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Red Shoes Adventure Club Writing Sample
Saturday July 4th, 2009   Friday Harbor Herald
Tonight's festivities will be held at Saturday Square across from the Bridgewater Marina. Ferry service will be suspended from 5 p.m. until midnight.  Westbound passengers may depart upon the Seath for Sidney, B.C. at that time should any passengers require travel after an evening of fireworks, frankfurters, and firecracker cotton candy. Eastbound passengers, take note that the Chelan will not depart for Anacortez, Wash. until the following morning at 5:30 a.m. July 5th.
The Friday Harbor Festival begins at 1 pm with a parade lead by the Friday Harbor Marching Sailors, followed by the Main Street Craft Fair and our annual blueberry pie eating contest. All entries for the baking contest must be received by 12 noon. If you wish to participate in the triathlon, your application must be received by 10 a.m.   No fee is necessary.
Be sure to attend the annual presentation of "Pig War Picnic" presented by volunteers from the local
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Show Your Heart Haiku
valentines day, babe...
reality can wait, dear
only love matters
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Gambling Games
"Summer, who's going to win today?"
"Yeah, Greg, this isn't a good use for my computers."
"Just tell us who's going to win the Super Bowl."
"You're going to waste money, spending foolish dollars on gambling instead of saving it for your child..."
"Come on, one little prediction."
Greg chuckles.  "You're right.  Bad idea.  The FBI frowns upon gambling anyway."
"Especially on company time," Summer said, pausing to chuckle herself.  "Though I might bet on Brady, even if I hate the guy."
"Oh Summer."
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Siren's Call Ch 10 Final
Once underwater, I swam down to check on Shelly before finding the Nidarians snared up within a fast current deep below us.  However Michelle had managed to do it, I didn’t ask - all I knew is that the group was well below us and the actual depth of the area was revealed only by the drill and where they had penetrated bedrock.  While I was curious to what that was, I was more curious about how my wife was feeling.
“Shelly?” I asked as I held her upright.  “How do you feel?”
“Just a little dazed,” she replied quietly.  “But because I’m with you and I am feeling better already.”
“Great,” I said before kissing her.  “You’re such a trooper.”
“Can you get Michelle down here?” Nauridia asked.  “I asked her to join us, but she’s so tall right now I don’t think she can hear.”
“Should we?  We might lose Yvis and her crew.”
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Siren's Call Ch 9
Once our team was reunited, we bid farewell to the Nidarians and swam south of the city towards the Jacola region of Nidaria, located in the southeastern corner.  
This region was not as colorful or as gardeny as the village around the Dome.  You might say this was the wilderness.  There were vast areas of open water, and darkness filled every corner.  Forests of kelp also seemed to dot the area, although they were sparse.  Accordingly, the area was very quiet.
Except for that soft pinging noise.  Now it was all I could hear.
“Naury?” I asked, thinking I should say something.
She shook her head.  “It’s okay, Greg.  I’m pretty sure I know where to find them.”
“You do?”
“Yes,” Rosara added.  “And Michelle, we might be getting close to the warmer waters again, and I don’t know if a car is going to help us any.”
“A car isn’t,” Michelle said.  
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Siren's Call Ch 8
Once Michelle was more informed about our conversation, she gave a nod and found a more comfortable place to discuss it.  "Sounds like a simple solution, doesn't it?"
"Either that, or we're entering a more complex situation than we might have guessed," Shelly replied.  "I have a tough time believing that this Yvis holds the key to finding the source of this blight, or whatever it is."
"As do I," Rosara said, having heard the entire conversation.  "You should know, all of you, that while Yvis may have once been an ally of ours, she is not any longer.  In fact, you might say that she isn't exactly-" She trailed off and collected herself.  "Reasonable."
"In other words, you don't think she will listen to reason?" I asked.
"Even though I now believe things that I have seen today and would not have believed yesterday," Rosara said with a pause, "Yes, that is the best way to put it."
"Perhaps there is a place we can go to rest?" Cylle asked.  
The four of us tur
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Siren's Call Ch 7
Apparently, the location we were brought to was large enough to access for Summer, and not through any narrow fissures like the catacomb maze above.  When Merrow and Rosera brought us to rest and all movement stopped, Summer was the first to speak.
"Seems cooler here.  Are we here yet?"
"Yes, we're here," Merrow replied.  "You may remove your blindfolds."
We did so.  If we had been in a garden-like coral reef before, we were misled.  This place was so lush with corals of all shades of blue, green, pink and red and blossoms that matched that I could've swore that I smelled the gardens at Como Zoo Conservatory.  The light was also brighter than it had been previously, though I could not tell if the sun was responsible.
"Please, follow us."  Merrow looked over Summer.  "Can you become human, or mermaid again?  Are you able to reverse the car thing?"
