "Paw Patrol." Dad snuggles up against me in a hug, resting his head on my breast as we watch the show together. Mom walks into the room, initially looking upset that I haven't turned dad back yet. However, her expression softened when she saw the two of us cuddled together in bed. It seemed like she loved seeing us like this but she had to keep a stern front. Fine, you can watch a little TV with him, but after that, you turn him back young lady!" She huffed, leaving the room. We watched a bit more tv and he fell asleep cuddled against me. Carefully, I pick him up, taking extra care not to wake him. With a gentle touch, I carry him to his bed, where mom is already lying down. She nods in understanding and opens up the blankets for him. I tucked him in, ensuring he's cozy and comfortable. I stood over him and decided it's time to change him back. With gentle care, I leaned down and planted a kiss on his forehead. As my lips touch his skin, a warm, soothing energy passes from me to him. The room shimmers for a brief moment, and dad slowly begins to transform. His body gradually elongates, the proportions shifting to that of an adult. The innocence and childlike features fade, and he regains his full, mature form. Mom sighed in relief to have her husband back. She puts her finger to her lips as a sign to hush me as to not wake him. I nod and start to head out, but as I glance back I catch my mom peaking at dad under the blanket, as to make sure all of him was back to normal. The next morning my mom and I decided to leave dad blissfully unaware of his transformation, in the end my mom grounded me for a month. 2 months later. The annual "Isva Ball" held for those with super abilities is a highly anticipated event in my city. Every year it is held by the Hero academy and in often times high class heroes or alumni will show up and I am desperate to attend. I approached my parents, pleading with them, "Mom, Dad, please let me go! I know there's drinking and the other guest might be older than me but I'm almost sixteen and I have superpowers! I should be allowed to go to the Isva Ball. It's a chance to meet others like me and learn more about our abilities." My parents exchange glances, concern and hesitation in their eyes. Mom finally responds, "Laura, we know you're growing up, but it's still a dangerous world out there, even if you have super powers. We want to protect you, and we're just worried about your safety. You can always go next year once you're in the academy. "I promise I'll be careful, and I won't get into any trouble!" I beg. "No, Laura, and that's the end of this discussion," they say. I scream at them, tears welling up in my eyes. "You don't understand! You're ruining everything! I hate you!" With those words, I storm off, running to my room and slamming the door shut. I don't care what they say, I'm going to the Isva Ball no matter what it takes. I woke up early, snuck into my parents' room with a sense of resolve. Standing by their bedside, I whisper, "You might not think I'm old enough, but I'll make you even younger than me!" With a gentle touch, I activate my powers. My mom’s form shimmers and gradually transforms into that of a 5-year-old, her features regressing to a childlike state. Dad follows suit, his age reversing to a mere 6 months old, leaving him as a baby. I scooped up Dad into my arms.His adult underwear well off his infant frame leaving him completely bare. Turning to mom I give her a gentle shake and say, "Wake up, sweetie." Her 5-year-old eyes flutter open, and she looks around the room, a mix of confusion and innocence in her gaze. I address my now-5-year-old mother by her name, Jenny. "Jenny, we need to go to the store and get some diapers for Jake," I told her gently. "We also need to find you some new clothes." Jenny blinks at you, still adjusting to the situation but clearly wanting to be helpful. "Diapers for Jake and new clothes for me? Okay!" She responds with a childlike enthusiasm, showing a willingness to cooperate.I head to the store, first dressing my mom in an oversized t-shirt and swaddling dad in a blanket, covering his nakedness while also providing a somewhat makeshift diaper. Dad, who had been fussy the whole time we shop seemed to quiet down once I bought him a pacifier. He sucked on it peacefully and started to drift to sleep. I purchased diapers and formula for dad and training panties and clothes for mom, who was ecstatic with her new princess shirt. Before we headed home though I dropped by a boutique and bought myself a dress for the ball.After I got home I dressed my mom and diapered my dad and left them in the living room to play. With that out of the way I have one more thing I need to take care of, and for that I need my friend Sarah's help. Picking up my phone I give her a call and hear her voice on the other