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Transgender Genesis 8

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I see people asking for this all the time, so here you are! What you've been waiting for! Totally free!

This package contains morph dials to swap gender on Genesis 8. They can be found under Actor>People>Real World>agentunawares>Transgender.

This is a morph addon and rigging adjustment for the Genesis 8 clone morphs. No custom JCMs, etcetera, so poses can distort the chest area and there is of course unavoidable texture stretching. I tried my level best to line up the areola where it should be. Mostly passable. Will never be as good for genderbending as transferring morphs to the other base, but quicker and easier.

Free for commercial and noncommercial use, but no redistribution of the package except as interactive content where it cannot be easily extracted, if you own an Interactive License for Genesis 8.

If you find this useful or interesting, consider supporting my work on Patreon.
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Works great. Thank you!

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Interesting, will have to try these.

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Thank you so much, really useful morph!

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Thank you very much!

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This sounds great but I think I might've installed the morph incorrectly, it doesn't show up as an option under Real World morphs for either gender.

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Hi These are awesome thanks - do you have any plans to make a G8F-G8M/G8M-G8F pose converter to go with them?

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This is totally great. Thank you!

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Your biggest mistake here is that you also morph breasts.

and that causes horrible deformations when the character you want to transform already has small breasts 
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i need this many thanks

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Wow, thank you!

Made those with your morph:

Anime Boys

Can I i include the trans-Anime-figure in my freebie-Shapes?

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Update: thank you so much AgentUnawares!!! :D
I was almost going to buy "Morph Rigger Plus" just to do this!
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Wait...are you for real???? :O
Wow, I definitely need to check this out!
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This is what I've been looking for. Perfect. Thanks.
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does this file match up with the file structure in daz studio4.10?
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is this for daz or poser?
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Thanks for your work on this. You mention transferring morphs to the other base; I would like to transfer a head morph (only) from G8M to G8F. Is that possible? If so, how would I do it? I tried using the Transfer utility in DS (4.11) but with no success.
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These are so crazy useful. Thank you!!!!!
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thanks a lot! not only do i love the concept generally (tech/3dwise.. and else), it's very useful. while i haven't really got an idea for a "real" transgender character right now, with this awesome morph i can now use DieTrying's Morphs ported to G8F (no G8M version existing), or use G8F textures with makeup on my G8Ms - without the whole $$$ products i don't have (yet?) like morph packs, UV swapper etc.
also, such a G8F male has a nice, finer look. :D
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Thank you very much for this morphs! I will try them asap 
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I made this test image with your morphs. Thanks again

Mature Content

AgentUnawares Transgender Genesis 8 by jerife
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No problem. Hope they work out for you.
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Would it be possible to get this for Genesis 3? I'd be willing to pay!
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Yes, I'll convert this to G3. Always happy to work for my Patrons.
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Thanks so much! That's great news. :)
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