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1000 miles there and back
the fuel forced through
pistons and explosions--
I don't know how a car works
only that it doesn't without money--
enough to cover the distance between here
and where crickets keen in the heat--
where I am no longer remembered
by the damp skies, the singing mosquitos--
the past pressed behind me by paths I have forged.
Still this wheezing car is a mocking bird--
it hawks its reproductions through the vents
and through the floorboards I sense motion
not unlike that of heat, driven in waves
from baked blacktop, a solemn sea,
the land abandoned--
and it is not forgotten,
no single sound nor smell nor dampness,
they are all carried in the treads of my tires,
the scratches in my paint--
I ferry them through a life-- uncharted--
with one focal point
from which it arose.
I wrote this two months after graduating from Furman. I've missed Florida probably more every day since the moment I left.
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