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The Life I Have
Treading the same sidewalks
Not hearing new talks
All I hear is my own thoughts
And the songs I sing to myself
So much to keep that I bought
Just for the time spent on my own work
I look for a purpose
I have my goals
I have someone I want to please
But I dreamed of a better life
You can tell me I peel a banana incorrectly,
You can tell me I brush my teeth incorrectly,
But you cannot tell me I spend a day incorrectly
I have only family as my loved ones
And only one stands out
As support and love are meant to be given
I have learned so much
I have tried so much
And no one to touch
I dreamed of a better life
My ass has been kicked,
My mind has been tricked
All too often,
Escape seeming impossible
And I am still here
Wishing to finish what I started
‘Tis anything but perfect
I will always have obstacles
And there will always be something beyond my knowledge
But it is the life I have
:iconagent36496:Agent36496 6 5
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Don't Say That by Agent36496



To be clear, I'm a sucker for Spyro fanart for how much I love the character. The mimic of the picture on the game's case is remarkable...

First watercolour, eh? First for everything always calls for thoughts. From the title and the picture, I was sort of reminded of a cert...

I'm not big on doing something like this. I have critiqued, but only once. To show two different colours as a sign if rivalry is fairly...

Never done a critique on a deviation before, but here goes: I have seen the animation to know full well the story behind the painting. ...




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Twenty-Four: Challenges

The obscure artist saw something change as fast as his attitude often would, and it was really someone: Sogna. She had seemed as if she had shut down after seeing her mother off. Sipho, of all people working the diner, noticed how closed-off she was and how she acted as if she was in the same space but couldn’t perceive the other people who were around, not even him. That was only two days earlier.
And it was still like that over the time that Sogna would have off from her private studies. Sipho was now the persistent one. He had occasionally been approaching the office, to knock on the door, only to hear no answer, and he would move the handle, only to realise that the door would be locked. Sipho’s first guess on why his best friend was like this, sounded too far-fetched to him. Maybe Sogna was keeping busy and getting bored of this, but someone had to keep track of the diner in her mother’s absence, and di Kyvel still hadn’t come in at all.
The curious thing to happen was that after Sipho had tried and failed yet again to get Sogna to open the door, he saw Mirella head up, and knock in a specific pattern. The tan man was just at the threshold of the hall when he heard the opening and closing. He turned around right away, seeing that Mirella wasn’t there anymore.

The next day, Sipho watched for the young girl, and when he did see her head at the bar for lunch, he dashed into the hall and toward the office. The door was closed, but not locked. Sipho hurried, believing that he didn’t have long. He needed to rummage through belongings if he was to get a clue on what Sogna would be up to. That was how desperate he could’ve been.
From looking through Sogna’s canvas bag, he dug up from a small pocket, a plastic bag of berries—not just any berries, but the ones from the Madonna’s special plants.
“Sipho, che diavolo stai facendo?” He looked up, seeing her in the doorway, sporting a sleeveless pencil-skirt scarlet summer dress with a closed collar, holding a platter with a sandwich and glass.
Sipho presented the plastic bag, retorting, “Potrei chiederti la stessa cosa.” He then approached Sogna calmly, before continuing, “I have been worried about you.”
The young woman walked past him, remarking, “So you sneak.”
“Some-ting bothers you; I can tell. I will not leave until I know what.”
Sogna sighed when having her lunch set down on the desk before turning back, to face Sipho. She stated, “A lot bothers me right now…” Sipho stood there, waiting for something. Sogna may have had difficulty choosing which item to mention first. “It is only because I hate di Kyvel, I wanted her to not have the Belladonna as I know what it does. I have been saving the plants, and getting the berries juiced.”
“What about dese particular berries?”
Sogna sighed, rubbing the side of her head, before answering, “I know not…”
Sipho tossed the plastic bag to her, and she didn’t bother to catch it. He then asked, “Any-ting else?”
“Managing Mum’s business: it has already been too stressful in addition, it feels like I am being controlled being told what to do because she will be unable and I still have to follow education before I”-
Sipho interrupted, “Calm yourself, Amica Cara.” He understood why she could have exploded, but she did as she was told.
Sogna, then gathering herself, spoke, “Taking management and ownership on Catenza di Giardini and making it a family business is what Mum wants.”
“E cosa vuoi? For yourself.”
That prompted Sogna to look down and aside sadly, her answer being silence. She always thought that she didn’t mind watching the diner and tracking the sales and revenue, but now her eyes had been fully open. She couldn’t believe how long she had been on auto-pilot about such a matter.
Disturbed by the silence from Sogna only thinking, Sipho asked, “Should I let you alone?” The young woman only nodded, and Sipho made his way in the hall, to get back to work for another hour before he would have lunch himself. Sogna, meanwhile, wanted to be alone.

