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Kyoshi Warrior Suki

:iconsolemnsally: as Kyoshi Warrior Suki

Not as dynamic as the other shot but here you can marvel :iconsolemnsally:'s attention to detail you can really see the craftsmanship in this shot. All the intricate details put into this amazing costume...


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paddygirl's avatar
omg, it looks amazing! :D I want to make a Suki cosplay too, but I can't make a proper armor to save my life -.-U. Could you please tell me wich materials did you use for the armor and for the arm pieces? I would be very grateful :)
Nawin92's avatar
Love the make-up and the green fabrics! It's a really nice cosplay ^^
SuperSam1's avatar
This is great! I love this cosplay because its designed to look more realistic rather that exactly copying the cartoon, which would make it look fake. It looks like Suki stepped into the real world and I love it!
ultimateduofan's avatar
What fabric did you use for your gloves and what material did you use for the armlets?
ShotzgoBoom's avatar
sorry about this late response, I don't get notified about these comments since this isn't posted on my page. The gloves are just gloves I bought at a store, and and the gauntlets are made of craft foam :)
I love this! Your detail is amazing! The medalions on the arms and the armor--so inventive. What is the armor made from?
ShotzgoBoom's avatar
Thanks! The armor is made from craft foam
Ginger-Seat's avatar
Wow. That's a lot of detail. Good job, Solemnsally. :)
kawaii-sasuke's avatar
I really like the kind of fabric that you used for Suki! C : The cartoon version might be plain but I think it adds more realism to it if you find a suitable fabric like this one. Very cool C :
Valechan92's avatar
this shot il really awesome!
superwaffle350's avatar
How'd you do the armor and wrist guards?
ShotzgoBoom's avatar
I made them with craft foam :)
That's Suki come to life.
cacaoshi's avatar!
It's awesome!!!! I love the green fabric, it's perfect!
AmandaWinchester's avatar
oh wow this is amazing!!! do you think that you could tell me how you made it? my sister really want to be a kyoshi warrior for halloween so i have been looking for designs and this one is perfect! do you think you can help me out? thanks =)
ShotzgoBoom's avatar
Hey there! This wasn't posted on my account, so I didn't know about the comment, but I'm the cosplayer depicted and I'd be more than happy to give you tips, but I'm afraid I might be too late to help you by Halloween! :(
AmandaWinchester's avatar
oh no problem! i would still love to know how you did your costume because it is the best kyoshi warrior costume i have ever seen! i could always use it for next halloween =)
WhiteRose53's avatar
Wow, that's amazing~! ^^ Really good job.
tipsycakes's avatar
wow that is gorgeous! :wow: I'm loving all the detail in the fabric, and her makeup! :love:
doryishness's avatar
this is how they should have done it in the movie.

Got to love avatar
MorganaDarkness's avatar
Huge Avatar fan! The make up and the costume..... the details making me go grrr!
MorbusParkinson's avatar
I... LOVE... your cosplay... and the make up is SO PERFECT!!!
and the gear and you took such a nice fabric for the costume... it simply takes my breath away...

just... A M A Z I N G!!!!!
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