end. "Hello?" "Sarah, I need a huge favor. I need you to babysit for me tonight..." I began. Sarah, understandably confused, inquires, "Babysit? Babysit who?" I took a deep breath before confessing, " parents." There's a pause on the other end of the line, and then Sarah gasps in realization. "You used your powers on your parents!?" she exclaimed. "I had to! It's the only way I could go to the Isva Ball! They weren't going to let me go!" I explained. Sarah's shock is palpable as she comprehends the situation. "Well, how old are they?" she asks. I answer reluctantly, "'s 5, and dad's about 6 months." Sarah takes a moment to process this. "So young! So I'm going to have to change your dad's diaper and see know!" She exclaims. I nod, knowing it's an unconventional request. "I know, I know, but it's not that bad! Changing diapers is easy. And don't worry about his...uh, thingy, it's really small and cute. Please, Sarah, I'm begging you!" After a brief pause, Sarah concedes, "Fine, but you owe me!!"I get dressed in my new ballgown,  preparing for the evening's event. As soon as I finish getting ready, Sarah knocks on the door. I let her in and her eyes widen at the sight of my transformed parents. She takes in the once proud and elegant Mrs. Weeks, now in her 5-year-old form, wearing only her princess shirt, it seems the little girl had elected not to wear any pants as her cute bottom poked out the bottom of her shirt, fully on display. Then her gaze fell on the once handsome and masculine Mr. Weeks, his 6-month-old form lies on the carpet in just a diaper, cooing happily as he drooles on himself. Sarah looked at me, her eyes filled with surprise and curiosity. "Wow, this is...different," she says. You nod, feeling a mix of embarrassment and determination. "I know, but that's the only way I could go to the Isva Ball. I'll deal with the consequences later." I quickly briefed Sarah on the situation. "Okay, I have all the diapers and supplies in my bedroom. I made some formula in the fridge for Dad; you just need to warm it up. Mom can have cereal. She's potty trained, but you need to ask her if she has to go because otherwise, she won't tell you and might have accidents... Okay, I think that's everything," I explained, hoping to ensure a smooth evening. Sarah nods and takes in the instructions. "Got it. Don't worry, I'll take good care of them," she reassured me. Before I leave I check my baby father's diaper and confirm that he's wet. I turn to Sarah and say, "Well, you're going to have to change his diaper, but at least it's only pee. Do you need help with it before I go?" Sarah shakes her head and responds, "I think I can manage it. You go enjoy the Isva Ball, and we'll be just fine here." I bent down to address my mom. "Okay, Jenny, I'll be back. You be good for Sarah, okay?" Jenny nods with an innocent smile, her young eyes filled with trust and understanding. "Okay, Lauwa, I will," she replies in her childlike voice. With that, I give her a gentle hug, and head out to the Isva Ball, leaving my parents in Sarah's care.The Isva Ball is a spectacle of beauty, with elegant decorations, drinks, and dancing. You find yourself surrounded by famous heroes and some lesser-known ones. Looking around, I look to be one of if not the youngest among the attendees, however I do spot a few who are closer to my age. As I sip on my wine, a handsome boy, looking to be around 18 approached me. His dreamy eyes and masculine features captured my attention as he struck up a conversation. "Hello, beautiful. I haven't seen you at Hero's Academy; are you new?" he inquired. I returned his smile, lured in by his charm. "I will be," I replied. "I'm enrolled, but won't be able to attend until next semester once I turn 16." Rolo, the young man, seemed welcoming and extended me a warm greeting. "Ah, a freshman. Well, let me be the first to welcome you to the school. My name is Rolo; I'm sure we'll be glad to have you." As a new song starts playing in the background, he asked me for a dance, his charm and confidence making it difficult to refuse. "Ahh, this is one of my favorite songs," he says. "It would be a shame to miss it. May I have this dance?" I took Rolo's hand, and the two of us gracefully waltz onto the dance floor. As you sway to the music, Rolo's charm continued to alure me. Rolo smiled at me, his eyes filled with warmth. "You know, it would be a shame to lose out on such good company, I hope you don't mind if I keep you all to myself for a while." I laughed, the ambiance making the moment feel magical. "I don't mind at all. I'm quite enjoying our dance." Rolo twirled me around and brought me back into his arms. "Good to hear. I couldn't resist introducing myself to the most gorgeous person in the room. I must admit, I was hoping to find someone like you tonight." I felt my blush as