With Sogna back at her house the following day, di Kyvel would be at the diner. She entered, giving her first real expression in so long, sporting a smirk and making a very subtle strut, which didn’t seem to suit her short summer cut, her pale-blue shirt and her light-grey slacks, greeting the barwoman by speaking, “Ironing that dress make it no less misshapen on that flat chest of yours.” Sipho, happening to hear this as he ate, couldn’t believe that she would say something like that loud enough for anyone near to hear. Grazia was sporting a traditional summer dress with a floral pattern, and she couldn’t believe that she looked too little like a woman to this arrogant dolt.
“What a wonder you still work and live here, cavolo avvizzito”, she added to Sipho. “Did you impress my partner by managing to cast a voodoo spell?” She bent over to get a good look at the tan man’s scowl. He was growling, but on the inside. The stiff-faced woman seemed to have had a Botox injection to manage her grin whether she was in a good mood or not. If she was sure of luring her partner into a trap, she was definitely happy about something. She then strode off, heading to the glasshouse.
When di Kyvel returned was after Sipho had cleaned his dishes in the kitchen, and both he and Grazia noticed her attaché case, which may have been made heavy. Sipho waited for di Kyvel to head to the office, before he sped into the glasshouse—
Which was emptied. He had noted the large plants looking mutated now out of sight. He and all the other staff knew exactly what those plants were, and it was bad news. Now Sipho growled so hard that he could’ve sounded like a bear threatening to attack. Finally, the tan man decided that he was done with the bitch.

It wasn’t with a stab or a bullet, but he had a plan. In the middle of the day, while many would be working, Sipho used his breaktime to pay a visit. The door that he knocked on, he had to wait to see open, and he was greeted by Mirella in her silk robe. He leaned close and whispered in her ear. Of all the things about Sipho or requested by Sipho to surprise his co-workers, this one took the cake, especially to the other oldest employee. Sipho was patient as Mirella hesitated, before the popular courtesan spoke, “Entrare” and opened the door further, to let Sipho enter.
The tan man walked in slowly, to take in the lady’s elegant apartment taken up by a quality frilly rug on which a double bed with satin sheets and in a golden skeletal frame settled, a detailed make-up desk and chair, a long wardrobe, a nightstand, and a set of steel bars in the corner.
It was in the varnished wooden nightstand Mirella kept what was requested, and in corked glass tubes. “Minced it yourself?” Sipho asked. He just wanted to pass the time.
Mirella asked back, “Who else?” She was fiddling with the tubes and the container, checking something. She then spoke, “Production has been slow, knowing that much of the garden is overtaken by those abominations to nature.”
Sipho commented, “My feud is from cause and effect—dat is natural.”
Mirella replied, still not looking back, “You would know about nature, being born in a continent with the most of it.”
Confused, Sipho asked, “What mean you?”
That was when Mirella turned around, having only a few glass tubes in hand. She spoke, “I work a lot to look beautiful from making my face look perfect to maintaining the hourglass shape. Liquors and cheeses can have a fine taste when aged and fruits and vegetables can be better from a short ripening.”
“And your thoughts on people?”
“Simplice: we reach a point of caring about our health, and then we seem to reach a peak of our charm and our abilities, before they begin to deteriorate.”
Sipho paused before commenting, “E ho pensato, you had no intention to stop being una cortigiana.”
Mirella approached, to hand Sipho the three glass tubes in her hand, and Sipho took them as she answered, “Indossa un costume complesso, like you do.” She then changed her tone, “Try not to use all at once.”
Sipho was examining the juice in the glass tubes, seeing that they were filled almost fully. “Not curious about de reason?” he asked.
Mirella answered nonchalantly, “That is not my business.”
“I may still tell you of its efficacy”, he responded. “Another time.” He gave a short bow and then made his exit.

