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Correct FW (And Other) Male Genitalia PS Action

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Note: It has been pointed out to me that this error does not exclusively affect FW characters. It just consistently affects FW characters. Because FW puts out over a hundred characters per generation his catalog is the most likely place for someone to encounter the issue. This error also occurs on two VincentXyooj and two OziChick characters that I have seen personally.

This is for all you longsuffering people out there.

FW characters for Genesis 3 and 8 males have a misplaced anus on the texture maps. This means every single one of them has an extra asshole that doesn't line up with the geometry. Not pretty.

What is pretty? This all-new, all-exciting Photoshop action! Open an FW G3 or G8 male genitalia texture, and run Correct Genitalia. This will copy smooth, clean skin from other areas of the texture over the discolored portion. Voila! No more duplicates. All you have to do is decide whether it looks good enough to save over.

For those of you who want extra control, no problem! Run Correct Genitalia No Flatten. This will give exactly the same result, but the layers remain separate so you can easily make any little tweaks you think are necessary.

I WON'T guarantee the results will be perfect, every time. I WILL guarantee they surpass the originals (or your money back).

You may use the results of this in any application where you have a license to use the original textures, no attribution required.

If you find this useful or interesting, consider supporting my work on Patreon.
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thank you for this.

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I don't see a render to give an example of where to look for the double anus texture that creeps into some but not all skin packs for Genesis 3/8 males.  Can you provide one since this is already labeled mature content?  Thank you! 
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Id like to know a few things. 1: Why are you so obsessed with the anus of 3D figures? and 2: what position are u rendering them in to notice in the first place.

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Don't know if I'll ever need this, but the preview made me smile... :)
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I have to admit I hadn't noticed, I must have been much busier than I thought. Thanks for this. The only thing I did notice once is that they looked like they'd been bleached. :-D
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Thank you! I really like these characters but that whole double asshole thing is only for mutants and aliens ... and maybe a few politicians.  ;-)
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Glad to be of service.
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Just out of curiosity, is this only an issue if you use the Daz gens for G3/G8? I usually use an alternative model as the newer Daz gens are pretty limited unless you plug a bunch of extra morphs in.
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Won't affect any other gens than the original G3M and G8M gens which are copies of one another with slight vertices changes, however the skin maps match, hence the errors are simply copied over 1:1 to them.

Anything like TaB for Daz Studio, or Dicktator, or any other gens which do not use that UV mapping, won't be affected whatsoever.
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Only an issue if you use the DAZ gens or something that uses their textures.
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For what it's worth, at a guess, the issue probably affects all characters that used the FWSA Skinvent Details Merchant Resource as a major part of the texture, or which at least used that as the source for the genital texture. (The resource has a few other issues, which I mentioned in a sort-of-review.) There are also, I believe, only four male G3/G8 resource sets. The best sets -- the two Morris sets -- are getting overused because they're the best, the Skinvent is getting overused because its the least expensive and first to market, and the ForbiddenWhispers set is edging to overuse because it's got a number of options the others don't, and because there are only four resources. (EDIT: Five sets. I forgot about the Mstene MR. So do a lot of other people, I think; I can't say I've definitely seen it in the wild very often. Also, no anus.)

I honestly can't imagine most PAs actually realizing that the anus was badly located. First, they'd assume that everything was in the right place for something sold as a resource, and second, it would just never occur to them to look.

(Also, you have managed to earworm me with the Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl", even though the meter doesn't scan at all with "asshole".)
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I hate to say this but, there is a famous song from the 80's on Broadway from Chorus Line, which fits the Daz perspective... "T & A, got myself a fancy pair, tightened up my derriere, did the nose with it, all that goes with it..."

Daz is female-centric, and now that PayPal doesn't block adult morphs and stuff, they are able to offer more boob morphs and body shapes to make things which are a 3D pornographer's bankroll.  The public at large seems to believe that men are ugly, unattractive and every PA you ask will tell you "male things don't sell".  And it's obvious when you see how much slut-wear is released every week.  Apparently, it must be true that they make millions on their Lolita girls and Lolita Bundles (they even use the name Lolita), which here in Europe has the connotation of being an underage prostitute... 

Most of us who do like males and male figures have to seriously kitbash to make things work, and we buy female clothing so we can modify them to use on men.  The female clothing comes with numerous morphs to allow them to open, drop, flatten etc.  At a reasonable price. so the females can give access to their genital figure being visible via an open morph, or a drop morph or "let boob hang out morph", but god help the men who don't even get a simple BULGE morph... and most male clothing doesn't even have an OPEN morph or a DROP morph for trousers etc.  The technology to do all this is only used for female stuff, but some of the outfits at Daz for females are purposely made with breastplates and things which cannot be "removed" or "flattened" so they could be used as a male outfit part.

If you watch any male release - they male is dumped into the store with a pro bundle and a few extras, and then a day or two later -- the store gets a new Lolita set from 3DUniverse and many others, the little girls are coming out of the woodwork, and god knows how many bikinis and mini-skirts are needed to render things.  So I think QA must be instructed to do everything possible to get the female stuff out there and sold and are told "male stuff doesn't sell" and don't even bother to check it... just dump it out there we have "better things to do.. T&A and Lolitas and Slut-Wear are our bread and butter..."

