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Super Mario Warfare

By agentscarlet
Super Mario with guns!

Peach is now a scientist that gets kidnapped all the time
and Mario is a veteran spec ops commando.


EDIT: its not a Mexican flag, its an Italian flag with a mushroom in the middle, I'll admit its a little confusing.
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But Mario hes not Mexican hes Italian
KYSNOWOKK's avatar
When Normie use mods on Mario Bros 
Aeon-Silence's avatar
This actually happened with Beatdownboogie.
Cyraka's avatar
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J25TheArcKing's avatar

Italian flag with a mushroom, pretty cool it suits him well!

Rock on Mario with the assault rifle woo hoo!

bayul's avatar
Why can't we have this concept pursued?!!! I love this!
mk456's avatar
...oh dear gods i only thank jebus that ninendo is perhaps one of the few companies left that dose not have their head up their ass. So we will never see this one coming through....still wish for a mario rpg 2 do x.x
PowerArmoredVaultBoy's avatar
so this is what roach looks like
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
This is an awesome piece! Nice job with the colors, shading and details. Can you please do a version with Luigi and Daisy?
CID228's avatar
Sooo.. the real koopa would equal the 'Drug Enforcement Administration' (DEA) ? ..on account of mario chewing all that mushroom, and the battle is on for the Mushroom Kingdom ..?
Mewtwo888's avatar
Peach the buissness woman lol
MixMaster345's avatar
I'm guessing that the turtle shells are grenades then, right?
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It makes sense that Peach would be a scientist in the real-world, since the original SMB manual described her as possessing magical abilities that could "break the spell" of Koopa over the Mushroom kingdom. Some people describe magic as "science we have yet to understand."

Nice job on this!
HanerTheHedgehog's avatar
found this on google plus. this is awesome, dude!
EBE246's avatar
DUDE|, this is so sick. Fucking awesome.
Balron's avatar

D: >
Maksim64's avatar
metal gear mario!
Mattsemotions's avatar
Luigi should be in a guile suit
hehe i think someone do this concept has a short film
it call ``mario warfare teaser``

nice work whit your draw
Raze-n-Burn's avatar
Very cool.
I also thought it was a Mexican flag... until I looked closer. You know, as opposed to doing this:
"Is that a mexican flag? Mario isn't mexican! I need to inform the artist that Mario isn't Mexican quick! OMG *rantpost*".
Huge time saver IMO. ;)
LongLiveLink's avatar
it would TOTALLY be like that :iconmegustaplz:
leonsode's avatar
XD is awesome
masteralucard14's avatar
Incredible! You should be paid to make this into a game!!! It reminds me of Metal Gear Solid for some reason, and yet your art has a life and story of its own!

I wanna grow up to be u one day :3
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