The tan man made a careful plan. He wanted to be subtle. It was on the next day when he chose to make his move. As expected, di Kyvel asked for a latté made at the diner. That, Grazia knew how to do. Sipho offered to bring the drink to di Kyvel along with her lunch. While Grazia waited on the steamed milk, Sipho quickly took the mug with espresso and emptied one of the glass tubes into it. The cup was handed back the second Grazia would add the steamed milk. In hopes of masking the possible bitterness, Sipho took the liberty of adding a handful of sugar. Then, he headed to the office with the platter.
Without knocking, the tan man entered, and di Kyvel snapped, “Are you so ignorant of our ways that you don’t know why people knock?”
Sipho managed to dismiss that, so he could see this through. He waited a short while after setting the platter on the desk, expecting the stiff-faced woman to rant at him, but there was nothing. So, he headed out—
Only to hear di Kyvel snap, “Are you so intolerant as well of the taste of caffè that you always sweeten it?” Again, Sipho didn’t dignify that with an answer. He just kept walking, shutting the door behind him. He would wait to see for himself, what awaited di Kyvel for him.

Maylis, during lunchtime, hurried to the tan man when seeing him next, and called his name. Already jittery, she presented an envelope, speaking, “This just came in.” Sipho took it, to see that the envelope was only labelled his name. Just from those five letters, he had a guess on who would send him a message, if on short notice. Sipho thanked the hostess and took it upstairs, but would not read it right away and hope that it wasn’t urgent.
That then reminded him: what about Rogelio? What would he say if he knew? That man was as much of a client as everyone else, except it was different. And even if he had the money by the end of the year, where would Sipho go? Where would Rogelio go if Sipho could afford for only himself to move? That emotion overcoming Sipho distracted him from his menial job, as much as he wanted to be useful.

“Sipho, what”- the young man was cut off upon opening the door to the tan man, who suddenly pressed his lips against his, and invited himself inside Rogelio’s apartment by pushing the young man and moving with him as their lips were locked. After ending the kiss, Sipho took a moment to shut the door behind him, while Rogelio stood in puzzlement. The tan man turned back around, looking at the young man affectionately, and whispered something in his ear, which only puzzled Rogelio further as it was in one of the other languages spoken by Sipho.
After a pause, Rogelio whispered back, “Does that mean you want to be with me?”
As his answer, the tan man cupped Rogelio’s chin in his hand, before beginning another long kiss, over which Sipho unbuttoned Rogelio’s shirt. The young man was nudged backward, to the bed, where they sat, Sipho caressed his fingers over Rogelio’s chest under the open shirt, before freeing the young man’s arms from it. Rogelio then lay down, to undo his pants, but Sipho wasn’t done admiring Rogelio’s smooth chest. The young man wanted sweet love, and just let the tan man rub him until the low and content moans became a little higher by the time he felt a hand in his pants.
That was when Rogelio returned the favour. While being toyed with, he undid Sipho’s shirt and pants, so he could admire some of Sipho’s body. That was when he noted Sipho’s good hand being a fist, which made him nervous. However, that was to pass when Rogelio’s pants, underwear, and socks were taken off and tossed aside. Even with one hand being a fist, Sipho restarted his massage after dropping his shirt, and made the young man feel ecstatic from the bare skin being scanned by those hands. Rogelio moaned lowly but vigorously in the anticipation, and the moans became louder when his unit was engulfed and lapped. In the process, Sipho dropped his pants and underwear, focused on making the young man happy for the night.
After a good minute, Sipho fiddled with his own unit for a reason, before grinding with Rogelio for another good minute, making him anticipate the biggest part more eagerly. After having Rogelio turn over, Sipho caressed the young man’s back, and then buttocks, thoroughly before he began the moment that Rogelio was waiting for. Both moaned as Sipho thrust while gripping Rogelio’s twitching unit before the rhythm got faster until they reached their climax.

