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G3M to G8M World's Greatest Pose Converter


Why is this the World's Greatest G3M to G8M pose converter? It's automatic!

Install the data folder to your DAZ3D library and check out the Pose Controls on your G8M.  You'll find a BRAND NEW G3M Pose section containing a full body ERC pose dial to automatically transpose your G8M's arms and legs to match G3M. With this dial on, ALL G3M POSES WORK AUTOMATICALLY. No fiddling, no fuss, NO SCRIPTS.

But wait, THERE'S MORE!

Most G3M to G8M pose conversion products only account for the base adjustment. Because G8M has different rigging in his legs, poses with extreme thigh bends DON'T WORK RIGHT. In addition to the base adjustment, this has special JCMs that AUTOMATICALLY dial in adjustments when the thighs are bent.


Maybe the full body adjustment is too much for you. Maybe you like to build your poses from both G3M and G8M material. No problem! Each arm and leg has a separate fix dial for all your kitbashing desires.

This is what you've been waiting for for




Have fun, folks.

(No redistribution of the package. Use in any kind of work already allowed by your G8M license is a-okay.)

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is there a G8M => G3M pose converter available too?

THANK YOU! I can't afford a long-term commitment via Patreon. Is there a way to "donate" elsewhere?

This is great! Thanks for sharing your craft.

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Amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome thank you lots

This is huge. Thanks buddy!

This is very useful thanks.

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I love this and use it often

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thank you a lot

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This is excellent. Thank you!

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this may be late, but is there any chance of a G8 to G3 dial for people that want to use G8 poses on G3 figs?

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so necessary. thank you!

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Thank you so much! Such a big help!

its not working anymore, there is no custom panel added

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How do you install and run this? You provided no documentation

Thank you!, This takes a load off pose wise with the new models, Brilliant work.

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I use the G8F almost every day! Thank you :heart:
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A wonderfully awesome tool that I use often!!

Many Thanx!! :D

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Thanks for sharing your work. :)
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Thanks, exactly what I need now, great!

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Thank you very much for this Hug 
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