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Show Your Heart Haiku
valentines day, babe...
reality can wait, dear
only love matters
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Gambling Games
"Summer, who's going to win today?"
"Yeah, Greg, this isn't a good use for my computers."
"Just tell us who's going to win the Super Bowl."
"You're going to waste money, spending foolish dollars on gambling instead of saving it for your child..."
"Come on, one little prediction."
Greg chuckles.  "You're right.  Bad idea.  The FBI frowns upon gambling anyway."
"Especially on company time," Summer said, pausing to chuckle herself.  "Though I might bet on Brady, even if I hate the guy."
"Oh Summer."
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Siren's Call Ch 10 Final
Once underwater, I swam down to check on Shelly before finding the Nidarians snared up within a fast current deep below us.  However Michelle had managed to do it, I didn’t ask - all I knew is that the group was well below us and the actual depth of the area was revealed only by the drill and where they had penetrated bedrock.  While I was curious to what that was, I was more curious about how my wife was feeling.
“Shelly?” I asked as I held her upright.  “How do you feel?”
“Just a little dazed,” she replied quietly.  “But because I’m with you and I am feeling better already.”
“Great,” I said before kissing her.  “You’re such a trooper.”
“Can you get Michelle down here?” Nauridia asked.  “I asked her to join us, but she’s so tall right now I don’t think she can hear.”
“Should we?  We might lose Yvis and her crew.”
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Siren's Call Ch 9
Once our team was reunited, we bid farewell to the Nidarians and swam south of the city towards the Jacola region of Nidaria, located in the southeastern corner.  
This region was not as colorful or as gardeny as the village around the Dome.  You might say this was the wilderness.  There were vast areas of open water, and darkness filled every corner.  Forests of kelp also seemed to dot the area, although they were sparse.  Accordingly, the area was very quiet.
Except for that soft pinging noise.  Now it was all I could hear.
“Naury?” I asked, thinking I should say something.
She shook her head.  “It’s okay, Greg.  I’m pretty sure I know where to find them.”
“You do?”
“Yes,” Rosara added.  “And Michelle, we might be getting close to the warmer waters again, and I don’t know if a car is going to help us any.”
“A car isn’t,” Michelle said.  
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Caro In Progress by Agent505 Caro In Progress :iconagent505:Agent505 2 0
Siren's Call Ch 8
Once Michelle was more informed about our conversation, she gave a nod and found a more comfortable place to discuss it.  "Sounds like a simple solution, doesn't it?"
"Either that, or we're entering a more complex situation than we might have guessed," Shelly replied.  "I have a tough time believing that this Yvis holds the key to finding the source of this blight, or whatever it is."
"As do I," Rosara said, having heard the entire conversation.  "You should know, all of you, that while Yvis may have once been an ally of ours, she is not any longer.  In fact, you might say that she isn't exactly-" She trailed off and collected herself.  "Reasonable."
"In other words, you don't think she will listen to reason?" I asked.
"Even though I now believe things that I have seen today and would not have believed yesterday," Rosara said with a pause, "Yes, that is the best way to put it."
"Perhaps there is a place we can go to rest?" Cylle asked.  
The four of us tur
:iconagent505:Agent505 6 5
Siren's Call Ch 7
Apparently, the location we were brought to was large enough to access for Summer, and not through any narrow fissures like the catacomb maze above.  When Merrow and Rosera brought us to rest and all movement stopped, Summer was the first to speak.
"Seems cooler here.  Are we here yet?"
"Yes, we're here," Merrow replied.  "You may remove your blindfolds."
We did so.  If we had been in a garden-like coral reef before, we were misled.  This place was so lush with corals of all shades of blue, green, pink and red and blossoms that matched that I could've swore that I smelled the gardens at Como Zoo Conservatory.  The light was also brighter than it had been previously, though I could not tell if the sun was responsible.
"Please, follow us."  Merrow looked over Summer.  "Can you become human, or mermaid again?  Are you able to reverse the car thing?"
"Yes," Summer replied.  "To a human form, anyway, but I might not be able to breathe right
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Wet Christmas
The sun is shining, the grass is green
The orange and palm trees sway
There's never been such a day
In Beverly Hills, L.A
But it's December the twenty-fourth
And I am longing to be up North
The air is cool, the sky is grey
The land folks bundle up
and the breeze makes it too cold for play
at the surface, land folks go inside
every December 24th, I long
to be underwater all day
I'm dreaming of a wet christmas
like ones that land folks never know
where the mermaids shimmer
and coral glimmers
on a reef decorated in aglow
I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas
with every angel fish I pet
may the weather be warm and bright
and may all the currents alight
I'm dreaming of a wet christmas
where water never seems to freeze
we will dance and play here deep below
as there's no remote chance that it will snow
:iconagent505:Agent505 4 2
Siren's Call Ch 6
Mindy then swam a short distance away from the grotto and swam horizontally before closing her eyes.  For the first time, I was able to witness her transformation in the full.  Her shoulders and waist began to widen first as her body began to lengthen.  Soon, she looked almost like a sting ray as the fins of the submarine began to take shape, all while her feet formed into guide fins and engines as her head widened and formed into the front viewport and guide lights.  Atop her backside, the contours of her curves formed the hull, periscope and hatch while her chest formed into landing struts and additional engines.  Finally, the underside of her body formed into the diving well and additional landing struts.  
Siren was a submarine all right.  Impressive.  And only possible because she was able to control the transformation without temperature - if she had the same genomes that Michelle possessed, she would have a very tough time maintaining her
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The Buccaneer of Nemaris