we continued to sway from side to side. "Flattery will get you far, Rolo. So, tell me, what's your power?" He chuckles. "Nothing too impressive I'm afraid. I'm able to set up a barrier of sorts in a smallish area around me. I get a bit stronger inside it is all." He replied non chelauntly. "That's fascinating! I must admit aside for my own I've never really seen a super human power up close before. I would love to see you in person." I say enthusiastically. Rolo smiled. "I imagine at the academy sometime you will." "Well?" He continued. "You can't ask me a question like that and then keep me in the dark about yourself, what's your power?" I bit my lip. At Hero academy it’s well known that the tiers of hero are often segregated, if he finds out I'm a high tier it might ruin the night. "Sorry, that's a girl's secret. You'll have to wait and find out." I will reply. I wink at him and a smile, deciding to keep my abilities under wraps, not wanting to overshadow the moment. After the dance, Rolo and I found a more secluded spot and filled our glasses with drinks. This is my first experience with alcohol, so I decided to take cautious sips, but they soon go down much easier and I start to feel a warm, pleasant sensation spreading throughout my body. The conversation with Rolo flows effortlessly, and the allure of the Isva Ball, combined with the drinks, creates a sense of excitement and relaxation. Rolo and I find ourselves on a private balcony, the night sky above filled with stars. The Isva Ball's music and laughter fill the air.  Rolo continues to flirt with me and I try my best to keep up with him in that regard. He gazed into my eyes with a warm smile. "You know, Laura, you have a beauty that's truly captivating. It's not just your looks, it's your presence." I blushed at his words, finding his compliments hard to resist. "You're quite the charmer yourself, Rolo. I'm having a wonderful time tonight." Rolo leans in a bit closer, his voice soft and filled with intensity. "I hope this won't be the last time we share such a special moment. Laura, you're someone I won't forget." The atmosphere on the balcony takes on an entrancing stillness, a captivating pause in our conversation. For the first time tonight, an awkward silence fills the air, and Rolo and I lock eyes, the unspoken tension between us building. Rolo starts to lean in, and the intensity of the moment made my heart pound like it's about to burst from my chest. Panic surges through me, and my mind froze like a deer in headlights as I tried to process what was happening. "No, wait!" I yelp. And in a panic, my instincts took over, and I pushed him away with a trembling hand. But it's more than that. In my moment of panic I felt my powers surge through me, as unintentionally hitting Rolo at my push. In an instant, Rolo begins to shrink, his body transforming rapidly. I looked down in shock, a little boy of around 4 years old stood before me, his eyes wide with innocence and surprise. I gasped at my own actions, and I can't help but stare at the young child where Rolo once stood. In a hushed tone, you ask, "What....what have I done!" The little boy looks up at me with confusion and curiosity. "Who are you?" He asked. Rolo's pants and boxer briefs fall to his feet, and his dress shirt now swamps his tiny body, with the vest sliding off completely, leaving him with just the shirt and tie. The little boy continues to watch me and his hand tries to go to his mouth but the oversize sleeve prevents him from doing so. I need to make a cover story to get him out of sight. "I'm Laura... I'm... your babysitter! Come on, Rolo, we have to go to the bathroom, okay?" I said, hoping to avoid any further attention. Rolo, still adjusting to his new situation, protests, "No! I don't wanna, I wanna stay out here!" You gently insist, "Come on, Rolo, we have to go." However,  Rolo remains stubborn, crying and resisting my efforts. With no other choice, I scoop him up horizontally by his waist, his tiny cries echoing in the still night. As he thrashes about, his shirt slides up towards his chest, revealing his bare bottom. Acting quickly, I gather his clothing from the ground and hurry to the restroom, hoping to get him out of view before anyone else notices what's going on. I managed to reach the bathroom with little Rolo in tow. I make sure the bathroom is clear before locking the door to prevent anybody from entering. However, little Rolo is quite the escape artist, and he wriggles out of his oversized shirt, leaving him with only a tiny tie on his little frame. "No, no, no!" He squeels. I can't help but sigh at the sight of the bare little boy now throwing a tantrum. It's hard to believe that just moments ago, this was the handsome man who had made my heart flutter. As I ponder my next move, little Rolo interrupts my thoughts. "I