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Thelana and the Ilm by Heather Zanitsch

Another great piece of fan art from one of my devoted readers! Here we find Thelana in the Wildwood, holding the ilm flower, given to her by her father before departing her homeland. Lily - Bullet [Left] - F2U! 

The land of Ilmarinen was named by Kjus thousands of years ago, after the flower of orange and violet that bloomed in the hills and valleys under the shadow of the Ukko Mountains. Nowhere on Aenya does this remarkable flower grow but in Ilmarinen. The ilm is sacred to Thelana's people, the stamens of which are known for their medicinal properties, but also for the mind-altering effects it has on those who ingest them. Ground into a fine powder and mixed with hot water, Ilmarin seekers use the ilm to take dream journeys to dimensions beyond the physical world. 

Galaxy Collapse 

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