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3:16 A.M, Thursday evening.

Dear Sherlock,

Sherlock, I am afraid to say that I do have little time to respond before I must leave again. However, some things that you have brought up are too important to ignore right now, so I must address them quickly and clear up whatever regressive thoughts you have.

I did not come back here, to Afghanistan, to get away from you.

I have not tired of you. You are not broken.

Anderson and Donovan are arseholes, don't listen to them. Lestrade is most likely trying to save you from his superiors barking down his own arse, letting you into cases like this. Remember, you aren't technically working for them.

Mycroft has no right associating me with Victor. I am not Victor, and I will never leave you permanently. I can promise you that.

I am responding not only because I need to, but I want to. Sherlock, I didn't leave because I was tired of you. I left because they needed me, and I am too much of a stubborn martyr to let it go. You are my friend and I won't ever let you suffer like that.

And I will try my hardest not to die. Even if I do, please, don't beat yourself up about it. Even if I die I won't ever leave you, okay? Please, remember that, Sherlock. I won't ever leave you like Victor. I won't leave you at all.

As I appreciate you apologizing for those things, they are still obviously not why I left. You know why I left. It will never, ever be because of you. I know you know you can get annoying at times but it is not like that whatsoever. You savant man, you are my best friend and I will try my best to respond to every letter I get from here on out.

I am deported back for a month in two more months. After that, I will have one more chance to come back in the next two years. I will see you soon. Goodbye.

- John Watson.
And this is the response to Sherlock's first letter, "Letters To John: Entry 1". This is short mostly because John said he had little time, and I tried to make it as choppy as possible and be all like 'I don't have a lot of time', when in reality, right now time is all I have. xD Though, I also wanted it to get my point across and not sound, yeah. Here ye go. x3 

Letters To John: Entry 1:…
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Submitted on
March 16, 2014