needa go potty!" He says. "Oh...uh, okay, sure. Do you need to go poo poo or pee pee?" "Poo-poo!" "Okay, come on I'll help you." I reply. I lift him up and set him on the seat. I hold his hand and respond to his little chatter, even as a kid he's quite the talker. Eventually he announces he's done and I lift him off the seat. He does a little squat for me and I realize he's unable to wipe himself. Reluctantly I got some toilet paper and wiped his little bum. "I can’t believe this." I muttered. "I could of had the perfect night. Talked to the handsome boy, danced, fallen in love and got my first kiss. But instead I ruined everything and I'm stuck babysitting my date, and wiping his butt." The goal now was to get him to sleep. If I could just do that I could kiss him and get out before he wakes up. That's the plan anyway. Sitting on the bathroom floor, I cradle little Rolo in my lap. He watches shows on my phone, completely enthralled with the childish cartoon. As time passes, his eyelids grow heavy, and the excitement of the night catches up with him. With a yawn, he finally drifts off to sleep, his head resting against your shoulder. I breathe a sigh of relief, time to kiss him and get out of here. I get him ready, first by putting on his boxer briefs, and although they are much too big and loose now, once I kiss his forehead, he will grow into them. I do the same thing with the rest of his outfit, leaving the sleeping child on the floor in oversized clothes. I take a deep. "Time to get you back to normal." I say. I lean in and kiss his forehead. Instantly he starts to grow up and fills out his clothes once more. But as I pull away, I'm shocked to see him awake and staring right at me. "You... what did you do to me?" he yells, pushing me away. His strength sends me flying back, and I land on my rear. I struggle to explain, "I'm...I'm sorry! I didn't mean to... you surprised me, and I panicked, and..." My words falter, and tears fill my eyes. "What are your powers... what did you do to me?" he demands. "I...I...."  I muttered with tears running down my cheek. Rolo's voice turns cold at my hesitation to tell him. "I thought you were special," he says, "but I was wrong. I dropped my guard around you, but I won't make that mistake again. When you come to the academy, prepare yourself because I will be there, and I'm sure we will end up as opponents." The look in his eyes scared me. "You may think yourself strong, but I can assure you I'm stronger. Without your tricks and manipulation, no matter how strong you are, you can't touch me." With an air of finality, he adjusts his slightly ill-fitting clothes and leaves, leaving me alone to cry. I arrived home late. As I walk in the front door the scene in the living room is both unexpected and amusing. Sarah is cradling dad in her arms, carefully watching over him as he sleeps. Meanwhile, my mother appears to have stripped herself of all her clothing and fell alseep on the living carpet. She slept in a comical pose with he cheek smashed against the floor yet remained on her knees with her little butt lifted into the air. Only a child could fall asleep like this. You can't help but chuckle at the sight. "Busy night?"  I ask Sarah, my voice exhausted from the evening's events. Sarah matches my tone and replies, "You can say that again. I think I'm too young for this parenthood stuff." Her comment elicits another chuckle out of me, helping me feel a bit better. "How was the ball?" She asks. My eyes started to tear up again and I told her about my night. I told her about Rolo, our dance, our near kiss, and how I ruined everything with my power. I then told her about the events in the bathroom and what he said to me. I told her everything. "He warned me about my future at the academy. It's not going to be easy, and I'm not sure if I can match his strength." I say. "Of course you will match his strength! He doesn't know your power. All you have to do is touch him, and you'll have his friends or teachers changing his diapers!" she quips, causing me to smirk. "Thanks, Sarah. I really owe you one. Now, let's get these two to bed, and I'll change them back." I reply. As we got ready to change them back, my father let out a wet fart, and the smell that followed indicated he was in need of a change. Sarah groaned. "Not again! This is the third time! She stressed. I let out a heartfelt laugh. "Relax, Sarah, I'll take this one. If you could grab Mom and put her to bed, though, that would be a big help." I watch as Sarah picks up my bare mother and rests her against her shoulder. "By the way... why is she naked?" I ask with a slight smirk. Sarah's exclamation makes you both burst into laughter. "She's a little nudist!" Sarah declares. "No matter how hard I tried, she kept taking stuff off, so eventually I gave up and let her be. That