"Yes," Summer replied.  "To a human form, anyway, but I might not be able to breathe right
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Wet Christmas
The sun is shining, the grass is green
The orange and palm trees sway
There's never been such a day
In Beverly Hills, L.A
But it's December the twenty-fourth
And I am longing to be up North
The air is cool, the sky is grey
The land folks bundle up
and the breeze makes it too cold for play
at the surface, land folks go inside
every December 24th, I long
to be underwater all day
I'm dreaming of a wet christmas
like ones that land folks never know
where the mermaids shimmer
and coral glimmers
on a reef decorated in aglow
I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas
with every angel fish I pet
may the weather be warm and bright
and may all the currents alight
I'm dreaming of a wet christmas
where water never seems to freeze
we will dance and play here deep below
as there's no remote chance that it will snow
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Siren's Call Ch 6
Mindy then swam a short distance away from the grotto and swam horizontally before closing her eyes.  For the first time, I was able to witness her transformation in the full.  Her shoulders and waist began to widen first as her body began to lengthen.  Soon, she looked almost like a sting ray as the fins of the submarine began to take shape, all while her feet formed into guide fins and engines as her head widened and formed into the front viewport and guide lights.  Atop her backside, the contours of her curves formed the hull, periscope and hatch while her chest formed into landing struts and additional engines.  Finally, the underside of her body formed into the diving well and additional landing struts.  
Siren was a submarine all right.  Impressive.  And only possible because she was able to control the transformation without temperature - if she had the same genomes that Michelle possessed, she would have a very tough time maintaining her
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Siren's Call Ch 5
Once we arrived at the current's coordinates, Shelly and Siren were discussing something in the bridge area.  I might have walked between them.  Cylle had been sitting there quietly, still in her fins while Shelly dried off and was now standing.
"Shelly, why can't we just go straight into the current?" Siren asked.  "Is there a reason why I shouldn't?"
"It's just that I've never heard of bringing a vehicle into one," Shelly replied.  "Greg, you've ridden the currents before.  Would you take your car into one?"
I shrugged.  "I've taken Michelle with me."
"Not her car, your car," Shelly said.  "The Bonneville."
"Not sure how I could," I replied.  "No roads."
"Greg, just play along here," Shelly grumbled.  "Quit being difficult.  Theoretically, if your car was submersible, would you drive it into a current?"
"How about this?" Siren asked.  "Would you drive onto a treadmill where you had no control over your braking?"
"Drive onto a tre
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Siren's Call Ch 4
There was an issue with availability, but the marina had motorized boats for upwards of a grand a day.  They did have rowboats and canoes for $50, however, that were equipped with life jackets and oars.  Provided the boats were returned before sunset, the $50 would last all day.
Opting for a 1:00 PM reservation, that gave us time to try out Jeanette’s bistro.  Essentially a sandwich and soup cafe, the kitschy little shop north of the county courthouse had all kinds of offerings on the menu, and a fine view of the waterfront along Point Caution to the north.  Right along the water, there were plenty of places to sit outside, so we did.  
Though I can imagine a few New Yorkers might complain about it’s authenticity, they had a fantastic Reuben sandwich that came with a cup of beefy vegetable soup.  Shelly had a fish and chips special that included breaded cod on a Kaiser roll, while Jeanette and Michelle opted to split a muffletta that had truffl
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Siren's Call Ch 3
The doc was awake, having waited up for us to arrive.  He suggested getting breakfast first thing in the morning and then heading to the waterfront to meet us afterwards.  It sounded like his wife wouldn't like staying alone in the boat, but he also made it sound like he wasn't ready for us to meet Mrs. Chase, either.  We planned on meeting around ten or ten thirty.
Although I could've gone another few hours, I tested out the bed and found it to be quite agreeable.  Next thing I knew, Shelly joined me and curled up close.  I never bothered to undress or duck beneath the covers, although Shelly did put on a nightee before joining me.  She must not have needed covers, since she kept very close to me all through the night.  Some days, that little mermaid radiates heat - but also love.  
I changed shirts before heading downstairs to join Shelly and Michelle in the cafe, discovering they had a local breakfast special that was gratis for hotel guests.
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Siren's Call Ch 2
The cab ride was cheap, the frisk through security was fast - love those FBI perks, ya know - and the airplane travel was smooth.  There was no formal meal, but the fluffy soft pretzel was warm and salty.  Three hours later, we arrived at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  
I adjusted my watch.  Did we plan that right?
"The time up there is correct," Michelle said as she slung her carry-on over her shoulder.  "I've planned everything out.  Follow me."
"Where are we going?" Shelly asked.  "The ferry?"
"Not yet," Michelle replied.  "Trust me."
