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Title: There Isn't A Moment
Author: D.R. Ward
Date: 2-8-14
Age: 14
Pairing: Johnlock
POV: John Watson

There Isn't A Moment

There isn't a time I don’t realize,
That we could die any moment.
There isn't a second that doesn't pass by,
That I don’t know how lucky I am to have you.

Without you in my daily simple life,
I figured that I probably would have already died.
Sherlock: My soul, my embodiment, my pride,
I know that I will forever be by your side.

In the nights I wake up from a dreaded nightmares,
I remember the body sleeping beside me,
And everything I once saw behind my eyes,
Oh, it all just slips away.

I turn around in the wee hours of the morning,
And bury my face in your bony shoulder blade,
Because that's the only place I feel safe.

The warmth brings me back down to earth,
To where I can forget all the memories behind me.
And when you feel me moving beside you,
And ask me, groggily, if I'm okay,
I know that I would rather everything to stay this way.

Because Sherlock,
No one knows the real you.
I fear I don't, even,
But I know what walls I can see through.

You, Sherlock.
The kind, caring, affectionate lover,
That neither you nor I thought you would be.
A pleasant surprise that left a smile on my face,
For in my heart you hold a special place.

God, you don't even know,
How much I love you.
How much I'd hate to lose you.

When I met you,
Only days before,
I was ready to commit suicide.

But you, Sherlock,
God, you saved me.
You didn't even know it,
Or maybe you did,
But that doesn't matter.

The facts are still the same.

Through the years,
Blood, sweat, and tears have been shed.
Not only me, but from you as well,
And here we are, sharing your bed.

I was your blind spot, your weak spot,
And you were my strong spot, my best spot,
Yet we balanced each other out so well.

In times where I thought that I would finally close my eyes,
And never wake back up,
I saw you under my lids or in front of me,
Telling me, screaming at me,
To get back up and fight.

And I would fight.
I would get up,
Mentally or physically battered and bloody,
And claw my way back to you,
Back into your arms.


I guess, Sherlock,
That even in the times of our worst peril,
We force the other to continue on,
Not for just ourselves,
But for each other as well.

I know that for you,
There isn't a moment,
Where you don't cherish my words.
There isn't a single second,
Where you don't love my compliments,
My sincere awe.

We're chiseled in a definite shape,
Perfect puzzle pieces locking together.

We're glued tight,
One of us always by the others side.

We're here forever,
I'm the normal and you're the clever.

We are Sherlock and John.

I guess what I'm trying to say now,
In the middle of some boring day,
With no case, nothing to chase, no big race,
That even with nothing to do,
I'm still and will always be,
Bloody in love with you.
I think I like this one too. xD There's something about it that makes me feel all fluffy and stuff, so therefore, it's in my like-folder in my mind. xD 
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Submitted on
February 8, 2014