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In the very beginning of the end time of the old world... I was not being created yet by the one who will be my master, there was something that seek to eradicate every trace of our old civilization, however fortunately when we were nearly completely annihilated, a Worldship have appear and my master along with the other surviving resistance fighter and the last civilians of our people have boarded into the vessel, it has protected us against the force of chaos and destruction... And through all that we have entered into a different dimension.

Upon arrival into the new world, the forces of chaos is still tailing us, our Worldship repelled waves after waves of the enemy assault at each day by day, until then their great Battledreadnaught of Terror arrived, at this point we found a new faction alliance whose just met us incidentally, we don't recognize each other as if we've never known each other before, but we have the same enemy, the chaos force have already trespassed into the territory of the Shingeki Confederation, causing havoc and disruption along their way. So with that in mind along with the realization that we were been forced to escape... They decided to give us a hand against the Dreadnaught. As soon an encounter with the Dreadnaught begin the Shingeki forces have managed to breaking through enemies lines, assisting us with everything they can against the Dreadnaught, their fighter swiftly drawing enemy fires while their Protohara Drones firing their beam into the Dreadnaught on every direction, then suddenly a dark celestial being appear upon our Worldship and our new allies... Interrupting the encounter as it unleash a massive death ray... Utterly destroying one of the Shingeki battlecruiser while it supporting it's fellow brethen. And then it greeting us with a voice:

"Thou shall not avoid the End of all thing... I am the Dark Lord, and I will lead my forces to annihilate everything in it's wake. You will not stand a chance against me! Mwahahahahaha..."

And then as soon the "Dark Lord" finish his speech the chaos forces begin to makes a move, they begin to assault the Shingeki forces. The enemy is however getting as more stronger as the Dark Lord is around...
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For the full detail of the story: - Still in progress...