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The Lost Arcana - 24

By agent57
I know tarot cards are kinda... done a lot. But I wanted to do this. And I figure instead of doing new versions of the old cards, I would make new ones! ...or something. I've got more in mind, from different fandoms. This one is kind of obvious, but I hope some of the other ones will be more obscure. (If I do them, cough.)

I went a little crazy with the iconography and the religious-like stuff. Hope no one's offended... it's just fun to draw.

Card 24 - The Doctor, sometimes referred to as The Lonely God. There have been several diverse designs of it found. The versions vary greatly, though some of the symbols are consistent in all of them. This card represents adventure, knowledge, and longevity. When reversed, the card represents isolation, grief, and stormy weather.

[edit] I meant to mention this before, and possibly it's pretty obvious... the nine doctor faces in the background were traced in Illustrator. Yes, TRACED. I wasn't as familiar with their faces, and I really just wanted to make it look pretty...
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mygoodrabbit's avatar
Love the whole idea, and it came out lookin' classy. <3
doranobaka's avatar
There are no words for the amount of awesome this image contains.
JazzLizard's avatar
Incredible job here! This kind of captures the whole "The Doctor, mythical God-like being seen throughout history" mystique that he's got.
NeptunesQueenBee's avatar
This is awesome. If you could make a full set you could make alot of money.
this is really gorgeous. i like the religious feel of it, too. it's just really pretty and really cool. are you going to make a full deck?
Clovis-Sangrail's avatar
That's brilliant. I want the whole deck. (because I don't already own enough doctor who artstuffs :P)
intercido-erro's avatar
Oh Doctor! Why are you so cool?
Caedesdeo's avatar
Fantastic. Especially love the little bits of symbolism, like the hearts and the earth about the tardis, and the screwdriver.

Also? How absolutely innocent he looks. Of course, as soon as his eyes open you could tell he's pure mischief, but like this he looks peaceful.
alamedyang's avatar
That's wonderful! Insta-faved XD
Astellus's avatar
that would be one deck I'd definately buy! It's so freaking awesome I'm giddy! hehehee
sesquipedalian's avatar
The 2nd Doctor looks like Moe Howard!

This greatly amuses me, not the least which reason being that the 2nd Doctor is my all-time favorite.
agent57's avatar
Haha! Yeah, he kind of does. The picture I used had him playing a recorder, and I just sort of left that out...
KEBinns's avatar
I absolutely love this! Added to my Doctor Who screensaver file. . .

*goes back to stare some more*
Ferntree's avatar
COOOOL! Love the two hearts on his chest! :D
agent57's avatar
:D I can never get over the two hearts.
Poaet's avatar
Awesome! (Insert agreement with seeing SPN ones too) love how this came out. I'd pay tons for the deck *wink*
agent57's avatar
Hehe... noted. I don't know if I have the... um... stamina for a whole deck, but we'll see. Thanks for the comment!
Midnight-cat's avatar
Wow! this is an awesome concept beautifully executed.
digielectro's avatar
hell, thats mighty clever...and really symbolic :D!! I need to fav.
This is a fantastic card! I really love this!
linktoreality's avatar
Know why tarot cards are done so often? 'cause they can be sooooo awesome! Especially this one. :D Love it muchly x3
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