What bothers me the most is - I've never seen the slutty art stuff that is supposedly the core of the business they are doing at the Louvre, or any other reputable museum or even on most video games.  Usually, the heroes are more the males, with unique females like Wonder Woman, or Storm or Phoenix or Batgirl or Catwoman... But somehow I"m confused how their view of males came to be... eventually perhaps they won't need to make any male characters and figures by Genesis 9.. because we can simply dress them all up as transvestites and even do what Renderotica does - slap a penis on them and that will become the world-view.  Who needs men anymore when you can turn all the females into big breasted big dicked caricatures?

Let's see how this actually plays out in the near future.
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I recently posted a half length image of Sawyer, in my gallery, my first upload to DS, it had the default pubes. Though the only thing of any nether region was the pubes and crab trail they removed it immediately and said it was nudity. I then photoshop'd on a tiny thin strip of the waistband from a pair of speedos and reposted it. It is still there. I complained more than I ever have about anything. I threatened to never spend another penny with them again, I had spent five months wages with them and it was a major insult. I didn't get an apology form anyone but a lackey and that was a very poor excuse for one with a massive 'but we have to maintain or standards and our TOS must be upheld. I'd pointed out the unbelievably, blatant, pedophilic images, promos, and the outrageous naked groins on female characters covered only be the thinnest strip of bikini not to mention all the pose promos of blue figures showing everything. They totally ignored it and said the blue figures implied made of metal or stone! They are massive homophobes. Oh, I also pointed out that they'd had an image of two female characters being bound at wrist and neck, sold at a bazaar in their gallery which was far more offensive and contravening their TOS than a crab ladder on a male figure! I totally wasted my breath. They didn't give a stuff if I ever spent another penny again with them. If I knew a journalist I would have them exposed for the scum they are!
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This is probably true.
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Interesting, and would be useful if I had Photoshop... Is there anything out there for GIMP that would do the same thing, or would I have to create it?
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Nope, GIMP doesn't really do automation like this unless you're very good at scripting.

You can download CS2 free from Adobe if you just want to run this macro.
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I laughed so hard at the picture
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Ahh, thanks.....
You said that you took it up with Daz but with no results!
Did ya try talking to Fred himself! (FW=Fred Winkler). Possible he may not be aware of this. I'l dealt with him before and he is a pretty strait up guy. So, I'm sure if you talked to him about it, it will most likely get fixed! Beside, as I recall, he has Silver do most. If not, all of his skin textures.
Just an idea!
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No, I haven't hassled Fred. The whole of the G3 generation has this problem and it continues through to G8. So if in that entire time DAZ QA has never got back to him I can assume this must surely be due to some choice on his part and I'll respect his wishes. As I understand it DAZ's relationship with PAs is that DAZ is supposed to handle quality control and support. In addition, the vast majority of these are DAZ Originals. So I will lay the fault on DAZ.

I can't honestly expect anyone to go back and fix all of these - there are 57 of them at DAZ alone. What I do expect that never happens is for DAZ to take the time to tell an artist that does a huge amount of work for them "hey, you need to make your future male anatomical textures actually match the geometry like your female ones do."

There was recently a problem with an FW female texture that didn't have nipples and that was fixed very shortly after being reported. Meanwhile male textures do not get fixed despite having the entire range reported as all having the same glaring mistake. I have to assume this is on purpose.

I believe it was Sabby that was responsible for the base resources and does a lot of the texture work with him now.
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No excuses for a continuance of an issue. You'd have a hard time selling me on the idea that creator doesn't know by now, especially when other pa's do. QA knows. They tried to tell me initially the issue was fixed- it was not. Then they simply told me my new Gen 8 male would never be fixed. This is a new generation character. Its sloppy and the store doesn't care.
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I reported initially the misplaced Nipple issues with the female and male textures and the merchant resources at the start of G3M/G3F, the nipples would protrude not centered in the areolas but on the sides of them.  As this affected both male and female (the female being the most important, they fixed this issue.  At the same time I reported the error on the Merchant Resource for the males as having a "sh*t stain" or extra butthole on the genital map.  They closed my first report as being "solved" then I filed over 40+ reports over and over again.  Each one was closed with "resolved", but never an update took place.

The Merchant Resource that was sold at Daz has been used by multiple texturists, and I didn't know about OziChick as I never buy her male skins as she doesn't usually make male genital textures - or at least her description texts on Daz do not include Anatomical Elements in them.  As a supporter of male figures I find it inexcusable to have a merchant resource that comes with genitalia and you just leaving them off.  Two of my PA friends made male textures and used the FW Resource and I told them to remove the dual buttholes from the genitalia textures, and they did so.  After G3M and the M7 series was finished, I bought M8 and it came with FW textures again, we made bets among each other "will he have dual buttholes", I bet yes, my friends bet no, he would have fixed that by the new generation - and I won every single bet.  Including the newest bet with the 2 extra skins not part of the Edward 8 pro bundle... They both have dual buttholes as I bet.  My bets have earned me lots of money over this stupid thing Daz has ignored.  I stopped reporting them when they closed all my tickets out as "resolved" and nothing happened.  I guess cause all the FW and FWSA textures are cheap, and were parts of every bundle released, they just didn't bother.  Now if this issue continues with M9 and G9M then I think it will be a huge running gag with all of us that Daz hates males.  Which we already kind of know already.

Crazy isn't it?
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