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So Calahan and Brandon ranked up so much that they both have ancients blessings that I can use and I thought what better than to give it to them? Now Calahan is a knight to the end, but doing just knight armor on him didn't fit. Looked up paladin stuff, better, but still not quite. Then I remembered Alexander. Not Alexander the Great. The summon/eidolon/etc from Final Fantasy games. The holy defender, machine of power with the responsibility to protect an entire city on him. I'm also really into SCP and so I definitely got a hint of Church of the Broken God vibe going too. So I'm going to try and submit him to receive the Ancients Blessing of Metal with the theme that his armor he creates is like a small city/castle/towers etc. It's not approved yet, but I needed to do an inspiration piece to see if I did enjoy seeing it on him in some capacity, hence this weird tonal/vector like piece. Don't ask me why he's giant sized here and lording over a forest, its Calahan, he just do XD

Color scheme is based on a tetrad using Calahan's base hue as the primary.

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Oooooh I dig it!
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mmm i'm loving this one... them colors sets my soul at easy... lol calahan...

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He is a soothing goodboi ^_^