When the two finally settled down after a short cleaning and Sipho was in the bed and holding Rogelio from behind, the young man asked, “What are we doing?” Sipho didn’t fully understand. So, the young man elaborated, “You still keep secrets, no?” He paused, expecting an answer, but there was nothing. “You granted a pleasure, but there must be a reason… The first reason being that we haven’t talked much over this past week. Are you sure it is more than work?” Sipho didn’t have an answer.
Instead, the tan man asked back, “Are you afraid dat I tink not enough about you?” Another pause. Sipho already had a bad feeling about this. He wondered if this would be the most meaningful conversation that they would ever have, and he worried about saying the wrong thing, especially from holding back on telling the truth about his love. To comfort him with the sexual pleasure and his touch wasn’t enough. He could’ve begun an argument about anything… Anything…
“You are selfless… I know that…”
How those words actually hurt the tan man. He was reminded of a fact about a relationship, and it made him question his morality. He would’ve hated to lead a double life, given the possible circumstances. “Love is a cause of many tings.” That was all he could say, but he was just hoping that he would know where his loyalty lay before driving the young man away from him, permanently.
Rogelio murmured, “Ti amo, Sipho… e bisogno di te…” He was slowly drifting off to sleep as Sipho let that message sink in. He was just thankful that Rogelio didn’t see his face at that moment.
Not that anyone cares...
Been watching "Power Rangers Zeo" lately, which was hard to do not just because of laggy sites, but it was the time of airing when they drove David Yost away. The last episode featuring Billy (though portrayed by stand-ins), which I watched today, made me sad.


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Here we are again. Even in the hardest times, I keep coming back. deviantART (that's its real name) has always been my vice. Every day, I come to the site, I look at what drawings, paintings, photos, and read the occasional poem are in my watch messages from contacts and groups, and I always try to comment on them. There is also almost no day when I don't add something to my favourites. The art is commonly overlooked still, but there are people it gets to and it makes us think.

One day, teens and young adults will be telling kids something starting with "In my day". "Those discs used to be like boxes"; "We were in the same room when playing video games together"; "We had only one program for computer paintings" Hollywood and making movies were a phenomenon in its genesis. Instead of just books, people got movies to make or watch for fun. The silent movies would be hilarious to today's audience even if those movies were serious.
As technology has evolved, the greed came in. Hollywood doesn't care about the controversy on racial stereotypes, sexualizing, whitewashing roles, or just what would be a terrible idea for a movie. That's not the only problem these days. TV shows have been a phenomenon as well. There was a terrible idea that it would make people stupid. The real problem is how overplayed the episodes are. There are moments that cross a line. Many franchises gained masses of loyal fans, but there's a point when someone says, "Why is this still going on?"
The answer to that is simple: the more views, the bigger the popularity seems. Plus, there are budgets to take into account. Even when fans wish the shows to be cancelled, odds are that hell will freeze over long before that.
The media teaches lies and myths as well. Because of the strictness on showing gun violence, movies in the 1950s, mainly those set in the Old West, have the sound of a bang followed by a shot of the character reacting. The first movie logic created was that a bullet from a pistol would send its target flying. Reality shows have been lies as well, but that's expected. Though possibly unknowingly, the men at "Pawn Stars" have ripped people off; the show "Mystery Diners" is a subject of forums and articles on being completely fake; the survivalists on "Naked and Afraid" have seen bigger danger and producers have had to save those who came across a potential disease or have been poisoned. And now I know that on "Hell's Kitchen", the contestants that were most hated were allowed to stay even long after overstaying their welcome, which was likely done for the drama and for viewers of the following episodes. Of course, the producers don't care about that; they just want more views and more money to keep up with their charades.
The shows of fiction have had moments of crossing lines. The first episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" to have the characters in a different light was "Good Neighbours". Squidward, who was made to be the egotist, was being tormented for no reason except that he just wanted a quiet day, and SpongeBob and Patrick are oblivious to that. That opened the floodgates of episodes of Squidward, being made into the character meant to be hated, being pitied. It was the episode "A Pal For Gary" that had me decide that I was done with the show. Gary was antagonized over being frightened and attacked by a monster. When the title character is made into a total asshole, the show has long since overstayed its welcome, and yet, the show is still making new episodes.
In spite of that, Hollywood will still want another "Mission Impossible" even when Tom Cruise gets grey stripes in his hair, "Transformers" will still get follow-ups written without thoughts, and Johnny Depp might be stuck in Jack Sparrow's shadow. It's like a family, generation after generation, milking a cow that can't die.

