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Ladies and Gentlemen, ~SnowglobeDragon and their foal of undreamed dreams, Gully…

Yes, this art piece is true of what happened in my life recently. No, I will not stop doing art, I am just doing art for the sake of art instead of for a group now. So that means lots of random art from me now ^_^ I am hoping to get a 3 month premium subscription in the near future to change this account's name to reflect this change also. Still not sure what I will call it yet.

Brushes used, and there were a lot of them:…………………

If you recognize your gimp brush here and I forgot to credit it, please let me know and I will add you. Lost track of all the ones I used ^^;
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Was that the night I ran into you at work? I like this piece a lot, it's a very interesting glimpse into your life and an awesome way to look at art and life. It's kinda like comics, it used to be a why not world, and now it's all about explanation. 
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Do you mean the night this week or the time before that? If it was the time before that, I think so. Comics are definitely in the same bind right now, that's why I love seeing comics that are trying to break that mold again. It's just a constant evolving, either of the self or of the culture surrounding the ideas.
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I really love art that has a synesthetic quality to it, and totally understand the feeling that confining yourself to the rules of the HARPG (and related groups) is really restricting as an artist. I try to tell myself a lot that I'm not just restricted to doing art for my pony games, but somehow that always turns out to be what I produce ^^;

Good luck to you though! Hopefully some ponies sneak in here and there :meow:
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That was exactly the problem I ran into, feeling as though the horse art was just a side product, but somehow it became the only product DX And I'm sure horses will still make appearances, I still love them as a subject overall. What I am thinking of doing is finding specific breeds I always wanted to draw, find HARPG horses that fit that idea I have, and draw that horse and make it a gift in a way ^_^ Win-win that way.
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If it takes leaving to feel you're free to be and do what you need to then congrats on finding a comfortable place for your art. This has infected me with fuzzy feeling, thank you :)
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It's quite silly really, a glitch in my personality type. You get me in a competition, no matter how small of one, and I do all I can to "win" or at least be ranked highly. It gets to the point where I neglect other aspects of my life, in this case I was even neglecting my need to study in order to keep my current job. That's how bad it gets.

But your art has shown me 2 things, 1: to draw of things like dreams, to let the imagination run wild and 2: that we can do things like HARPG and yet still draw the way we desire to. So I may yet go back into HARPG drawings, but not until I can beat my addiction issues with art. I guess there are worse addictions in the world, but anything that interferes with just going about regular life is still an addiction.

Besides, drawing my Somni has given me a free rein outlet to draw any creature at all in so many glorious colors, yet still somehow manage to keep such randomness connected XD Who knows, maybe once I get past my addictions and get regular life smooth again, Somni will be the one to do my competitions?
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Very nice! :D

Thanks for using my gradients!
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You are most welcome! They are a wonderful present design, I enjoyed using them immensely ^_^
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