Buccanneer of Nemaris Cover by Agent505

Innocent of the ways of the world and the mysteries that lie beyond his sleepy harbor town, young Thomas DeLeuit will follow the path of the father he has never known. As a cabin boy on the Valiant, he searches for his legacy... a legacy filled with magic and myths.

Nemaris Series:  Of Forests and Friends Cover by Agent505

For generations, the legend of the unicorn has floated around the collective conscience of the people who live on the continent of Crellan. They live out their lives, unaware how true these legends have been. Nor have they known of a great struggle - a struggle between an eternal wizard and those same guardians of the forest. When a young woman becomes entangled in an ancient conflict, she must leave her home and learn to overcome her reservations of the outside realm and what it means to be part of a larger world.

Craving adventure? Need a book to read? You can find them on Amazon here.…

Or you may also purchase a copy directly from me. Send me a note if you're interested.

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Promo Video

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Leading Ladies from the Buccaneer of Nemaris

Acadia by Agent505 Acadia by madam-marla Acadia in the moonlight by madam-marla
Acadia of Nemaris

Janna Bernson of Gryan by Agent505
Janna Bernson of Gryan and Amaryn the Unicorn

Hannah of Qui-Kinneas by Agent505
Hannah, Naga of Qui Kinneas

Chandra Nadinalla of Bi by Agent505 Chandra's Arrival by Agent505
Chandra Nadinalla of Bi

Princess Artemis of Symina by Agent505
Artemis Carmichael of Kelcellan

Cynthia of Nemaris, The Oracle by Agent505
Cynthia, the Oracle of the Nemaris Islands

Tarrisa Emphare by Agent505
Tarissa Emphare

Anju Vanderbick of Aldera by Agent505
Anju Vanderbick

Eileen Grendt in the King's Forest by Agent505
Eileen Grendt

Koan by Agent505
Koan the Kitsune

Minda Brembest, Princess of Xavier by Agent505
Minda, Princess of Xavier

Andrea Reinhart and the Mermaid Lana by Agent505
Andrea Reinhart and the mermaid Lana

Chai Ro, Geisha from Sysia by Agent505
Chai Ro

Dalia Opheris of Yagin Cove by Agent505
Dalia Opheris, Master Airship Chief of Gaia

Jalelle Ithdar, Master of the Three by Agent505
Jalelle Ithdar, Master of The Three and the Fourth of Seven

Sula DeGhai, Mistress of the Seas by Agent505
Sula DeGhai, Mistress of the Seas

Marsha of Nemaris by Agent505
Marsha of Nemaris

Yasmina, Retainer of Symina by Agent505
Yasmina, Retainer of Symina

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Book Art -

Prints for male leads -
Thomas (in the map room)
Marshall (on the Caskliner, ruined vessel)
Wallack (in the castle with the dark sky)
Garand (dark desert battle scene)
Tanner (on deck)