You can have a good idea, and you can have a bad idea. Good idea: bringing up real-world issues. Bad idea: the people in the wrong don't get their comeuppance. The bad idea has been frequent in TV these days. In two consecutive episodes, "Family Guy" botches an attempt to address abusive relationship. One teaches the moral "Don't stand up for yourself and stay with your abuser" and the other teaches "Rely on your brother and his friends to take revenge for you." The eleventh season of "The Big Bang Theory" has a moment of going too far with mistreating Sheldon and Leonard after Sheldon learns that Kripke has hijacked Sheldon and Amy's wedding date. Shortly after, in the spinoff "Young Sheldon", there's an episode of a little girl picking on Sheldon and his parents argue over settling it. Even after urgent counselling, Sheldon is still bullied by that girl.
Another bad idea might be copying someone's works. After the success of the first "Hunger Games", producers used other young adult action books as source material. As a result, based on reception, "Divergent" and "The Maze Runner" came off as carbon copies. As copying someone's work is a bad idea, copying or gaining inspiration from something that wasn't even good in the first place is even worse. There's always the sequel that's hoped to become the "Empire Strikes Back" of their series (I'm guilty of that, too), but with the first of an intended series, we have a hard time finding something that wasn't yet dug up from the mine of ground-breaking gold. That's why we have remakes, which may not be as good as the original, leading to debates.

If books weren't made to make people think, churches wouldn't hold their book burnings. I don't know the details of that, but it's true that religious people always want others who don't attend church to think about the Bible. The Bible is just another piece of source material for someone's book, movie, or video game. That's only one example of my opinion that religious people are hypocrites.
In the book "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", Frollo is the Archdeacon of the church, which brings his hypocrisy. He has a plan to have sex with the infamous gypsy Esmeralda or she would be publicly executed. He's made the Minister of Justice in the Disney adaptation as him having such a high power would make this villain more hateable (RIP Tony Jay, one of the best voices ever heard). Priests and deacons look up to God, who must be a mystic in fiction, and yet they oppose witchcraft and wizardry. It's what made the "Harry Potter" series controversial: the idea that it promotes demonism and cultism. It's ironic, though, that in the Renaissance Era, no one had a problem with naked buttocks of the subjects of paintings or sculptures, and yet today, children and maybe even teens are barred from looking at naked people in movies.
However, as books have made people think, movies have made people think. There's always a movie to make you not trust the government, among other subjects. There's a movie for everyone with a specific issue. That has actually been around longer than one thinks. Even kids' shows have addressed the serious issues. "Sesame Street" has had an episode talking about death and episode introducing a young Muppet with autism; "That's So Raven" and "Static Shock" each have an episode with a premise built on racial discrimination; "Charlie Brown" and "Arthur" each have an episode of a friend diagnosed with cancer.
"Steven Universe" isn't just the first kids' show and first cartoon to be created by a woman; it's the first kids' show to appeal to the LGBTQ community. The protagonists, being sentient mystical gems with human forms, are for all intents and purposes gender-neutral, but are portrayed as women. The title character is the only boy among them. Part of the lore is that pairs of these gems can fuse together to become a powerful entity, sort of like Chimaeras being perfected by such. It also is a part of relationships, which is why it encourages homosexual relationships. One episode addresses an abusive relationship. Steven takes a friend Lapis Lazuli along for a boat trip in "Alone At Sea". She talks about her time fused with Jasper, keeping their fusion Malachite at the bottom of the sea, and she says "I miss her". Jasper does get on the ship, wanting to get back with Lapis, but she doesn't want Jasper. She's been traumatized by Jasper and wants her away, knowing that the line "I've changed" is not believed. Lapis makes it clear that their relationship is over with a mass of water as a power punch (suck it, "Family Guy").
The latest game to make me think is the Indie game "Night in the Woods". Mae comes back from college, having dropped out. She suffers from major depression, knowing that the smallest thing could bring her to break out in violence. She wanted to come back to where everything is familiar to her. Her best friend Gregg, who is a hyper troublemaker, works at a convenience store and gets bored easily. He steals and breaks things and leaves work whenever he wants. His boyfriend Angus takes things seriously and seems to be the responsible one. They know that they have to leave Possum Springs; they know it's not for them. Mae's other friend Beatrice works at a handyman shop, a family business. Bea knows that it's not for her, but sees no choice, and she's like the doll of the doll house. Mae encounters a drifter named Bruce being supported by the local church. However, he's really from another town, and after a while of reflecting his life, intends to return to his family, to see his daughter again and be there for his grandchildren. There's a cult as it seems, kidnapping people and killing them, because they "don't contribute to society". They know that the town is falling apart, their businesses are losing money, and the kids don't come back. There's a reason that such is familiar to me. Also, the song "Die Anywhere Else" is the first song from a video game to speak to me. And there have been many songs to speak to me.

