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Map of Aenya by AGEOFAENYA Map of Aenya by AGEOFAENYA
Since J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit," it seems every good fantasy novel needs a map, and I finally got around to making mine. You'll notice, however, that Aenya is quite different than most fantasy worlds, in that it is neither an island continent nor a peninsula. Rather, Aenya is depicted as a planet, but the places in which the heroes live out their adventures is limited to the hospitable lands between the scorching West, with its desert "Ocean," and the frigid East, bathed in the perpetual light of the Greater Moon, Infinity.

Places of note:

Ilmarinen: With a perfect year-round climate, rich soil, and a flower (the ilm) with remarkable medicinal properties, the Ilmar know nothing of war, greed, or shame. The impassable Ukko Mountains to the north, and the dense Wildwood jungle to the south, has kept Ilmarinen hidden from invaders for ten thousand years, that is until recently, when a shift in climate and an invading host of bogrens forced its people to abandon their ancestral home. Ilmarinen is home to Xandr and Thelana, the heroes of "Ages of Aenya." 

Hedonia: In a world with only one Sea, coastal land is precious, and he who controls it rules the world. Ages past, Hedonia used its navies to subdue the neighboring city-states, becoming the Empire.

Northendell: Access to fresh water is crucial to life, so the Potamis River is "the lifeblood of Aenya." It flows down from the Crown of Aenya Mountain Range (also called the Pewter Mountains) to all the lands of Aenya. At its mouth stands the stronghold city of Northendell. Being so near to the dark hemisphere, Northendell has remained in a perpetual state of war for centuries, as the subhuman races from the sunless East mount annual sieges against it. The Delian people chronicle their history and their myths in song, the most renown of which is "The Song of Strom."

Aea: This tiny island was once home to a powerful, matriarchal civilization. Though largely forgotten, its people continue to thrive. In towering temples from another age, they venerate their three goddesses, Zoe (Life), Maki (War) and Irene (Love and Sex). Aea was featured in my short story, "The Gorgon's Lover."

Alogas: This village, north of the Endless Plains (it's not really endless!), is home to an equestrian culture. It was featured in my short story, "The Nude Equestrian."

Nimbos: This cloudy peak is home to the Avian race, who are also called "bird people." Once human, Avians attained the power of flight after centuries of "controlled" evolution.

Tyrnael and Yefira: These two locations are featured in my latest novel, "The Princess of Aenya." Before the Great Cataclysm, circa ten millennia ago, Tyrnael was home to the Zo, and the global capital of Aenya. Though its advanced knowledge has been lost, the genetically modified ancestors of the Zo can live for hundreds of years, without sickness or the ailments of aging. But without a sense of purpose, life has stagnated, and even sexual intercourse has become forbidden. That was until the coming of Zaibos, step-brother to Radia, the reigning heir. Zaibos dreams of returning the city to its heyday through fear and terror and bloody conquest. After failing to assassinate her, Princess Radia flees from Tyrnael with the aid of her faithful protector, Demacharon, an ex-soldier from Hedonia. Sailing down river, they end up in the peaceful trading town of Yefira, known for its rolling hills, windmills, and airships.

Learn more about the world of Aenya and the fantasy of Nick Alimonos at The Writer's Disease and Thanks! 
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