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Kicking off 2013 with a half spider, half drow elf. Few men are able to look past the hypnotic illusion of a beautiful maiden to the horrible beast beneath, by the time they do its too late anyway…

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She looks such like a goddess and is really scary at the same time... She is perfect to describe Lolth in one pic!

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I've been working on a cosplay based of this awe-inspiring piece since I saw it in a TikTok over a year ago. She's so terribly beautiful, I can't help myself

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Such a remarkable contrast between the beauty of the drow's face and the gtotesque nature of the giant spider...
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Simply amazing! It almost looks as of she was singing some elvish song to lure them to her.. :D You rock!
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Epic, and Amazing! :)
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That is SO excellent. I love how defined the upper part is in comparison to the beast part, really emphasizes it so it's what you notice first... just wonderfully detailed!
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Very well done, I really like how you focused our attention on the elf part with vivid colors, more developed shading, inviting pose, lighting effect so that she "glows" etc
And then you got the rest of the body and background which contrast with what I just mentioned. It looks great!
Also, I found your icon on the picture ^^
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