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Stella's First Show!

Show:  Natural Drafters Foal Starter Show 2014
Class: Youngstock Halter (Showmanship)
Foal: Stout Outlaw…
Handler: Will Grihm…
Halter Training:…

(Parents) Spitfire and Mandy Halter:… No placement
And Lana......WUH?IDONTEVEN Stare I think I've fainted. This is what happens when I am not required to show Mandy's handler, but I want to, but I'm up at 2 in the morning and feeling goofy Nod Just....don't ask :XD:

When the crew first heard about a Natural Drafter's show being hosted by Flying Feather Stables, they all jumped at the chance to get out of Minnesota and the frozen hell. They knew it would be risky, especially with Stella being not exactly the most obedient foal and also her first time traveling, but the wasteland they were in was more of enough motivation to go. And for the most part, Stella was okay. If mum was kept nearby, she was fairly calm. And when they got to Texas, they realized they had a stowaway: Max the cat. It was too late to do anything about it, and although they were worried he might bolt and they will have lost a cat, he oddly enough mostly kept around the foal, circling her hooves periodically.

When it cam time for their class, things got weirder. Stella started getting anxious, probably from all the excitement around her, but then the cat leapt onto Mady's back and Will and Lana spent about an hour trying to remove him, only to have him jump back up there. Once they finally resigned to his existence, they realized Stella was actually calmer with him there. Lana was fuming about it, but Will gave in, accepting they would probably lose points for it, but the cat WAS on Mandy's back, not Stella's, and it was Stella getting judged, not Mandy, so they could take a chance. They sure as hell got lots of weird looks from people, though, and one stranger's horse tried to nip at Max, only to get a face full of claw and a long lasting fear of cats.

Will kept Stella's papers in his front pocket, since he knew the mother/daughter appearances were so drastically different that someone would ask. Sure enough, the judge approaching them asked XD And overall, it wasn't bad for this portion. Of course Stella shuffled as the judge grabbed at her, moving her around, but she didn't buck or bite and that was good enough for them. She just wouldn't stay perfectly still or in perfect squared form. And the judge did eye the cat suspiciously, who only returned him a Cheshire smile. But the judge did pet the cat, probably out of habit, and Max greedily accepted the attention.

As the judge asked them to move about to show Stella's obedience to directions one last time and show off to the audience, Max finally started talking to Stella again. "See, told you it'd be fine. He was even nice to me ^_^"
"Yeah, but they wouldn't stop touching me! Why did they keep touching me and moving me?" Stella snorted, giving a backwards glance to the judge.
"Eh, it's just how this works. Get used to it kid, it's going to happen a lot. Think of it this way, if they do that and you here them making that cooing noise or oohing, you're doing good."

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Dapple Brush:…
Grass Brush:…
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Oh man this is too cute XD 

For the bonus points just link any Halter shows her parents were in and placements if there were any :P I got the rest.
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Got it ^_^ Sadly, although Spitfire and Mandy had extensive careers, halter was never top on their list XD They always did amazing at everything else, but I rarely put them in halter.
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This is so awesome!
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Thank you so much, and for the fave!
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