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Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

Your cold eyes, a liquid stained black,
Stare back into mine,

I slide my gun into its holster,
Knowing I won't use it,
Even if I should.

You push me up against the wall, and I let you,
Because I would do anything,
      To make you mine.

My breath catches in my throat,
As you force me down on my knees,
To look up at you,
At the insane royalty that you are.

I close my eyes and pleasure you,
Knowing that I am not truly who you are thinking of.
That...that Sherlock,
Smart, beautiful, and flawlessly elegant,
The polar opposite of me.

I close my eyes and drink your essence,
And you sigh, wantonly.
It makes me feel wanted,
      Just for a moment.

And then it's gone.

You order me to do your dirty business,
That you and I both know I will do.
You push me until I feel as if I will break,
Not bothering to let me down easy.

I fall.

I know that you know,
What you are doing to me.
I know that you don't care.

And that's all right.

I let you force me down,
Riding me until you are satisfied.
And when you are complete, only you,
You walked away,
And let me finish,

I knew that if I were Sherlock,
You would stay,
And complete me.

But I am not.
And I will always know that.

I am not Sherlock,
And I never will be.
But until you get tired, and shoot me down,
Just like the rest,
I know,
I will stay by your side.

Because in reality,
I am the insane one,
Loving you like this.

It's fucking disgusting.

But I can' it.

So, once again,
I slide to my knees,
Letting you control me,
As I know you will always do.

This relationship of ours is messed up,
I know this readily,
But I also know that until you leave,
And let me fall on my own,
That you are...
This is the first piece of Mormor that I've ever written in my life. xD I mean, Jesus their relationship is damn fucking complicated. D< But I mean, whatever. 
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Submitted on
August 27, 2014
Mature Content


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