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Courtship Dances

Alternative title: Someone get this man a stepladder! Stat!
XD Poor short Harvey XD Doesn't help that his eyes were caught by such a tall gal. At 12hh vs 15+hh, let's just say this dance is going to be interesting.


Harvey: agent-q-amalgamation.deviantar…

Harvey does have other children in his way back past, but very few and most he hasn't heard from in a long time. He fears whether or not most are alive anymore, especially since not all of them were born of nazmei mothers :( So for the longest time, he didn't dare sire anymore kids, the pain of not knowing their futures still a burden for him. However, since being bonded with Lana and seeing how her crew cares for their stables, he believes he could take a chance once more in having a child. He does enjoy being a father, doting attention on his little winged bebehs. So when he met the ancient and powerful Roshan, his heart was taken away by his wings. She too knew the passing of time and how it could hurt, had seen so much rise and fall, succeed and fail. And despite her great amusement that such a short horse would try to mate her, the pairing was agreed to by both stables, especially since Harvey had recently earned his new 2 heart status for his shows. Feeling his youth once more in the courtship dance, the stallion couldn't help but put on a show like the old days.


Daz3D for pose references
Brushes I used:
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Hey :) (Smile)
I really love this drawing! I would like to add it to Asgardian-Horse favorite folder "winged horse inspiration". But I wanted to ask for your permission first, if you are okay with that!Heart
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Sure, go for it ^_^ And thank you for asking!
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Great thank you! :D
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Ahaha this is so funny and endearing at the same time! Love Harvey's dance moves. Roshan looks lovely too <3 Can't wait to see their foal :D
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Once I get done completing the foal idea, I will show you the stash to make sure you approve of everything ^_^
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Awesome! Looking forward to it :D
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  omg this is beautiful....  truly a dance  
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