Various landscape sketches:
Iyebrenne Knolls (wolves and badlands style fields)
Plains of Xavier (wild horses)
Ley Quartas (sand and more sand, and a caravan wagon)
Forest of Perpetual Rain (a decidous forest with, well rain, and the Hall of Pherenglen)
King's Forest (at ground level - a darker but serene forest)
The Great Hall of Xavier

Conceptual Art for upcoming books:

Stone Tower of Erganath
Pyramid Mountains
A Day Underwater With the Queen (Artemis, Andrea, Yasmina and Lana from Book 4)
Meeting with a Dragon (book 5)
Centaurian Confrence (book 6)
Sky Crescent Visits Davenport (book 7)

Cover Art for Upcoming Books:

Red Shoes Cover :bulletblue:

Leading Ladies:

Andrea Reinhart as a mermaid (and wearing a sailor's shirt)
Artemis as Andrew
Lydia Bassellett
Kess the Centaur (in more of a scene setting) :bulletpurple:
Thomas and Acadia in the trove :bulletorange:
The Legacy of The Great Uniter


Wallack as a young man

OCs -

Greg, Shelly and Michelle posing as if a cover image for the series
Nauridia, Tony and Kiki
Surprise Project :bulletblue:
Casual Shelly :bulletblue:
Casual Michelle :bulletblue:

Greg & Shelly's Wedding Party (in tuxes and dresses)

Bret Matthews in 2017 (or just a modern version of Bret, not necessarily with wheels)

Pinups -

Edea Kramer as Matron from FF8
Ariel on a cruise ship lounger as a mermaid

Special Interest -

Conceptual Red Shoes sketches :bulletblue:
Marina without her basque top?

Raine sitting on a bean bag chair while watching a movie (yes, as a mermaid)

Classic NES Series: Mega Man 3

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 17, 2019, 10:03 AM

Shady Scribings

Huh, looks like another week is already over.  It was more eventful than I might have let on, but I suppose we're back to Sunday, and... oh, let's just get down to it.


Mega Man 3 takes the Blue Bomber to new heights by introducing the slide mechanism.  Now, in the light of the latest Mega Man games for the latest systems - 9, 10, and 11 - retro was in for awhile but came and went.  In 1993, however, the slide was new and exciting, and we were all about it.

As with previous games before (and since) the soundtrack is classic.  Gameplay was fair, and challenge was both simple and yet also fair.  Perhaps due to pressure from fans for the previous game, however, bonus pickups were borderline excessive.  Extra lives, spare energy tanks, even a reserve tank made the final battles almost numbingly easy.  The kicker was that, like in most Mega Man games, that the hardest attack to use is the one attack that the final boss is weak against.  Top Spin could be drained in a single attack if you weren't careful, and yet it could defeat the Peacekeeper Robot in a single hit.  But, up to that point, the platforming was classic,  and as long as you avoided those dreaded spikes, fun.


Unlike Mega Man 2 before it, the selection of weapons in MM3 were more versitale for the most part.  Shadow Blade replaced the boss power of the Metal Blade, while Needle Shot, Gemini Beam, and the Spark Shot proved to be very handy weapons.  Even the Snake Shot, a weapon that might appear useless, had its uses when monsters climbed upon the walls.  The Hard Punch could be handy if it connected, but the Top Spin - yeah.  The introduction of Rush brought a handy dynamic, suggesting that a boy and his dog can do anything when they work together - even if they are robots.


Mega Man 3 might have been among the first games that I saved up for, although I cannot remember if it was a purchase I made or went in on with my brothers.  (For some reason, those kinds of memories are lost on me.  Must be something I repressed.  I'm sure it's a good reason.)  Much like other games, this was played when we put the old 19" magnavox in a dormer upstairs and sat and played it.  Why the dormer?  Because Dad didn't want us putting a TV downstairs (which, in retrospect, made more sense) and because we couldn't have a TV in our own bedrooms.  TVs weren't as cheap back then as they were now, plus the three of us never seemed to want to hang out in each other's room anyway (although we did gather in my middle brother's room a few times.)  But, sitting there in the narrow hallway by the stairs to the main floor seemed to work, if only because the room was bare except for the windows, had white walls, and had a spot for a folding shelf where we could keep the games nearby.  Plus, that window on the south side of the house opened wide for some really good ventilation.  Funny how I got by in an upstairs house without central air for so long.


