Must Face Facts V2

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Tonight, I'm logging out of here. I've now completed and posted "Silent Howl". So, I'm taking off, to focus on other things.

Two new ideas each for a new story came to me. I hope to have them only as novellas, no more than fifty thousand words. One is that for which I got inspiration from the author I watch on, who I have the impression is famous in the furry community. The other I got inspiration from an anime that I got a kick out of. Each will much resemble where I got the ideas from. I'm saying that now. When I come back, I want to know if I can find any Beta-readers. Just send the link to whoever you know who reads written works online. Comment below if you're interested. I will let you know what kind of story it is. As long as my readers are mature. Also, expect factual errors. I want more than just comments saying "I like this" or "This is good". I want you to criticize me. Tell me what points to remove, what points to change, and what points to add.
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Im a fairly decent beta reader, so id be happy to help

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This entry is over four years old now. I completed the novel for which I sought Beta-readers, long ago. I can't use Stash anymore for new written works, either.

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Oh, im really sorry

I should have read the date

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I'll be a beta reader