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Mormor - Mine :iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 3 0
Johnlock: It's Three A.M
It's three A.M,
And I don't know,
    Where you are.
I stare at the ceiling,
So blank, so endless,
    And I cry.
Your voice,
It seeps into my mind,
Like a vice.
I want to take a hold of it,
And never let it go.

I dream that you are still here,
Speaking to me in that rough voice,
    That I have come to love,
Over time.
It's three A.M,
And I don't know what to do.
The bottle in my hand,
It keeps returning to my lips,
I go get a new bottle.
The silence is breaking me,
The ticking of the clock,
    Choking me,
         Burning me,
              Killing me.
Tick, tock,
Tick, tock,

I choke on my own fear,
My pain, knowing you are here,
But still so far away.
Alive, you are, Sherlock?
    I know.
But I don't know why.
I want you to come home.
I don't know where you are.
I want you
:iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 8 6
Letters To Sherlock: Entry 1
3:16 A.M, Thursday evening.
Dear Sherlock,
Sherlock, I am afraid to say that I do have little time to respond before I must leave again. However, some things that you have brought up are too important to ignore right now, so I must address them quickly and clear up whatever regressive thoughts you have.
I did not come back here, to Afghanistan, to get away from you.
I have not tired of you. You are not broken.
Anderson and Donovan are arseholes, don't listen to them. Lestrade is most likely trying to save you from his superiors barking down his own arse, letting you into cases like this. Remember, you aren't technically working for them.
Mycroft has no right associating me with Victor. I am not Victor, and I will never leave you permanently. I can promise you that.
I am responding not only because I need to, but I want to. Sherlock, I didn't leave because I was tired of you. I left because they needed me, and I am too much of a stubborn martyr to let it go. Y
:iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 0 0
Letters To John: Entry 1

5:48 P.M, Saturday evening.

Dear John,
I'm not entirely sure at what time you will receive this letter, or even if you ever will, but if you do not this will still benefit me in some way. Since you have decided to return to Afghanistan, every person that both you and I know has become increasingly agitated - not only with me, but in general. My patience for them seems to be waning with every waking moment.
I'm still unclear with why you have returned to your position not as a doctor, but a captain. I don't even know why you went back at all. However I do know it had something to do with me, and since that is a fact, I believe that it is in my power to apologize for whatever I have done.
I'm sorry I didn't go by the milk five Wednesday's ago. I'm sorry I drove your latest girlfriend away (although she wasn't adequate in any way, shape, or form). I'm sorry I almost got you killed - again - when chasing Mr. Hyde. I'm sorry I yelled at you when you pried about my mood
:iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 0 0
Johnlock: There Isn't A Moment
Title: There Isn't A Moment
Author: D.R. Ward
Date: 2-8-14
Age: 14
Pairing: Johnlock
POV: John Watson
There Isn't A Moment
There isn't a time I don’t realize,
That we could die any moment.
There isn't a second that doesn't pass by,
That I don’t know how lucky I am to have you.
Without you in my daily simple life,
I figured that I probably would have already died.
Sherlock: My soul, my embodiment, my pride,
I know that I will forever be by your side.
In the nights I wake up from a dreaded nightmares,
I remember the body sleeping beside me,
And everything I once saw behind my eyes,
Oh, it all just slips away.
I turn around in the wee hours of the morning,
And bury my face in your bony shoulder blade,
Because that's the only place I feel safe.
The warmth brings me back down to earth,
To where I can forget all the memories behind me.
And when you feel me moving beside you,
And ask me, groggily, if I'm okay,
I know that
:iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 0 0
Mature content
Johnlock: This Is What We Do :iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 3 7
Sherlock, I'm Waiting
Title: Sherlock, I'm Waiting
Author: D.R. Ward
Age: 14
Date: 12-18-13
Sherlock, I'm Waiting
The rain,
It's pelting down on me.
I don't mind.
I see my reflection,
On the cold black marble,
That represents you.
I can feel the coldness,
The emptiness,
Eating away inside of me.
Sherlock, when will you come home?
The tears are drowned by the wetness,
The sky that's crying along with me.
It weeps and it screams and it pierces,
The thunder and lightening my cracked soul,
And I let it cry along with me.
Withheld by my own two legs once,
They collapse on the grass below me,
From which used to be dirt.
A reminder that it was so long ago,
That I was left alone.
Sherlock, are you left alone?
Wherever you are, wherever you go,
Do you remember me,
Or think about me,
Like I think about you?
Do you dream that you were back home,
In 221B Baker Street, experiments and all,
Strewn all over the house in the oddest places,
Or maybe sitting on the couch,
:iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 8 11
Johnlock: Sher-Locked by AgeOfDarkness413 Johnlock: Sher-Locked :iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 0 0
Johnlock: Goodbye, Sherlock
Title: Goodbye, Sherlock
Author: D.R. Ward
Date: 11-8-13
Age: 14
Goodbye, Sherlock
You promised,
That one day,
We would be together.
You promised,
That we would be,
Happy with each other,
You lied.
Sherlock, where are you now?
Where have you gone?
Why won't you come back?
I know,
That you are still out there,
I can feel it.
You are not dead.
Was I not good enough,
Did you have to run away,
I miss you.
I want you to come home.
But I know you won't.
You promised,
That you would return to me,
You promised,
That I would not be alone,
You lied.
And for that,
We will both,
Here and now,
Pay the price.
Goodbye, Sherlock.
:iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 1 2
BBC!Sherlock Holmes by AgeOfDarkness413 BBC!Sherlock Holmes :iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 0 4 BBC!Sherlock Holmes Outline by AgeOfDarkness413 BBC!Sherlock Holmes Outline :iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 0 0 Chibi!Sherlock BBC Outline by AgeOfDarkness413 Chibi!Sherlock BBC Outline :iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 1 0
Johnlock: Rain
Title: Rain
Author: D.R. Ward
Date: 10-30-13
Age: 14
POV: John Watson
As I stand there,
         In the Rain,
I feel your gaze,
         On me.
I want to turn back,
And look at you,
         That penetrating gaze.
But I know,
         You don't want to be,
The clouds, they dim,
As the Rain takes over,
         Reminding me,
Of when you always,
         Stood outside,
         And watched,
The Rain fall.
Maybe it's ironic,
That the Rain pelts,
As I feel your stare,
Burning inside of me.
You don't wish to be found,
Or you would have already,
         Showed yourself.
You have your reasons,
         I'm sure.
So there I stand,
On top of that fake grave,
Hoping, one day,
That you will come back,
:iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 0 0
Chibi!Sherlock BBC by AgeOfDarkness413 Chibi!Sherlock BBC :iconageofdarkness413:AgeOfDarkness413 3 4


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