In addition to the slide, the latest glitch mechanism in MM3 is the infamous super jump.  If your friend held left on the D pad of the second controller, Mega Man could jump as high as the height of the screen.  This was problematic when spikes were above, naturally, but you could save Rush Coil power in stages like those of Gemini Man and Needle Man.  Supposedly you could stave death when you fell into a pit, though I don't recall if you could actually jump out again or not.


This is likely the reason why Mega Man games are still viable.  It stands as a legacy that the game doesn't have to be mind numbing hard, challenging, or item-sparse to be fun.  Even though it has challenge, has items galore, and has weapons, it is fun - and I'd almost say it has the most fun of all the early MM games.  The Doc Robot stages introduced a legacy chapter to the game that, while spike heavy at times, kept the player interested and introduced a mechanic that old robots can have new weaknesses, which was very interesting at the time.  Still, fun times.


Yesterday I ended up going downtown to St. Paul to, inadvertantly, watch the St.Patricks Day parade.  I actually hadn't realized that it was going on then - traditionally you'd think it goes on Sunday, but then Minneapolis has theirs today, and the two cities are too polite to have them on the same day.  But everyone on the light rail said that St. Paul's is better, and I suppose if it's the third largest (and I think oldest) St. Patrick's Day parade in the country, it must be. 

I got a chance to make six mirrored acrylic ornaments at the laser machine.  The backs are black and charred, and have a neat grey pattern on them from the laser, but the fronts are mirrored and appear much like the hammered brass originals, which is neat.  I only broke one of them when getting the tiny lasered scrollwork out from the details - but I broke the other side of it so it looks intentional.  (Suppose I can post a picture.)

Looks like a week of rain and 40 degree weather shrank our mountains of snowbanks enough so that it's easier to get around again.  The roads have been fairly forgiving, which is good since I half expected to be skating Friday morning after two days of hard rain and a hard freeze overnight. 

We did have an issue in the three season porch, though.  I may have lost a few puzzles and a 1991 classic game of Life to the water.  The plastic pieces are salvageable, but the box is very soft and I'm worried that the board might have been soaked beyond repair.  (I actually haven't had the courage to take it out and check it yet.)  I figure that it might be worth making a few trips to the local Goodwill stores to see if I can't find a worthy replacement, since it's a classic game and there are copies on eBay that say they're the 1991 original but have the wrong boards.  As for the puzzles, it was a Korean Frozen puzzle that might have cost some bucks - I'm hoping that it'll dry out adequately and be fine.  In the meantime, we're going to have the guy who rebuilt our roof last summer install a system to melt the snow and ice dams that might occur up there again.  It might not be the perfect solution, but this winter was no ordinary winter and, while I did my best with the snow rake, will at least work to help the situation should that much snow pile up there again. 

I'm going to leave that fan on the carpet out there for a week.  There had better not be any mold out there.  I was able to plug in the amplifier for the old school HD antennas, but the signal still isn't very strong, which leads me to consider another amplifier for the basement.  This would boost the noise, though, so maybe it's time to consider a professional's advice.  Hmm...


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Song of the Month

"I Remember"

- Jeanine Tesori & Performed by Jodi Benson
(The Little Mermaid 3, which is non-canon despite being interpreted as canon) (2008)

Cover Ideas That Aren't Controversial: On an e-book collection of Michelle stories, which cover would you pay a buck for? Note that Greg would appear later. 

7 deviants said Michelle & Shelly posing with mild hints towards their abilities.
2 deviants said The Molecular Transfer Ray, no characters.
1 deviant said Michelle posing with tires while amused.
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1 deviant said Shelly in the aquatic center at Chase Labs.
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It'd be nice if the Vikes make it back to the Super Bowl sometime in my lifetime.

2018 Totals: 8-7-1
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