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Reflections on 2015 from The Geek


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Reflections on 2015 from The Geek


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Water Tower Series: Mean Green in the Trees

Water Tower Series

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A large TARDIS at The Great Allentown Comic Con

2014 Great Allentown Comic Con Summer Show

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Stuffy Doll: Magic the Gathering's First Mascot

Magic the Gathering Series Photography

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Duke interrupts a Porn Shoot - Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D Screenshots

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Romance - Love in the Air at Lehigh Valley Airshow

2013 Lehigh Valley Airshow

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The Floor at The Great Allentown Comic Con

2013 Great Allentown Comic Con

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College Lacrosse - Lehigh v Navy - The Face-off


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Quake - Start the Game - Screenshot

Quake Screenshots

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Slices of Arcadia: Skies of Arcadia in a Cake

Food and Drink

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A pack of Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cards

Non-Sport Card Show

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