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Amalthea by JAA


Now, when it comes to unicorns, there is only one definitive source of information you need bother with: Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn. For Beagle, the unicorn is an immortal creature, a divine animal among animals, symbolic of innocence, purity, and nature, all themes I explore in The Princess of Aenya.

In Beagle's novel, the unicorn is transformed through a mishap of magic into a human princess, who is named Amalthea. The Princess of Aenya pays homage to this fantasy masterpiece, calling Radia’s unicorn by the same name. And, just as in The Last Unicorn, my Amalthea is far more than simply a horse with a horn. Is she, perhaps, the same character from Beagle's novel? Due to copyright reasons, I may never quite be able to answer that. However, I do suggest that unicorns have the power to travel anywhere, through time and space, and even between universes. When it comes to unicorns, anything is possible! 

Amazon readers have been raving about The Princess of Aenya  It's a solid Star Star Star Star Star. "Best fantasy I've read in ages." "I can't stop thinking about it." "I found tears in my eyes at the end." These are just some of the things people have been saying.

Take the journey. Believe in Radia. Believe in unicorns. Jumping Fire Unicorn  Don't miss The Princess of Aenya!!! 

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Ah, there's my answer! I saw the artwork of the princess riding Amalthea first. I never read the book, but I LOVED the Rankinbass film!