Music isn't the only thing to inspire me. It all started with the TV and the video games for my imagination and my dream of a future. Action movies made me want to be an actor. Furthermore, there are fictional characters to make for idols. 007, Batman, Spider-Man, Bob, Kaiba Seto. I always wanted to be like them, which is why I make characters who are physically strong and not backing down from a fight. One inspiration in particular, my source material for "Play For Me": I was longing to order it online and finally bought it after it came back in stock. I plan to keep it as an example of good writing. If an event drives you to growl, something must've been done right. And I know, as more movies are released, as more books are being published, as more songs are being recorded, I will always find some kind of inspiration.

Here we are again. Time for a feature. I'm glad to have you, my contacts on dA, my dear friends. And I hope you're glad to have me, too.
A Life Does Not Have To Be Human To Be Great by Bandarai Horus Defeats Set MM by AlexORio Nameless Hero - Warrior by Little-shewolf9 Ambling Fox - SpeedPaint by GoldenDruid Black and White by Villiedoom

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*SPOILER* Don't Be What They Made You by MegBeth
Beauty in the Least Expected Place by Sidonie Arctic Wolf by I-WhiteLightning-I Universa by Nihalla Aglow At Midnight by MischievousRaven Colours of life by FlashW Stars and dust by Martith
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Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Happy birthday!!!Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D  
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Thanks ^^
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Happy birthday!
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:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

It's May 31st which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

Birthdays Team
This birthday greeting was brought to you by: KoudelkaW
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Happy Birthday! Have an amazing day :)
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You're welcome :glomp:
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Happy birthday!  :party: by catluvr2
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 Scalpel (Left)Tini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeTini Vintage Syringe
       bunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley faces Eyeball  bunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley faces
       bunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesTini Cleaver (Right)  Tini Preserved Heart Moving Eye Ball Cup Cake 50x50 icon  Broken Heart  Moving Eye Ball Cup Cake 50x50 icon  Tini Preserved Heart Tini Cleaver (Left)bunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley faces
       bunch of smiley facesPill AvatarMoving Eyeballs Cake Type 2 50x50 icon Virtual Retro LED - HVirtual Retro LED - AVirtual Retro LED - PVirtual Retro LED - PVirtual Retro LED - Y Moving Eyeballs Cake Type 2 50x50 iconPopsiclebunch of smiley faces
    GHOST HEART Moving Eyeballs Cake 50x50 iconVirtual Retro LED - BVirtual Retro LED - IVirtual Retro LED - RVirtual Retro LED - TVirtual Retro LED - HVirtual Retro LED - DVirtual Retro LED - AVirtual Retro LED - YMoving Eyeballs Cake 50x50 icon GHOST HEART 
Tini Vintage Syringe leftTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeScalpel (Right)
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Hey man, if you fave my art, I promise I won't waste time thanking you!  :D
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thanks a lot for the comment and the :+fav: :D
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OMG, I admire your patience! :O

Thanks, thanks, thanks... FUCK! I report it as spam without thinking twice. If the person thinks he/she has freedom on my profile to write this shit then I think I have the right to report it.

And the person is not really thanking, he/she is putting CTRL C + CTRL V the same comment without even visiting the profile in which he/she are sending it! :roll:
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A reply to my comment on your piece would've sufficed
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Heya! Thanks for the watch! :heart: I invite you to check out the rest of my gallery sometime! :la:
I'm currently working on several writing and art projects. If you get the chance, check out my latest book:
The Days We've Died
about two friends on the run for their lives, in which strife brings them closer together.
If you'd like to help me out with writing the sequel, Opium Blue, check out my Patreon page!
Or, my current commissions, and get yourself some custom artwork!
Thank you again for your support, and I look forward to seeing you around the page! :heart:
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Thanks for your nice comment :)
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You could've just said that in a reply to my comment on your drawing.
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