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I would advise listening to [link] while staring at this

first of all, this is not a game I'm working on, I just felt like making a mock-NES title screen. I think it turned out great!

I really like how Atlas and Chell came out, P-body not so much. But its an issue that cant really be helped when you are working in such a small space.

If you haven't picked up Portal 2 yet, I would highly recommend it, I love it to death.

Anyways, Hope you like it!
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1st, thanks for the watch,

and 2nd, HEY! I saw this screen on that 8-bit Want You Gone video just yesterday and wondered who made it because it was just so classy, and then just that person turned up today.


This is great by the way, brings back nostalgia in a new outfit!