I followed her as she passed the ticket counter and headed outside the main terminal, following the signs that lead to a light-rail platform.  Shelly had to run to keep up with Michelle's brisk pace.
"Geez, at this rate she might change before we reach a parking lot!" Shelly whispered to me quietly.  
"Hush," I replied.  "She knows what she's doing.  I think."
Michelle went straight on
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Wishing at the Well
The Wishing Well
The little girl went to the well every day and put a penny into it.  Every day, she'd make the same wish.
"Oh wishing well, I'm lonely and I need a friend.  But that's not my wish.  I've read about them, and I've never met one.  I wish to meet a mermaid."  She'd then drop the penny into the well, wait for it to plop into the water near the bottom, and then with a sigh, turn and walk back to her home a short walk away.
She did this for two weeks straight.  Every day it was the same wish, and every day she put in a penny.
Eventually she returned from the well one day and her father was waiting for her.
"Dear, I work very hard for those pennies I give you, and while I admire you for having dreams, I also give those pennies to you for a rainy day, not for making wishes."
"But father, mother always told me to have dreams, and the dream I've been dreaming-"
"Dear, I'm very busy.  Ever since your mother left us, our dreams have had to
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The Siren's Call Ch 1
The Siren's Call
After feeding the reef fish and bringing Shelly a bowl of oatmeal for her breakfast, I spent the rest of the morning booking a flight to Seattle.  Before we could go, however, I would have to bring Michelle to her doctor for an emergency appointment.  This had to be the first time anyone would ever go to a doctor in such an urgent manner to have a cast removed.
"Are you ready to go then?" Michelle asked as she stumbled to pull her yoga pants over the medical boot that she continued to wear, even though she probably didn't need it any longer.  "We can catch the red eye and have a good chance of catching the last ferry tonight."
"Oh?" I asked as I pulled up a list of flights from MSP to SEA.  "When is the last ferry to Friday Harbor tonight?"
"10:35, but I reserved tickets on the 9:30 from Anacortez," Michelle said.  "I figure if we arrive in Seattle by eight pacific time, or eleven here, that'll give us an hour and a half to make it up I-5 and t
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Shelling The Vote
"Come on, Shelly.  You've done this before."
I took Shelly by the hand and into the school with all the patriotic bunting outside of it.  People were leaving with smiles on their faces, along with neat little red stickers.
"You know, I always feel like I should actually take the citizenship test before I do this," she said quietly.  "I mean, aren't I offically an alien?"
"Not according to certain government officials," I replied quietly.  "If you're going to continue to be my wife and an American Citizen, it's your right and your duty to vote."
"You'd divorce me over my failure to vote?" Shelly asked with a smirk.
"No no," I replied quickly.  "It's a right you've earned, and was paid for with the lives of many soldiers.  It was paid for by sacrifices made by dead politicians you've never heard of or read about in school because-"
"Actually," Shelly said as she stopped outside of the gym where the vote was taking place.  "Actually, I did read about tho
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TT Cheatsheet Character File: Changers
TT CHEATSHEET FILE:  Major Characters (Changers)
(Timeline is for fan fiction, not TV show)
Bret Matthews / Turbo Teen
Born:  1983
Gender:  Male
Basic Appearance:  Brown hair, 6'1", blue eyes, often wears red jacket with jeans
Build:  Above average
Alternate form:  "Turbo Teen" (Red 1984 Chevy Camero with heavy modifications)
The original car-changer, Bret Matthews was a teenager when he crashed his father's modified and rebuilt Chevy Camero/Trans Am hybred car into a government laboratory where the Molecular Transfer Ray was being tested, causing him to fuse at the molecular level with it.  As a result, he and many others posess the ability to transform into a car when his body temperature reaches a specific level.  
As Turbo Teen, Bret served his city and worked with the FBI to act as a defacto agent in specific missions, a practice that continued until his 30th birthday.  Now married to his best friend and confidant Patty (Jones) Matthews
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Kitten Time
the world is ending
my race is run, and there will be no medals awarded
there will be no survivors, nothing to be sold or bartered, nobody to claim the spoils of a life lived in absence and want
I stare at the lonely weed that struggles to grow in the garden
of untamed, unwatered green stalks
who survived despite an unwillingness to learn
                                                         to change
                                                         to listen to the universe
who dictates the rhythm of all things real and truthful
if my time is not up, where is the hourglass
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Chasing Retirement Ch 7 Final
Shelly and Michelle rode along with Derek the tow truck driver to arrive at the U-Haul truck.  Once traffic was clear - heck, it was light anyway - he climbed out and inspected the truck.
“You say it wasn’t getting fuel, but has gas in the tank?” Derek asked.
Shelly came around to find him looking over the engine, which had been left propped open.  “Yes, my husband was sure of it.  Can we fix it here?”
