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I am the author of the Aenya series, an interconnected epic fantasy adventure story which includes Ages of Aenya, The Princess of Aenya, and The Feral Girl.


From the time I was six years old, I have only wanted to do one thing, and that's to tell stories. For me, the visual and literary arts go hand in hand. So when I was nine, I dragged my father to DC Comics HQ in NYC to solicit my first superhero, Red Panther. By fourteen, I was sending out queries for my first novel, The Nomad. In high school, I discovered I was not quite as talented in drawing and painting, but I continued to hone my passion for the written word, until earning my BA in English Fiction at the University of South Florida. I continue to find inspiration in the visual arts, sometimes forming entire plotlines from a single image.

I am always on the lookout for dedicated artists to help bring Aenya to life. The pieces I commission are for promotional purposes, but more importantly, they inspires me. I look for artists who specialize in portraits, with an emphasis on the human form, and fantasy landscapes. Depending on the project, I am prepared to pay anywhere between $100 and $1500. E-mail me directly at if interested. Serious inquiries only.

Be sure to check out my author site at or AENYA.NET where you can pick up the epic fantasy adventures that are Ages of Aenya and The Princess of Aenya.

Thank You!

Nick Alimonos

Current Residence: Florida

Favourite genre of music: rock, heavy metal, classical

Favourite style of art: Classical, Impressionism

Skin of choice: bronze

Favourite cartoon character: SpongeBob

Personal Quote: Malon Labe

Favourite Visual Artist
Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo
Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Avatar
Favourite TV Shows
Mythbusters, Demon Slayer, Wandavision
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Metallica, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Celtic Woman, Enya
Favourite Books
The Last Unicorn, The Neverending Story, Watership Down, Dune, The Once and Future King, Watchmen, The Sandman
Favourite Writers
Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, JRR Tolkien, Neil Gaiman
Favourite Games
Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mass Effect, Street Fighter
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Dungeons & Dragons, nudism
Did I lie? OK, I know I said I was going PG from now on, but if you read my old status carefully, you'll see that I specifically didn't want to commission new adult content, since it doesn't help me sell books and gives the wrong impression about the Aenya series. But ... fans sending me stuff for free? No way I can pass that up! And that's just what happened the other day, when I opened my inbox to find a treasure trove of fantastic illustrations of Thelana, Xandr, and many other characters, all sent to me by a very devoted reader. I am still wary of posting NSFW pieces to my featured gallery, however. All it does is attract the p@rn hounds, and yet I am eager to share these new pieces with you. *Thelana is absolutely stunning.* So, to maintain a low profile, I am posting them all to my subscriptions folder. Is this just a crass way to rake in some dough? I'll let you be the judge. But DA takes about 50% and with 10 subscribers so far, paying me $1 each, I make enough for a small
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Let me be clear: I am PG from now on. This means that, if you're waiting around for me to post titillating art, you may be waiting a very, very long time. Will I ever post new pics of the Ilmar? I hate to say never, but for the foreseeable future I am limiting that kind of exposure to fan art that's been sent to me for free (like the recent Thelana action figure prototype). You can check out my recent favorites to see the type of art I would love to add to my gallery. I am particularly fond of landscapes. My WIP, The Magiq of Aenya, is YA fantasy adventure featuring a pair of very young protagonists. I am hoping to produce new art to go with it, scenes exploring the southern coast of the One Sea, including the fishing town of Graton, where the story opens, to the fabled desert oasis of Shemselinihar. If this is something you'd also like to see, please keep following my gallery! But if you're just waiting around for more of the same, R-rated stuff, well, sorry, it's been a good ride
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AENYA is so much more than anyone can imagine, yet I am forced to discuss the same inane subjects time and again. Truth be told, if there is one universal storyline that ties all of the books together, it's this: AENYA was once a planet orbiting its star, but when the star expanded into a red giant, an ancient civilization called the Zo was forced to move their world into a more hospitable orbit. The ensuing tidal forces created a mass extinction event, which became known the The Great Cataclysm, and history started over, leaving a world tidally locked to the gas giant, Infinity. I've spent decades mulling over the logistics and plausibility of this event, and I've discussed it with several scientists, including an astronomer who works at the Hayden Planetarium, an engineering student, and a fellow author / retired geologist. Realism aside, the history of Aenya makes for great storytelling potential, a fertile sandbox for the imagination. It is a story rooted in Sci-Fi and Fantasy,
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Did you play Baldur's Gate 3? Did you make Thelana?

No, but I would really like to. Unfortunately, I am a Mac user, which sucks for games, and I do not yet own a PS5. If the nudity option is available on the PS5, I might get that. In the meantime, I play Thelana in Street Fighter 6, even though I am limited to wearing a bathing suit.

Do you play BG3 and if so, have you made any nude characters in it?

You CAN play nude characters in the PS5 version. I got the deluxe edition and made my very own Autumn. Not as voluptuous as I'd like, but it works.

As 'voluptuous as you like' may be impossible . . . but I'd love to see what you made. Can you share a screenshot?

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Hello Books-of-Aenya, I welcome you and I thank you for the follow-up. See you soon. Treleau.

Thank you for watching ! I know that our visuals universes have most in common in the form that in the substance, but I think we share at least the taste for epic adventure and exotic lands !

Your content, from what I can tell, isn't p@rn, and the art you product tells a story, which I am interested in reading. Not sure if I would consider it naturist art, however--- you focus quite a bit on body parts, which is the opposite of naturism, but we can't all be expressing the same sentiments.

I'm offering subscriptions!
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