little thing has been jumping on the couch all night, I could hardly keep up!" Sarah lays mom in bed and I thank her as she takes her leave. Dad has woken up now and started to fuss so I went to lay him on the table to change his diaper. "Pee eww! What a stinky baby!" I tease him as I open his diaper. Dad cooed happily and kicked his legs rapidly, helping to spread the mess on his tush a bit. I make faces at him and his face lights up, his laughter is adorable. "Where’s the baby? Wheres the baby? There he is!" Dad is heaving in a fit of giggles. "Peek-a-boo!" I said smiling down at him."Dad how did you get to be so cute?” I ask. “Okay, okay, enough playing, let's get you cleaned up." I say. I grab him by the ankles, lift his bum and clean off the mess. I wiped down his boyhood next, careful to make sure to clean between the folds."Dad, I think you and mom were right." I admitted as I continued to clean him. "I guess I wasn't ready for the Ball after all. I rely too much on my powers, just like you always say, and tonight it bit me in the butt big time. Dad of course didn't respond at all, instead he stuck out his tongue and blew spit bubbles, curiously reaching for my hair. I let him grab a strand of it to suck and and lifted him into my arms resting him on my hip. I forgo putting him in a new diaper knowing I would be turning him back as soon as I got him back to sleep. I warm him a bottle and feed him as I rock him in the living room chair. "I'll be better, dad, I promise. And my first step is Hero Academy.End of Chapter 1.
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The Perfect Gift (Age Swap) by jemieder15
Youthful Energy (Katie Power TG/AR/MC Caption) by MegalosaurusStudios
Grace the 5 Year Old Ghost Girl (Chapter 5)Chapter 5: It All Began With a Bang The Next Morning Before Class: As I wake up the next morning my mother comes in to check up on me to see if I was ready for school, I realize everything was once bigger than me including my own bed. As I feared for my life Grace decides to giggle in my head warning me I still had my mind intact. "Oh, thank god I was worried!" I tell Grace. "Don't sweat it kid! It's all part of the plan stan!" Grace replies back to me. "Plan!? WHAT PLAN!?" I ask Grace in a scared tone. "Don't worry your little head princess!" she tells me. "I'm not a princess! I'm a grown adult!" I reply in a semi-angry voice. I hear nothing back so I run to my mother crying.... "Hello my lovely child! Are you okay? Are you hurt? Do you need something?" she asks me in a worried motherly tone.. "I'm scared, alone, and want my mommy!" I reply back to my mother. I realize I still have a lot of my mind still with me, but at times I somehow lose my since of what I want to say. "Shhh, it's okay I'm still here my baby." she tells me as she holds me closely petting my hair. I calm down lightly as my mother combs my hair and I get myself ready for class grabbing some of the most princess looking outfits I have ever seen; pink dress with a bow on the back, some pinkish slippers, and a shiny tiara. (Just remember this was elementary so outfits don't really matter at times in some schools.) First Class: Math I head off to the bus and run into Cora as she asks me if I was okay after crashing onto the ground from my black out. "I feel so much better, although I do seem to be missing something.." I reply to her. "Oh! You mean this?" she hands out my bamboo stick plushie I normally carry around. "OH MY GOSH CHU FINDS ME BAMBOO! WHERE CHU FIND IT!?" I ask her in a really loud and excited voice that caused her to smile while covering her ears. "I was told you left it in the nurses office when your mother went to pick you up." she replies. "Fank chu so much Cowa!" I hug my plushie and tackle hugs Cora in the same movement as she hugs me back. We head into the school together as Cora brings me to my classroom for Math, we say our goodbyes for the morning as I head to my desk hugging my bamboo, I run into someone and banging my butt on the floor tearing up rubbing my behind. I hear someone say "Why hello shorty, watch where your headed" as I look up remembering that voice. As I feared it was Panda with a grin staring down at me looking menacing knowing what will happen next, as I have no clue, in hopes Cora will return to save me in time, as I'm back in full control of my awareness but have no way to save myself knowing I'm scared for my life....
Elixir of Youth- Alternate Ending by TransformationTabii
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COM Tea time by AlyssaSundale
6 - Oshi no Ko - It's a trap - Tg Comic (NSFW) by ToonFactory
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Ala Dina (Magia en peligro) Girl to Woman aP by Jeff2beyoung
Ala Dina (unknown) Girl to Woman aP by Jeff2beyoung


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