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dA 16th Birthday color thing by AgentMaryland93 dA 16th Birthday color thing :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 3 0
Commission for UltraLulzz
Luna sighed as she heard the familiar giggle of Nala with someone. This was typical, and practically routine. He would venture off, return later with someone. Though, what they did she cared not to think about. It wasn't the prospect of wanting someone in such a physical way, it was that she wished she at the very least, just had someone to be there with her.
Someone like her.
Though she feared that all would not take to her, to reject her for her appearance. So she stayed in the castle with Nala, Mido, and Wonder. The only time she ever cracked a smile was when Wonder was up to no good. The cat boy was always trying to get under Mido's skin. But not for the reason of being a brat, it was his way of saying he cared.
She was startled from her transfixed state of thought when someone placed a hand on her shoulder. Looking back, she saw it was Nala. A big, goofy smile on his face as usual.
“Something interesting about that wall, ya? You've been staring at it for some time.” he
:iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 5 4
Treat by AgentMaryland93 Treat :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 4 2 Pumpkin by AgentMaryland93 Pumpkin :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 8 2 Crow silhouette by AgentMaryland93 Crow silhouette :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 11 1 Leaf brush experimentation by AgentMaryland93 Leaf brush experimentation :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 7 3 This is why I don't tell jokes by AgentMaryland93 This is why I don't tell jokes :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 9 20
Mature content
Commission (written) :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 9 19
SeeCommission by AgentMaryland93 SeeCommission :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 4 5 Thanks for 300 Watchers! by AgentMaryland93 Thanks for 300 Watchers! :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 21 33 CommissionSeeWIP by AgentMaryland93 CommissionSeeWIP :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 4 7
Perfectly Imperfect
There are days when you may laugh,
there are days that you may cry.
Choose left or right down the forked path,
is it even worth the try?
You have no choice but to decide,
right or wrong at least you tried.
Life is full of misconceptions,
pointing you in all directions.
You find yourself making countless corrections,
but that's one of life's many imperfections.
But know that even if you are incorrect,
that either way,
you're perfectly imperfect.
And that's how you should be.
:iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 11 10
Finished commission: Alex Madness by AgentMaryland93
Mature content
Finished commission: Alex Madness :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 4 14
The Chess Master by AgentMaryland93
Mature content
The Chess Master :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 24 26
Modiplier by AgentMaryland93 Modiplier :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 19 17 Shade attempt 4 by AgentMaryland93 Shade attempt 4 :iconagentmaryland93:AgentMaryland93 6 4

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Morning in Technicolor II by MyLifeThroughTheLens Morning in Technicolor II :iconmylifethroughthelens:MyLifeThroughTheLens 654 17
   Contest time! because I Hit 380 watchers! X3 and because I hit it I will be making Creepy's back story! BUT! I will not upload it until I hit 400 watchers X'3 Anyways here is what you must do.
in this contest you will be making your own SLENDER project Character. Male or female the type of species it can be is.
máv̱ros diafthorá (Greek for Black Corruption, meaning they have black tips in their hair.)
Or a Hybrid mix of only two-4 of the things listed.
it must be either a child (4-10), Teen (11-17), Or Adult (18-21)

1. Must be finished by January FIRST.
2. Must be a full body.
3. No Bases are allowed in this contest.
4. must have gore. (aka missing limbs, robotic parts, missing eyes, etc,etc)
5. must have a back story on how they got into the SLENDER project. 
6. May have 1-2 characters
7. Have Fun!
TIP: The More complex the more likely t
:iconthesteampunkmistress:TheSteamPunkMistress 10 156
Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 22 by Sapphiresenthiss Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 22 :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 851 1,063 Slender bros by IcyhazardX Slender bros :iconicyhazardx:IcyhazardX 56 12 Creeps - pg.9 by SabrinaNightmaren Creeps - pg.9 :iconsabrinanightmaren:SabrinaNightmaren 382 103 Lilly and Offenderman by lehstar Lilly and Offenderman :iconlehstar:lehstar 35 31 Offender Comic 21 by IceBridget Offender Comic 21 :iconicebridget:IceBridget 127 579 Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 21 by Sapphiresenthiss Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 21 :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 635 561 Queen Miura (AgentMaryland93) by Eve-Of-Halloween Queen Miura (AgentMaryland93) :iconeve-of-halloween:Eve-Of-Halloween 3 3 Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 20 by Sapphiresenthiss Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 20 :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 634 855 Queen Kimila (Redrumkat) by Eve-Of-Halloween Queen Kimila (Redrumkat) :iconeve-of-halloween:Eve-Of-Halloween 3 2 Queen Zulua by Eve-Of-Halloween Queen Zulua :iconeve-of-halloween:Eve-Of-Halloween 4 0 Ebaqu Template by Eve-Of-Halloween Ebaqu Template :iconeve-of-halloween:Eve-Of-Halloween 3 9


