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Transgender Genesis 3

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As requested. Thanks to all of you who made this possible.

This package contains morph dials to swap gender on Genesis 3. They can be found under Actor>People>Real World>agentunawares>Transgender.

This is a morph addon and rigging adjustment for the Genesis 3 clone morphs. No custom JCMs, etcetera, so poses can distort the chest area and there is of course unavoidable texture stretching. I tried my level best to line up the areola where it should be. Mostly passable. Will never be as good for genderbending as transferring morphs to the other base, but quicker and easier.

Free for commercial and noncommercial use, but no redistribution of the package except as interactive content where it cannot be easily extracted, if you own an Interactive License for Genesis 8.

If you find this useful or interesting, consider supporting my work on Patreon.
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Thanks. I was able to convert Aurora Bot's gender... Almost.
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I grabbed both these and the G8. Are there any plans to doing a set for G2?
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This is great! Much better than a morph set that I just bought - great job on the chest, getting the areolae into the right positions. With the problems getting clothing from one figure to fit the other (esp. shoes!), this would be a good way to (hopefully!) create clones from each base figure that can be used according to which fulfills the needs of the scene best. Many thanks! :D
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You are welcome!
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got mixed up - i downloaded the one for G8 :laughing:
still, excellent idea ^^

and thanks, now i downloaded this one too :D
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Are you still doing requests?
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I'm always open to suggestions.
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Ooh umm... could you do my oc in like a badass scene like driving from the cops?

Or would that be too much?
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Oh you're talking an actual art commission. The vast majority of what I do is resources for other people to use. But I do do personal pieces.

What are your refs? If it's that crazy face painted SOB all over your gallery I might take a stab at it, they look pretty neat.
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Lol ya that’s my oc
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It'll be a while since I'm working on other things, but I'll see what I can do.
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Thanks for this, Agent Unawares! You're great.
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