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This is a set of two 8K (8192 x 4096) true HDR skydomes (spherical). Example renders on the left use Skydome 015, and on the right use Skydome 016. Zip file contains two HDR and two JPG previews of cloud types for easy reference after download.

These skydomes may be used in 2D and 3D art without restriction, including games. No attribution required.

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These are fantastic! Thank you so much.

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Reminds the scene of Prometheus and exactly that with the bald engineer! and indeed if you use the same body with the same pose but with him with the bald head you could create a cool character relative the movie.
If you don't know the movie and the relative character -------->…
but i suppose you know him because you created something about Alien No Real Monsters by AgentUnawares
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Hey, that kind of does remind me of the Engineers! Yes, I'm a huge Alien fan. Wasn't so keen on Prometheus and haven't gotten around to Covenant yet but I thought the Engineers as a concept were interesting.
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Yes i agree a concept really cool.....Sin the various movies were really developed bad  and indeed all chapters were a great disappointment for me.