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Baryonyx final piece in biro

My biggest and most cherished piece of work to date. GCSE final piece of a life sized baryonyx walkeri in bic biro! Over 70 hours of work went into it and I can gladly say that it was worth it. It measures about 120cm by 210cm. :D
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This is outstanding! I was lucky enough to see it on a school open day about... 4 years ago. Such an inspiration for me now at GCSE! Keep up with your amazing talent
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Gorgeous!! Well done, it's a beautiful piece!
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This truly is a stunning piece of work. You can tell that you really put a lot of time and effort into this piece. 
Was just scoutin and seen ur work on this,…. Looks Class :-) love biro
A masterpiece, you really should cherish it!
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Amazing piece of work, i liked seeing the process photos too, Bary is huge!
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your work is beyond amazing, keep it up (hope you will do other dinos)! :)
Tyrannosaurus-Rex1's avatar
Really nice!!!
The tonal work, the scales and etc. is just simply outstanding!
I'm influenced by your use of scale drawings, which i shall use in my HSC artwork.
I will show you my unfinished work also!!!!! :)
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Bary is that big!? Why does everyone call him "small" if he is that big!
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 suppose he's tiny for a theropod ;)
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life size? THAT THING'S HUGE!!!! looks like a moniter lizard to me in some ways dB
but in all, super epic job!
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Yes, and thank you!! :D :party:
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Looks very nice...
I'm sure it was a great pain in the ass aswell.
But I think that the prize was worth the effort, no? dooo look quite tired in the top picture...
To imagine that you'd not even dare show your tiredness in the second!
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Thank you! I was exhausted and that was only 2 or 3 hours into it... I think it was just because I knew how much I had to do! Absolutely worth the effort :D I would have loved to get a photo with the finished product but unfortunately I had to sleep for 11 days to make up for it. :sunnysideup:
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haha ^^
Aye, respect for the hard-ass working artists!
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The drool and scales look epic. *-*
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Thank you! The scales killed me :no:
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Amazing and great detail on the art and shading nice
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Thank you very much! :D
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