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Errand-1 of team Everflame



Client: Luke
Errand no: #1
Date Issued: 14th April 2014
Date Due: 17th April 2014

Wow, it's been a while since I used this errand board. Brings back some nice memories, heh. Anyway, how's it goin' fellas? I've got a lil' problem I could use some help with. Some cheeky buggers have gone and used the chaos after Mr. Statue's rampage as an excuse to practice their graffiti. It's all over th' place in the downtown areas, in alleyways, even on some restaurant walls! Probably just juvenile Smeargles havin' some fun. It's just that some of it's kinda rude. I'd ask ya to scrub it all off, but, well... they did put a lot of effort into it. So instead of gettin' rid of it all, how about you scrub off th' rude words an' replace them with something nice? Come see me about your rewards when it's done! I've got one Star Coin for any team who helps me out! Ta.

A couple of pesky smeargles graffiti the whole town! though Alpha seems to cover it up just fine adding his own touches. Making sure his shawl doesn't get dirty as well. 

Though Reach from team reashit might wanna start running after getting shimmer wet, especially since it was cold water XD

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