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♦ The Browbird Exchange ♦


People seemed interested so it's back! We also have over 400 browbirds on the masterlist now! The species is GROWING FAST!! :~D
Have a browbird that you aren't quite connecting with and would like to swap for a new one? Want a specific browbird design that you aren't sure you could get with a custom? This place was made for you! Here, owners can go to exchange their browbird design for a MYO browbird! MYOs, guest designs, and past designs by me are all accepted here!



This is for BROWBIRDS ONLY, no other celestial species or other designs should be offered here.

♦ You can only exchange up to two browbirds, meaning you can get two MYOs total. One person cannot gain more than two MYOs from this exchange event.

♦ You may also not have more than three unused Celestial Seas MYO slots at one time.

♦ The MYO will have matching traits and type to the one you exchange to me. No extra traits can be requested/purchased.

Example: If you give me an all common design with 1 rare trait, you will get an all common MYO with one rare trait. You choose where to apply the rare trait.

♦ All rarities will be going off of what's most consistent with the weebly, in the case of any incorrect/outdated info in the master list descriptions since we are in the process of updating it.

♦ You can offer your own browbird to get a MYO slot from this event for someone else either as a gift or for a three way trade. You must tell me this at the time of getting the slot, as whoever's name is written first on the slot list is the owner of it.

♦ Comment with any questions you have

Exchange Specific Rules


- I have the right to trade, gift, redesign, and/or keep any design given to me through the browbird exchange. I will decide their fates.

- For designs I originally created, I have the right to resell them for whatever price I see fit (including more than the original price). I will not resell MYOs, or guest designs (aka: anything not originally designed by me) for more than the listed price if I decide to resell unless I do new, updated artwork/redesign for them. (in that case i would ask the original artist for their consent for resale!)

How to Exchange


Comment with the browbird design by providing a link to the masterlist entry.

When I accept, please either transfer the exchanged design to me on toyhouse or give me a stash with the rull rez image. After I receive all of that you will be granted a platinum myo slot ticket which will be uploaded to the masterlist!

10 slots this round just like last time!
Will close when all are taken.
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Would you be open for one more trade <:3 ? I have Browbird 029 that I'd be interested in swapping.