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Child of Offerings

i was given the amazing oppourtunity to do a guest design for Stygians and this was the final result! I'm still pretty new to the species, but they're a lot of fun to draw and design and it was a joy to get to do such a fancy design like this! i actually started them several months ago in january and i spent sooo much time getting everything together and making the details just right >:-D i was really happy to get to work with aries as well, as it's my moon sign. 

★ if you're interested in the design it's up for auction! ★
go check it out! and check out the species as well if you haven't they're super cool!
{ Stygian Legendary Auction } Offerings (open!) by Zoomutt


if you won't mind i wanted to talk a little about my thought process on the design!! i spent a while thinking of each detail so i really have wanted to ramble about it :,D though please skip if it doesn't interest you, i'm just really into talking about designing.

for the colors: white as the main color since to some it can represent rebirth, but also it is the color of ash. red was used as an accent since it's commonly associated with the zodiac sign, aries. while gold was associated with the mythology behind the aries constellation! it's based from the winged ram with golden fleece who was sacrificed (as an offering) to posieden to return him to the god.

i felt like things such as gold, wheat, bones, and the burning sections could also play into the "offering" themeing as well since they are things that may be offered to a deity, sometimes through burning as well. aaand aries is also a fire sign! hence the singes and embers working to that effect as well.

the laurels were for the association with victory in competition of course! often for events having to do with athletics or battles. ;3c

the last thing i wanna mention though is there is a self-sacrificing nature to those who have aries as their sign. but it's in a very subdued way for many aries, like a "suffer in silence" sort of thing. so details of the weapon and blood were for that. I imagined someone perhaps who fights for others, but at their own expense. 🥺 Though everything is up to the owners interpretation as well, this was just my thoughts as a designer!
also a bigass sword through the chest because that's just real cool!! it's just a design feature i'm very fond of and it happened to work well for my theme :,D

Stygians are a closed species!

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I am blown away. This is so damn beautiful

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This is probably one of the prettiest drawings ive seen on here ;2;

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ugugughgughg the composition of this version is splendid!!!!!!!! EXCEPTIONAL!!
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jeepers i dont know a lot about stygians but every time i see event & guest designs and whatnot around the place they are just breathtaking!! the attention to detail in this piece is so clearly painstaking and loving & it's makes for such a delightful viewing experience, and i love reading about your thought process in configuring the design - it's so interesting!!
as an aries, i feel a special affinity to your explanation hahahaha.
all of the design elements you mentioned come together so concisely and beautifully in this piece!

super cool to see it fetch a high price at auction, well-earned & congratulations!! 
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Gorgeous piece. The artwork is phenomenal. Awesomeness. If you get time please give feedback on some of my work.
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omg thank you?? 😭
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You did such an incredible job on them Corrin!!
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thank you so much!! 💖💖
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this is beyond astounding, absolutely your best work yet!!!! I love this so much! 
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thank you so much!! ;__; <3
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Such a stunning design~

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thank you!! 😭
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Holy smokes this is really blowing my mind. Absolutely stunning work!! <3

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thank you so much mowen!! i'm really glad you think so ;__; it means a lot to hear that!
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thank you!!! 💖
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this turned out so beautiful corrin ;; i hope the auction goes well!! <33
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