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Team Fortress 2 - Pyro

Classic pin ups based on the team fortress 2 class's

9 days/Intous 3/photoshop

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Before our computer broke, l loved playing tf2 as

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*cough* whoa...
This is a burning pyro!!!
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Are these for sale by any chance? I would love to buy them
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Wow for someone that wears a gas mask all day and is fat in game, I would still smash. If that's actually what the pyro looked liked.
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Aaaaaaaaand I lost deviantart roulette in less than a second.
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WOW cool! check me out plz
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how about no :'D
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For a person wo kills others using a flamethrower this is incredibly sexy. 
I guess we could say that she is incedibly .................... hot !
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*applauds after five seconds of crickets*
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*presses E like a mad man*
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Game freezes
Stops playing.
Gets life.
Waits 30 years.
Comes back
Nope, still frozen.
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Well hello there, lovely lady. *Straightens hair*
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pyros a homosexual male

look it up on thegametheorists on youtube
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