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Episode two - 1985

Locked myself away to do this piece for a while, I like old movie posters, especially the star wars and james bond ones. So wanted to do one for half life in a similar style.

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Would love to see the whole series done like this. So good.
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I just love this so much, you wouldn't believe.
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Print please!
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Send this to Valve, make them publish it as an actual poster.

That would be AWESOME.
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i want this in my room
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You should try Black Mesa next!
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I am sorry, but the thing I like here most is... Every Hollywood hero must have his badass old-school MUSCLE-CAR
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How did you make the small text at the very bottom like that?
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This... is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!
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lol tf2 reference at the bottom
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A great piece but is that a revolver that Alyx is holding?

I don't remember that in the game.
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WOW, Surreal, why was G-Man nervous or scared?
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Wow. This is simply the perfect counterpart to the Portal 2 '70s poster from a while back.
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Great job, I love those old 80's movie posters. I wish they would go back to that style for all the big blockbusters.
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very cool :D loved how vintage this looks
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If I make a full movie like this......[link]

... will you do the movie posters???????
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I want this to be a real movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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epicness right here
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