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So! I've been meaning to write a post for a while, but every time I tried I couldn't think of what to say. I'm still not entirely sure, but either way I needed to say something.

I wanted to apologize, activity from me has been slow for a while, and I've been unable to do the things I've wanted to do.

The exact reasons aren't something I feel comfortable talking about, but it has been going on for a long time and until more recently I was able to continue working despite it (for nearly 6 years!). However due to more recent problems it has become too much to deal with all at once, unfortunately many things have taken a back seat while I take time for myself.

Just to clear the air--

Will there be Celestial Seas events again?

Yeah! There's a high chance there won't be a summer event, I don't think I'd be able to pull it off right now. I'm likely going to focus on more quests/repeatable content before returning to entirely new seasonal event stories every year.

Are you still working on Celestial Seas?

Slowly! I'm not dropping it or anything. I care a lot about it and want to make it as good as it can be, but right now I need to take it slow. I have some updates planned! It's not ending any time soon.

When will things be back to normal?

No idea! It's not really something I can force.

Will there be more adopts?

Occasionally! I'm still working on this years browlets and there are some guest sets in the works + some patreon one offs from time to time.

Overall though I want to try to be as transparent as I can, so if anyone has any questions/concerns please feel free to ask and I'll answer them as best I can! Thank you everyone for the patience during this time.

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Awwww Corn! don't you worry, take all the time you need. I think some repeatable quest/prompts would work really well! I love the events, but most of the time they are to much to finish (and you want to finish it to get the better rewards and complete it off course). Some open prompts would be amazing for character and world building, allowing a bit more open stories.

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:hug: we're here for u corn!!

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I understand needing to take time for yourself, I hope your recovery is swift and as pain free as possible.

If there is any universe constant its that even after a disaster, corn will flourish!

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please make sure to take care of yourself first and foremost! <3

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Just be sure to take care of yourself!! You and your health come before anything, stay safe <3

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get well soon......SIKE

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I hope things get better soon!!♡ No rush and take it easy. Those big events must be a huge amount of work even under normal circumstances.

I wonder if you'll be posting that update on the discord server? : o
Not many people are checking deviantart too often nowadays

Also as a question concerning the species: I'm wondering if anything that you wanted to do or make for the arpg has been cancelled or put on indefinite halt because of your current situation? Besides big events of course
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I'm sorry to hear things are difficult for you right now and I hope it gets better! <33

You've done so much for C-S this last year don't feel like you can't take a break and focus on yourself! <3

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