“No, I don’t have the tools with me.  It’ll have to be brought back to my shop.  I can swap it out and have you on the road again after lunch, but I’d feel better letting it cycle through a few gallons before taking it down the interstate.”
“Sure,” Shelly said.  “Does the Medora Musical play tonight?”
He shook his head.  “It only runs June through September.”
Michelle looked into the cab and around the truck.  “Say, where’s Greg?”
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Chasing Retirement Ch 6
After a fine continental breakfast, we started heading east through town before realizing that I could find I-90, but not an onramp going east.  I managed to keep Shelly sane before finding an onramp about an hour longer than I might have liked.
By nine thirty, we finally found Idaho, leaving behind Spokane, and were confident that points east would soon follow.
Michelle offered to drive after lunching near the Montana border.  Somehow while Shelly slept on my shoulder the conversation shifted to the medical condition of Michelle's foot.
"Well, it's been about five weeks, and the doctor suggested I wear the cast and the boot for at least eight," Michelle replied.  "I'm at least able to drive with it okay."
"You're not able to remove the cast, are you?"
She shook her head.  "When we get home, I'm to see my personal doctor for another x-ray and maybe get a removable cast so I can soak my foot."
"But, I thought you took off the boot last night?"
"I did," she replied. &
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Chasing Retirement Ch 5
At the LaQuinta that night, I joined Shelly and Allison in the pool area.  Michelle sat with us, although she didn't swim because of her medical boot.
While Shelly and Ally swam together, I sat on the lounger and read the road atlas I had packed in my luggage.  I never went on a road trip without one.
"You think we'll make it to Greatland tomorrow?" Michelle asked.
"Oh sure," I said.  "Unless that rain decides to complicate things."
"You don't want to get rid of my sister, do you?"
I lowered the atlas to, coincidentially, get a nice view of Allison's cleavage within a floral print bikini just as she jumped out of the water while Shelly splashed below her, kicking her tailfin playfully.
"No, of course not, I love your sister's company," I replied.
"You love me," Allison said as she went back to her chase with Shelly, who remained underwater through most of their antics.
"I love each of you, but Shelly is wearing my ring," I said quietly.  "No offense."
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Chasing Retirement Ch 4
Instead of getting breakfast right away, we instead drove the rental car to Michelle's house and picked up the U-Haul.  Sunny was parked in the street, idling quietly.
"So why did we come here then with the rental car?" Shelly asked.
"So many questions," I muttered.  "The airport is on the way through town and that's where we have to return it."
"And that's where you come in," I said.
"Actually?" Sunny asked.  "If Shelly or Michelle rides with me there, I can drive from the airport north."
I nodded.  "That's a better idea."
"Should I drive into the garage, Michelle?"
"No," Michelle said.  "It's 4:30, just take care of buisness."
"Okay."  Sunny released a shot of reversion foam across her windshield and began to shrink.  "Just a moment."
"Everything loaded?" John asked, surprising me.  He had come outside, surprising us all.  But then, Ally came with him, so it made some sense.
"I thought he'd sleep in," Ally said to me quietly.
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Chasing Retirement Ch 3
Soon, she had used her key card to open the door to the Special Invention Lab, and a moment later all of us made our way inside the private meeting room just across the way from the Molecular Transfer Ray.  
Dr. Chase had recently sat down at the far end of the table, and as the table comfortably held twenty people, we had no trouble filling it out.
I sat about two thirds of the way down at first, but Michelle pulled me to sit closer to Dr. Chase’s spot.  Bret sat on his left, and Michelle sat on the right.  Shelly and I sat next to her, and soon we seemed to be sitting in a fairly pre-determined order.
Let me rephrase that.  We somehow managed to end up in the order that the Molecular Transfer Ray had affected us.  Bret and Michelle had been among the first to be touched by its light, and while I had no idea why Cindy and Lina were there, they must have been affected in some way also.  Yet, it was Samantha, Megan and Nauridia who sat near the end.
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Chasing Retirement Ch 2
I tried to be polite with the stuff down there, knowing that most of the movies, VHS tapes and DVDs alike, along with the CDs and any video games from their old SNES and the Playstation belonged to either Ally or Michelle.  Thus, they got first pick from that pile.  But I had my eye on the pool table equipment and a Wurlitzer juke box that seemed to be from the golden age of juke boxes.  
John came down to join me about ten minutes later, joined by Michelle.  "I was hoping that'd catch your eye, Greg."
I looked over the Wurlitzer juke box that had a design reminincent of the old 1946 models with bubbles along the edges that came to a perfect arch across the top, accented by yellow and turquoise lights with chrome, red and oak accents.  Instead of an open window to the turntable there was a view of a thearter marquee curtain above a listing of ten different singles, although it looks to have been modified with digital listings that could play anywhere from ten t
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