I will do anything you want (within reason and as long as it does not go against my commission rules and as long as I can do it (please note me first before sending points, please and thanks.)
Normal commissions
These can be anything, not just Creepypasta, but your OC. Now, these ones may or may not be done in lineless.

The added Prices will be tacked onto the normal price.

Simple shading +15 :points:
My normal shading +10 :points:
Background (free unless you want something specific) +10

Please give full detail in what you want and what kind of shading you want.

Hair/skin/eye color
clothes style and color
any specifics not normally found on a human
Canon w/ OC
This is where I will write anything with your OC. 

Multiple chapters are free unless it exceeds three in which it will cost an extra 80 :points:
These are the pictures I have drawn, and can draw for you. Just let me know what you would like. My art is slowly improving, but I can do some male anatomy and Pokemon. Also, if you are unsure if I can do the request, please MESSAGE me first.)

Just a sketch is 50 (I will clean up the lines, I won't leave it messy)
with color +15
with shading is +10
more than one character is +50 for each extra person
with background +40
This is where I'll write mainly JUST OC. 
Normal CreepyPasta stories
This is where I will only write stories containing Pasta's, no OC's.
OC stories of any kind
This is for stories that will include one or more OC's with Pasta's, please give full detail when requesting please and thank you. They do not have to have to be CreepyPasta stories, however, check with me before hand to see if I know the background of what you want.


What an interesting background story that which started all the macabre! Laughing Jack is truly an interesting character to behold. Ver...

Hm, dark indeed. I imagine the story behind this being one of high conflict. The shortness of sentence in broken parts, to me, symboliz...


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308 / 200,000

I'm a little short handed on points, anyone mind donating? Even if it's like, just 1 point, it's still something :3
Work For Points 'Stamp' by Nessarie :points: Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
(requests are closed for the moment until I finish the ones I have)
Also, I will give Llama badges and favs for points ^^

2 :points: gets you a Llama and 5 favs
5 :points: gets you a Llama and 10 favs
10 :points: gets you a Llama and 20 faves and a watch ^^

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My Deviant name is AgentMaryland93, real name; Maria. You may call me: May, Mary, Maria, or Marie.

My hobbies are rather normal for being an average person. If I'm not working on a story, I'm playing a video game, or chatting it up in Role Play with some friends.

I created my OC, Bella Luna. She is just an average Slenderwoman (I have probably incurred the wrath of those of you who don't believe Slender's species has females, but, oh well) and I am still working on her background.

I currently live in the Eastern coast of the United States, have all my life. I love my friends with every ounce of my being. I will never intentionally act harsh towards anyone, but if you make me mad, then you will get a not so friendly response.

As you can see, my art is rather.......subpar at best (probably not even that good). I may or may not try to improve as I go along my life. I mainly focus on writing stories rather than drawing. However, I have always wanted to be a skilled artist, and even though a few mental hindrances might prevent me from getting there very fast; I will eventually get there!

I am the Founder of The CreepyPasta Original Character Haven Group. In that group, we strive to try and let the not so famous OC's people have created, be known. This is no easy task as not many are open to new ideas and others simply shun them because of their appearance/background/info. Everyone deserves a shot though. If you have any questions about the group, either myself or :iconeve-of-halloween: will be glad to assist you. ^^

Despite the fact I write a lot of 'CreepyPasta' stories, I'm more into Slendeverse. In fact, those are all typo's seeing as CreepyPasta and Slenderverse are two separate fandoms. I prefer Slender and his 'brother's' over CreepyPasta really. I should at some point go back and correct all those.

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:iconattackontitanandocs::iconthe-smexy-slender: (plus many more)
This person had a bit of an accident which involved them being in need of a new medical device. As a result, they're doing very cheap commissions to come up with the money. Why not check them out?

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  • Watching: Markiplier and JackSepticEye LP's
  • Playing: Overwatch Comp
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